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Hello fellow Steemians!

I'm Michael. I've been watching you guys for a while. I've been lurking around for several months now actually, not only on Steemit, but on other social media platforms, trying to find something different than the status quo of social networking.

After a lot of searching and consideration I'm most excited about Steemit!


Steemit just makes sense. First of all, I'm heavily invested in various crypto projects, so Steemit is right up my alley when it comes to that. I've also grown increasingly annoyed by other platforms. Their privacy practices to name one, but also the blatant hypocrisy on various issues like their own community guidelines and terms of service, not to mention censorship.

Personally, I got my YouTube channel suspended for exposing how another person on the platform used his channel to commit multiple crimes. Apparently it's okay for some users to severely violate YouTube's guidelines and TOS, but it's not okay for others to provide evidence of it. Currently YouTube is accusing me of using bots to put thousands of dislikes on my videos, the logic! Who do you really think bought me all those dislikes, huh?

So the person who severely violates the rules, further abused the system to get the evidence against him removed. And that's where Steemit and @DTube comes in.


I would've left YouTube anyway, but I would've preferred to do it on my own. I hoped that I could finish off The Unmasking, the series where I'm exposing the criminal, and then leave it behind and start fresh here on Steemit. That's also one of the reasons why I haven't made any posts until now.

THE UNMASKING, part 1 - The Narcissist - Thumbnail.jpg

YouTube is now aiding in this criminal's efforts to hide the truth about him, and therefore is quite literally complicit in his crimes. So, I'll re-launch the series here. Not only further exposing this raging narcissist, but also how YouTube is protecting a perpetrator, despite being notified several times about how he severely violates their guidelines. So in addition to each re-upload, I'll write a complimentary Steemit post going with it.

As my partner, @hannahimsa, left YouTube a while ago, I've re-branded her channel to be more or less identical to my suspended one, and I will now use it to promote Steemit. I've gotten quite a few messages from people who have noticed that my channel/videos have disappeared already. From the very beginning of The Unmasking I encouraged people to subscribe to Hannah's channel in case mine would be taken down. So, I know many of the supporters of the series will get notified about the change of platforms ;)

Now, with all of that out of the way, let me tell you a bit more about myself. Music is a big passion of mine, which is another reason Steemit is the right choice for me with services like @DSound and @Steemsongs being built on top of it. I play the guitar and as soon as I'm done with The Unmasking series, I'll start focusing on making music. Can't wait!

Kiesel VM8 - DSC02389.jpg

I'm also compassionate about photography, veganism, fitness, technology and travel.
So that a little introduction about me and why I see great potential in Steemit and co.
I'm just happy alternatives to the status quo are emerging!



I think you made the right choice with steemit ;) Resteemed you via @welcoming, my page for sharing promising newcomers! Greets, @theaustrianguy

I think so too! Certainly a very welcoming community, thank you! :)

Best gif ever! I'm so grateful to you for finding this platform, you're so clever babe ❤️

You must have had some kind of reciever to pick up the signal though ;)

And it was love at first click!? 😀

Hahaha Michael, I have to laugh. As if you got your account blocked... it's so absurd! You know, I recorded a cover on here a couple of months ago and I had to upload it to youtube to get a link to stick in here and I got a notice for copy right infringement... I put all the necessary mumbo jumbo at the bottom but they still threatened me. CRAZY! Luckily, Steemit is a whole different ball game and I am positive you will love it! Welcome and hope you enjoy it! Ps the vegan community (which is what brought me to you) is amazingly supportive here as you'll find =D

I should note this is me laughing not at you in any way, please don't take that wrong! (I've adapted laughing at things like this into my life because otherwise it is just too much to even comprehend!)

I love it already, it's like a breath of fresh air. I'm not even going to miss YouTube :)

Nah, you'll be just fine here. Steemit will take care of any open wounds you might have. You'll never even miss it! :)

Awesome write up! Excited to see the kind of things you share here. :)

Hi Michael 😄, welcome to Steemit. I am excited to follow your unmasking series on dtube and hear some of your music when you release it. Have a great day! ⭐️

I am so looking forward to unmasking 5, Michael, the unmasking series is a brilliant piece of work. And thanx for introducing me to Steemit ✌️❤️

I'm not looking forward to putting it together, but it has to be done! Glad to have you here, Steemit is like a breath of fresh air :)

@michaelhebo why dont you make videos about all the other guys who banged your wife in Chiang Mai? I wasnt the only one mate and you are the laughing joke amongst all these guys because you are so beta.

I look forward to all of your new content (and learning the interface to Steemit)!

I hope it's alright that I linked your Steemit profile on the Unmasking videos I re-hosted on Youtube. If you rather I didn't just let me know and I'll remove the link!

Good luck!

I'm looking forward to put the whole unmasking project behind me, just one video left!
You can link here, no problem. Notice how there's no troll accounts on here? :)

I see that the narc's posts are no longer visible, very refreshing.

I love that he's stuck watching this all unfold and can't deploy his usual Youtube tactics!

He is so pathetic.

I see you reuploading Michael’s videos, good for you!!!glad you are here!

