Hey Steemit! I'm a 17-year-old boy who lives in a world of music, fantasy and peace. #DifferentIsOK

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Hey there!

Wow, I didn't expect it's so hard to write about myself.

My name is Luka Šarčević and I'm totally crazy :D Well, I'm not a typical teenager. I don't know about others, but most of my friends go out every Friday and Saturday and get drunk. Why? They are making problems to their parents and risk their health. If any of my friends is reading this article: DRINK ALONE AT HOME! IT'S SAFER! And yeah, stop posting 00:00 with hashtag of your crush's name on Facebook. I'm gonna delete you from my friends list. Thanks.

Stand up for what you believe in even if it means standing alone.

I'm gonna write about I want

As a teen, I'm gonna write articles about themes I like: music, movies, series, books, celebrities, volunteering, animals, travelling and much more. There's no space for bad words, curses, NSFW content or hate. I won't say that my posts are going to be childish, but before following, you should know that I won't post about politics, history or science. If you expect serious themes, I don't suggest clicking that "FOLLOW" button on my profile page.

For every minute you are serious, you lose 60 seconds of fun :)

Wasn't it enough to say I'm 17-year-old boy? Oh no...

Okay. I live in Serbia (no guys, it's not -30°C 'cuz I don't live in Siberia, and I won't write in Arabic 'cuz I don't live in Syria). Sorry, but everyone switch those 3 countries. Serbia is located in Europe and to be honest, I can't wait to move to (Party in) the USA one day. I ADORE travelling everywhere and I have already been in Asia and Africa. If you are interested in reading about it, write me in comments. Yeah, I almost forgot... Some of my posts will be in my native Serbian language so if you ever check my profile (DOOO IT), don't be like: "wtf is this?". Sorry for my bad English, but I'm still studying it in school.

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Have I told you that I am the biggest fan of Miley Cyrus?

No, really! I am! I am! I am! I am! I am! Actually, I hate Hannah Montana. When I started following Miley Cyrus 2013, right after she released the most perfect music video ever - Wrecking Ball, I didn't even know that she was actually Hannah Montana. Before you start writing bad comments that she is slut because she is twerking, I have to ask you if you saw her at least one time in 2017? She is totally different now. She stopped using drugs, she is singing about love, she posts about her cute dead pets and she is sending message that everyone is equal. But to be honest, I'm more into Bangerz thing, twerking half-naked on a gold car and kissing with other girls. Just saying.

Change is a thing you can count on.

Volunteering is cool!

I volunteered in Red Cross few years ago but I'm currently active in Office For Youth in my city. Also, I write and work on projects in one informal group. We are currently writing a project which will help immigrants from Asia which are currently in Serbia. I also volunteer in APC CZA, that's organisation which directly help immigrants with socail help, legal aid and psychological help.

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others.

What about school?

Don't ask.

Pigs? OH YEAH!

I am animal lover! I have few cats and one dog. Dog's name is Vasa and he just celebrated his third birthaday! (Actually he slept the whole day :'( plakyy) One od my cats has name Gizella Wurst and I got inspired by Conchita Wurst (don't ask why :D). I always wanted a green rabbit LOL, but when I saw Miley's pigs on her instagram, I fell in love and I MUST HAVE A PIG ONE DAY!!! I won't eat it lol, just think it's cool. I will post articles about my pets for sure!

An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.

Social media channels:

The end?

Did I forgot anything? Probably. So let me know in comments everything else you want to know about me and also introduce yourself, I would like to meet you Steemians :) Don't forget to follow @gina2017 because she is my Best New Friend in 2017 and she told me about Steemit. Also, I can't forget @deadgrlsuppastar because she helped me a lot about my Steemit account and also about this introduction post.

My recently posts:

Upvote? Follow?

I won't force you. Upvote this if you like it. If not - leave a comment why. Interested in more content from me? Follow! Not interested? Once again, check @gina2017 and @deadgrlsuppastar

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Welcome to Steemit :)

Thank you very much for resteem! :)

Welcome to Steemit Luka :D
Wish to learn more about steemit? Kindly checkout @steemitguide for more information and guides. Have a nice day mate :D

Thanks, I will check it right now!

