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RE: My Introduction

Lol ooooh the long-awaited introduction post, you say you're going to make us wait before doing a formal introduction. Have you been back to Africa since your move?

Ah, a fellow footballer I love it, my dream as always to play football in one of the big European leagues.

Wish you all the best with your studies


Ahaah, that's a bit ;)
I only been once in DR Congo, third in Cameroon, one time in Kenya and once in Jo-Burg. Do you live there ? And you did you have visited others country ?
Oh really? Do you play it good or with a team ?
Thank you my friend :)

Oooh nice I see you can’t leave africa alone! No I’m from Cape Town! I’ve been to Switzerland, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Dubai, Egypt and Thailand

I still play yes I play 5 a side, 7 a side and 11 a side

Aha, yes I can't leave Africa, I come back as soon as possible.
Yes you told me once you came here, is Great, I hope to go to Egypt a day.
Coool, a side player, I always played forward. I wish you my best wishes too for your play, next match = your Team Win :)

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