Hi Steemit! Max here. I am entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast, and lover of life.



Hey everyone, Max Nachamkin here.

I created a video above to verify my account, share with you a bit about me, what I'm up to in the world, and why I'm excited to be part of the Steemit community.

View the YouTube video above :)


I registered for Steemit in November but never participated in the community until today. I wrote my first comment about my thoughts on free will and personal responsibility and then just decided to create a video to introduce myself.

I'm a co-founder of 3 companies, based in Boulder, Colorado:

  • Transformation Agency - a digital marketing consultancy for transformational leaders
  • At Your Tables - a digital marketing consultancy for organic, local, and sustainable restaurants
  • Light Leadership - a proprietary business model that I've been working on for the last 1.5 years with my team. There isn't any public information about this out there yet, but watch the video for more information and how it relates to decentralized technology and the blockchain.

You can follow me on social media here:

Also...a fun fact about me - I can solve a Rubik's cube in less than 30 seconds.

I'm looking forward to watching the planet evolve with decentralization, and I'm happy to be a part of the Steemit community.

To freedom,



Hey there, welcome to the Steemit Community 😀 It's really an awesome place if you ask me and I'm just here for a few days so far. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do 😉

Thanks speedygonzales :)

You're welcome 😉

Welcome to the best community (steemit)!!!

hopefully you always triumph here and wherever you are. Keep sharing content that is valuable to readers and also useful to you.

Thank you, do not forget to support (ASC) #Aceh Stemmit Community. Nice to meet you!

Thanks foways. I'll check out ASC and see what's there.

@maxnachamkin You only see #hastag #aceh.

When you use #aceh, always put a little name #aceh in the post and, that's it, good job friend

Hey man!

Very solid intro post. :)

Welcome to Steemit. I'm glad to have you here.

Hey @shayne,

Thanks :)

Happy to be here.


Welcome to steemit community. You will love it. Following links may help you to get started.
New Users Guide
Dos and don’ts on Steemit
About Your Steemit Keys
Top Earners List
ChainBB Steem Forum
If you find this post useful, Feel Free to up vote, follow me.

Hi maheshreddy, thank you and thanks for the links.

Will do.

Also, the Transformation Agency might give me a few new ideas :) Is the free session really free and up for grabs?

Thanks soulmama :)


Do you make calls to Finland even or should it be done online/Skype or something like that?

Since you're in Finland the call would be done via Skype.

Oh, I just signed up but there was no info regarding Skype?

I'll have my marketing guy Mike, who runs the sessions, reach out to get your Skype.



I replied to this too, but it didn't come through?
Thanks anyhow! Looking forward to the session and transforming and getting a better reach to my clients and customers with love and light!

Hi bottymcbotface, thank you. I'm assuming you're a bot? :)

Welcome to the platform, I wish everything work out for you. It’s not easy here but not difficult neither but just ask an extra effort, engagement is the key good luck I’m @goodaytraders Start by following people and they will do the same.

Hi goodaytraders, thanks for the welcome. I'm not worried about it being easy/difficult, but Steemit seems to have an interesting community here that I'm looking forward to exploring. Not a fan of following just to get follows like those Twitter bots, and it makes sense that engagement is huge in a community-driven website!

welcome i too am new to the website, maybe we should follow each other i plan on making post trying to help people make some money.

Thanks hasanmanzer. I'm not a huge fan of the following people just for the sake of it/trying to make money, but I appreciate the welcome.

Welcome to family :) Follow me back and I will surprised you on August 1 ;)

Hey predictor2100, thanks for the welcome. I'll think about it.

Hi Max. Welcome to steemit. Have fun....

Hi jamjamfood, thanks. Will do :)

Welcome to this fabulous community! I post about cryptos, economy, silver,etc. Please checkout my posts to see if they interest you and my policy is if you follow me I will follow you. Welcome again!

Hi lengle, thank you. Cool, I'll check them out. No need for following me though.

great. enjoyed your intro. Your email link on http://www.maxnachamkin.com/ is not active. Also how to enter your website - http://www.transformationagency.com/

Hi , nice to meet you, welcome to steemit. Hope you enjoy.

Also, you can check out my blog @loffy1999 ,thanks

Hi loffy, thank you! I'll check out your blog.

Welcome to this incredible platform, hope everything will work out for you. Being here it’s not easy but not difficult neither only an extra effort will go a long way, engagement is the key good luck I’m @tinashe Start by Following ,Upvoting &Resteeming people and they will do the same.

Thank you
resteem follow upvot gif.gif

I do like your STEEMIT post @maxnachamkin … nice one … look forward to future posts as are been waited; so hope for you the best in this much interesting & challenging environment. I like writing/posting about several topics that call my attention, from travel, life, politics to science, food and technology. Here are some of my last posts, that if you can, read them and leave some comments - it will be great.





Best of good luck in the STEEMIT arena …. have given you my UPVOTE tick for the post, and hope you will FOLLOW to be up to date on posts ..!!

Txs. & Rgds.


you're welcome on steemit max, you have a new follower !!

Cheers, thanks for the welcome alienposts.

you're welcome !!

Welcome to steemit community.
I’m @jyoungking2 Start by following people and they will do the same.
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Good Luck

Welcome to Steemit Max! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. :-)

Hi Max, Welcome to Steemit, stumbled across MPCE and then your other stuff.
Would love to try the Skiing your neck of the woods! Never had the opportunity to get skiing in the US yet....

Anyway all the best for the future with your projects and companies.


hi man, in what languages did you coded so far?

I've Upvoted for sure. happy to meet you in this big family.
looking forward to your next post.
You can follow my food blog to know more about me @fatkid

Hey fatkid, great to e-meet you too. Thanks - I just made another post here.


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