What an awesome introductory post! Can't wait to read more of your writings! You're going to have so much fun here. Welcome!! :)

Thank you very much @jazzybells! :)

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Thanks for letting me know :)

Hey!! Glad to see you here!! Much love Luca... here is a tip!

Thank you very much @deadgrlsuppastar :)

Upvoted! Great job on this post. I think you'll love SteemIt. #1 rule is to stay consistent and don't blog based on the price of anything. Just keep on STEEMIN! :)

Thanks @steemitqa ! I'll make sure to follow that rule :)

happy to see you here @lukaluci, welcome to steemit, is that you the luca I know? it's a wow if its you my friend..

Hm, I am not sure. Do you know me from somewhere else? Thanks! :)

She's from Rabadaba Luka

Oh, I'm sorry but I can't remember show she is. @sweetcha , what was your nickaname there?

ilovebhutan , luca ...charito my name..yeah it's you..confirmed hahaha

Oh, It's you! You are also in my Facebook friends list :) I'm gonna check your blog right now :)

thank you dear luka, glad to see you here in steemit, lets have fun in here, we rock...hahaha

Sure :) Wish you great and successful day!

Hello @lukaluci
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You have been spotted by @gina2017 to possess rare gem!

So what can we do than to seal the deal, give you our tiny upvote and celebrate you, for everyone has something to offer.

We welcome you to the #untalented family. Feel free to come around for its a home with us. Flaws allowed, so relegate reservations and play with that beautiful mind of yours, let's tap into more hidden aspects of you. No average, no bum, just awesome you and the best version of YOU is a gift to humanity everytime. Stay awesome!

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Thanks! :)

Hey there.
Check out my blog if you like.
I have some nice pictures to share from all over the world.

I will check it right now :) thanks!

I am happy to hear that you volunteered with red cross. I am also a volunteer with different projects also running a charity on steemit. Very warming welcome to you and have a great journey on steemit.

Thanks! That's very nice from you!

Welcome to Steemit! Yeah I agree about going for beer every weekend. It's a better idea to spend that time doing something creative!

Thank you so so so much @drakmin ! Exactly! For example - writing a post for steemit :D

Welcome to steemit :)
Your post is cooooooool!
I want to travel to Europe! it seems so nice.

Thanks :)
I'm waiting on you! It is nice haha.

Aww lol

Aww on you sweety ;)

Good Job Luka! I'm so happy you're in steemit now.

Thank you very much for all help :)

Thanks for tagging xD

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That is cool, I will use this bot :)

hello @lukaluci and welcome to steemit!

this is a great place with a great community .. glad to have you.

Thank you very much @ricmark :)

Hello, welcome to Steemit! This place is amazing.

Stay active with posting, commenting and upvoting and you will be successful.

There are some great tools for Steemit to help too like the Steem Follower tool that will get you more upvotes and followers.


And most importantly, Have fun!

Thanks! I will check this link right now :)

upvote from cryptogrind

Thank you very much @body-beauty or @cryptogrind :)

Great stuff bro. I enjoyed every bit of it, bro. Keep rocking Steemit.

Thank you very much! I will! I promisse!

Thanks so much for linking me to your Intro post @lukaluci!! It is really well put together, and I have to say, you seem pretty damn smart for a seventeen year old. I am definitely following you and looking forward to your next article!

Thank you very much @gogogadgetupvote! I really thought that I won't be in top 3 so I'm so surprised :) I actually posted my second article already. Thanks :)

Dobrodosao! Steem on!

Hvala, hvala! Sad ću da rokam :)

What a great intro post! You have a new follower as who doesn't need 60seconds more of fun in their life. Not sure if you have yet but check out @thesteemtrain a great startup curation group that help each other out. #ocd-resteem is a great tag to use is potentially get picked up by their curation team and #tkc is another good tag as that guy that picks 3 posts daily and upvotes them substantially. Best of luck. I think you will do very well.

Hey there! Thank you very very much @insideoutlet! I'm gonna check your suggestions :) See ya around

Um, the link to @thesteemtrain doesn't work :/

Sorry should be @thesteemengine

Thanks! It works now :)


Thanks @exe8422 :)

Welcome to colleague from @steemitbalkan !

Thank you very much @stalexmkl ! :)

Welcome to the Steem World!
I have recently made an orientation video that will help you in your journey here - and will hopefully answer all the questions that took me months to figure out.