Fuck YouTube, but good riddance. Finishing the series here is gonna draw a huge vegan crowd to Steemit which is an awesome ripple effect of this influence you've acquired :)

You won’t be lasting here for very long, don’t you remember what I said? That we would be watching you from now on? Is the sugar induced dementia making you forget that? You won’t get to abuse people for your own pleasure here anymore, we will downvote you into oblivion. And BTW, her boobs are REAL, it’s your ex-girlfirend’s that aren’t. She isn’t MIchael’s wife, plus they hadn’t been dating, nor had they even met when you assaulted her, so there was NOOOOO cheating involved!!! Which makes Michael a million times better boyfriend than you, because he didn’t do this because of his own ego, which is what you are all about, but because he wanted to clear his girl’s name, he wanted to make things right for her, it wasn’t about himself. You just can’t handle that, can you? That he did it for no other reason than BECAUSE IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO, which is a concept you are completely blind to, it just doesn’t register on your selfishness radar. Go back to the YouTube swamp, you’re finished here before you even begun. Buh bye.

This is totally cool! Thanks for sharing this!!

Good to have you here Michael. I just joined also and I've also been looking for a social networking site that is not owned by Google or Facebook. Yes, those platforms are powerful for business, to reach a lot of people very quickly but something about the way they handle things feels "off" to me. It feels totalitarian somehow (not just the employees but the customers also, scary thought I know). Especially this case with you. So what you are doing is now much more than just about The Narc. It's also about censorship. Free speech. There must be other similar cases like it around. Where are you with the 60 minutes thing? I'm sure you want to get back into music but I suggest finding a way to integrate all this frustration and "uncovering of truth" INTO your music. Why? Because you are incredibly good at what you do, putting these ideas together into videos, your music clips, sharing your deepest feelings and staying sane and rational (when others are falling apart). When you figure it out, you will go NEXT LEVEL. I believe in you man.

It's pretty sad because I used to love YouTube. It has been such a great resource through the years and I've kinda hold on to it, but at some point you just have to take a stand and say enough is enough. It's not just the case with me, but last year they basically allowed child abuse for profits with the case of daddyOfive, just recently YouTube handpicked and promoted a video where a suicide victim was hanging in a tree, made into entertainment. No repercussions for the guy who made the video at all, because he makes YouTube money. I can't support it anymore.

Even though one of my channels were suspended, I have another one that I started in 2006. When I'm done with the unmasking series I'll let the subscribers there know that they can find me over here too. Channeling things through music is great, but the videos themselves are kind of my way to process this whole situation too. I'll re-upload all the videos here with a complementary Steemit post for each video. If the media want to cover the story all they need will be here in an easy to follow fashion. I'm not going to actively pursue it myself. If YouTube wants raging narcissists to ruin their platform, I'll let them. I'm on Steemit now! ;P

Well said. And if anything, this whole process has probably taught you a thing or two about making videos like this, integrating your music, thoughts, research, story telling into a cohesive whole. Not sure if you ever watched the Zeitgeist movies back in the day (online documentaries) but the guy behind them is also a musician and just wanted to share his thoughts on the state of the world. So that might be something cool for you as well. After your done with this series, you can start tackling topics you are actually passionate about: veganism, cryptos, travel, standing up for justice, etc. You have an audience now to do it. You can gather funds through patreon (or crowdfunding) and also see what people would consider paying for. I would support it :)

Yeah, I've watched the Zeitgeist movies, good stuff! I'll be focusing on music after I'm done with the series, and probably some travel videos. I'm going to reward myself with a drone after the I've put together the final video, I'm ready for a mavic pro 2 to be announced ;P

Nice!! Yeah those things are awesome.

Welcome to Steemit! 😀

Thank you! 😊

Me too! 😜
The headless design is perfect for travel, can take is as carry-on luggage 👌

yeah that thing looks awesome. What is it exactly? I gotta get one of those

I'm so happy with how it came out! It's a Kiesel Vader VM8. They just released another model recently called Zeus. It's pretty cool, but I still prefer the Vader ;)

Yeah I’m annoyed of the stupid alohorithms of the common platforms. Waiting for a new Instagram to come, let me know if there is something like that. ☺️
BTW your guitar is 👌

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Welcome fellow vegan!
I'll be on the look out for the unmasking series. Should be quite interesting. I personally found durianrider to be helpful when I was a noob vegan cyclist. But there was always something off about him. It's seems that recently he has cooled down a little bit. Although that doesn't excuse his actions, I find it interesting to watch his change in behavior.
Anyways, welcome! I look forward to all that you will bring to the community!

sub to my channel for unmasking videos about these 2 psycho stalkers. Videos will be up soon and over the coming few months.

Hi Michael, I have observed a lot of other people leaving youtube for steemit. Welcome! I am vegan too and I am also into fitness. Followed you. CU

I think a lot of people are getting fed up with the status quo. Personally I've been waiting for a replacement for years!

yeah, also demonetization is a huge issue, as I have heard.

Yeah, that wasn't a problem for me as I never made any substantial money on it anyway. In fact, I think YouTube started to go downhill as soon as the money aspect was introduced to the platform.

Awesome! I just hope the narc doesnt attempt to shut you down here for teller the truth and exposing him!

He can attempt to all he wants, but I don't think he'll get very far with it around here, this isn't YouTube! 😎

Welcome to steemit
Make sure to follow me @bankthecrypto

I hope you'll keep on making videos. I enjoy your unmasking series very much. Not just because that guy is rediculous but also because it's very well researched, funny and educating. I want to encourage you to find a similar interessting topic and keep on making videos because you're really good at doing so :)

Thanks! I have some ideas for other types of videos once I'm done with this series :)

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Everything is explained in the whitepaper:

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