Hello! Steemit community :)

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Sawasdee ka and Hi everyone! My name is Mina (มีนา) I’m a food blogger, bullet journal enthusiast and hopefully soon world traveler. I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Living here for almost all my life and there are still so much to explore.


I have great passion for food and how it runs the world, food can be one of the most addictive things and on the other hand, food can also be a medicine which save lives. For me Food is nourishment, medicine, comfort and fun!
Travel around the world is also my one great dream. Traveling for me is not just to having fun and adding up my creative energy, but also a big influence on my cooking and recipe inspiration. I’ve loved to cook from a very young age - mostly Thai food, but after I met my dear husband in South Korea 14 years ago. We’ve explored so many cuisines together, so if you also like to read about food and recipes, cooking skills. There are going to be recipes from around the world here on my page, a bit of traveling (Thailand and others), wellness and many more.

I also love posting my day to day food on my Instagram @chilliandlimeblog:


and just in case any of you would like to check out my blog feel free to drop in http://chilliandlime.net I’ll try to keep adding recipes weekly if possible.

Looking forward to interacting with you guys on Steemit soon.


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Welcome to Steemit

What's your favorite food?

This is pretty triggy question..hmmm I love Thai food ( all of the spicy salad one, I'd say) I also love Japanese, Korean, Italian, Maxican. what can I say I just love food lol

Hello Mina,

Welcome to Steemit! You will love it all. This is a unique place where there is no competition. Instead, we all work together to help each other. The best way to grow is to have enough Steem Power and vote to reward other authors.

It is important to produce good content in a continuous way so you can grow.

A suggestion would be take your time to look for posts that interest you and promote them. Also, start by following the authors who publish good content and vote for them.

I wish you much success if you need help, let me know!

Best Regards, @juniorifoj

Thank you so much, I'm so new here, will keep learning and supporting others too :)

Hello, good to know there is another fellow Asian that just joined this, I too had just written by first post. #salam

Helloooo..nice to meet you! Where are you from? I'll check out your post :)

Nice reading ur post too! Im from Malaysia! Hello and sawasdeeka~😁

Hi @mina-t, welcome to Steemit! I am a huge fan of Thai food and I am popping by to show some support to a fellow newbie from South East Asia. Upvoted this post and hope you will have a great journey on Steemit.

Hi..Glad you like Thai food! I mostly do Thai fusion food, there will be some authentic recipe too and Thank you very much for upvoting my first post, hope to see you again in my next post :)

Hi ! WElcome to steemit, have fun and enjoy 😊

Thank you! nice to meet you ^^

Welcome to steemit community, insight, experience and knowledge banayak once here we live just how to take and learn it and you also can share anything interesting to be published in this steemit, salam know from me @teukukhaidir. thank you

Thank you very much, Nice to meet you!^^

Hey! Welcome to Steemit! This community is amazing but does take some getting use to since it’s a bit different than the other social media platforms.

I joined Steemit December 30th, 2017 and have had a blast networking, learning and earning (actually made some pretty good money so far)!

I'd suggest signing up for these free applications for Steemit that gets you upvotes and followers. The first thing you need to do as a new user is to increase your STEEM POWER (SP), which increases your visibility and voting power. These were a huge help for me.

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Respectfully yours,

Jacob A. Billett, M.B.A
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Thank you very much 😊🤘

You're very welcome!

It's so beautiful to have you here on steemit. I took time to come welcome you and I know you will love it here. Welcome to our family. @greatness96

Thank you very much, nice to meet you 😊

Hello @mina-t welcome to Steemit! It's a wonderful place to learn information and to share you experiences. I stepped away from Steemit a while back due to job change and the need to catch up before returning to this platform. Giving it's beginning of 2018 that it's now a good reason I'm back to regular posting :) I added and followed you on Steemit, will be awesome if you have time to check out my contents, and hope we can stay connected~ :)

Thank you very much, been slightly busy this week, sorry for a slow reply, will check your page out x

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@mina-t it's all good we all can have busy lives and it's hard for me to be on here daily as well but I do come visit to check and respond to posts and to provide ongoing support. Upvoted your comment and stay in touch :) If you have time please let me know your thoughts about my posts~

Nice food photos!
Welcome to the Steem World!
I have recently made an orientation video that will help you in your journey here - and will hopefully answer all the questions that took me months to figure out.

I wish you all the best here on Steem!

I will also use the tag : @originalworks for this post, this will summon a robot that, if you wrote this original article, will give you an additional upvote. :)

Thank you very much, I'll definitely check out your page ^^

Hey, welcome to steemit! I'm always excited to see young people travelling. I traveled inside the US a lot when I was young, and now I am finally getting to travel the world. When it comes to food, you must go to Paris. We spent a week there last summer, and food is so important in their culture, even in corner cafes, every meal is an experience. If you're looking for tips on the steemit platform, check out the #dolphinschool hashtag. I'm @markrmorrisjr, if you have any questions, stop by and leave me a comment.

Thank you very much Mark, This year my goal is to travel around south east asia, but Paris will definitely be one of my dream destination! Will visit you page for sure, have a good day :)

Your welcome, steem on!

Welcome to Steem. It's an awesome community. I followed you. Please follow back. Good Luck.

Thank you Steemcafe, of course i'll follow you hehe if you don't mind follow back, cheers!

Welcome to Steemit! So glad to have another Vegan food creator from Insta join! Following you on both!

Thank you very much, I also followed you back on IG, your page is gorgeous! I'm not a vegan, but i'm trying to keep the meat intake as minimum as I can. Creating and sharing all veggie and vegan recipe makes me so happy :)

Welcome to Steemit as well, I have followed you. Your food looks amazing

Thank you Daisy, hopefully we can inspired each other with new healthy recipe, I'll be posting stuff about traveling, beauty, etc. as well..nice meeting you here^^

A BIG warm welcome to Steemit! I am sure you are going to absolutely enjoy the Steemit platform.👍 Please let me know if I can be of future help with Steemit. I truly hope Steemit exceeds all your expectations!👍

Thank you David, that was really kind of you, hope to see you again on my next post!^^

You are very welcome. I have just followed you on steemit so we can earn steem together. Have a great Monday 👍

Follow mw please