I wish you all the best here on Steem!

Sure, I'm gonna check it asap :) @maneki-neko

Welcome to steemit! :D

Thank you @marin23

Wow, great indroduction post! I am glad u dont want to post about news and politics, there is plenty of that already. If u like music you should check out @isaria she does music contest and other fun stuff like that alot and she is super helpful to minnows as she is a big part of @minnowsupport.
I can tell by your passion of writing and your different views from normal teens that you will do very well on steemit ;) way better than me! So dont give up.. keep writing about the things you love and steemit will reward u nicely.
Id love to hear about ur travels to asia and africa, i plan on visiting both those countries this year!
Anyways, nice to meet u.
upvoted and following

Thanks man! This is the best comment I got so far with great feedback! I checked @isaria 's profile, but I can't really sing and play an instrument, I just like listening to music.

Glad, u liked my comment :) you will learn quickly that a good comment on steemit to the right person can be more profitable than an entire article when u are a new.

Sorry i got the music thing confused.. i know there are music appreciation groups out there if u keep looking, if i come across any i will definitely let u know..
Take care.


Welcome to Steemit from a fellow newbie.

Thank you. Welcome :)

Welcome to Steemit :)

Thanks! See ya around! :)

That was a great introductory post - much better than I could do. Have I mentioned I haven't yet written my introductory post? Too hard to write about myself - I guess I'm just a humble guy :)

Keep writing about whatever it is you love, and the followers will come. Steemit is growing so fast right now that there will be large audiences for pretty much everything in the coming months. And if no one is writing about it now you would have the first mover advantage.

Followed and looking forward to your future posts (unless they're about Miley Cyrus - just sayin')

Hahaha thanks! I will continue! And sorry, probably there will be few posts sbout Miley, I'm obsessed with her lol. Why you don't like her?

Maybe she's better now? I don't know, I just think she came off as very trashy - and really just for attention imo. Kinda like a rich and famous trailer trash. I'm open to learning differently though.

Go and check this music video. Meet new Miley ;)

Happy steeming @lukaluci 😊

maybe it's a bit late, but welcome :)

Thanks! :)

I know where Serbia is, long before you were born you had some pretty bad war there, I work with a fellow who was a soccer player that lived near the border... They wanted him to be an army sargent but he refused to fight, so they threw him in prison and beat him. He escaped to Canada and now lives a decent life. Crazy world. Believe me, better parties to be had in Europe than USA. I miss the beautiful discotheques of Europe, I had a lot of fun traveling there when I was younger.

Anyways, advice for steem noobs? Be yourself, don't over resteem, make sure your content doesn't get lost on your page. Power up your steempower by exchanging sbd for steem then powering up. Enter contests and actively engage other participants, don't be afraid to give steem away... It's free so nothing gained nothing lost, but over time you may come out far ahead.

Yes, you are right about that war, but let's forget it :)
Thanks for great tips, I'll note them! Wish you a nice day!

Brilliant intro post! Lovely to meet you Luka :)

I can already tell you will go far here. I am happy you stumbled onto my page ;)

I post a lot of tips and advice for newbies, too, so please ask if you have any questions. And I remember how overwhelming this platform can be, so I am here to sit with you at lunch <3

Great to have you, and I look forward to watching your Steemit journey!

Thank you so much @arbitrarykitten! Please add me on discord :)

this is great @lukaluci :)
you'll be adding new flavor in this platform. i'm sure i'll be looking forward to you future posts.
though my upvote still don't have that much value yet since i'm also new here but i'm definitely be looking forward to what you're going to post. :)
i'm from Philippines by the way, you can check my intro if you want. :D
Welcome once again to the Steemit community.

Thanks! I'm gonna check your intro right now ;)

Great. :)
i'm really new at blogging so reading your posts really help and gave me insights on what and how to write. thanks very much

You are very welcome! Thanks for kind posts.

welcome! ps - we have that same unicorn outfit at our house - as well as the star one!

Oh cool! Thanks. I would like to see the star one haha :)

Great introduction of yourself and we have one thing in common: No to Drinking. Glad to hear that you are not into it. That alone makes me a follower.

Great to have you here. will be expecting more of you in the future.

Sure ;) I'll see ya around! Thanks!

Wow, that is a fantastic introduction post. Well formated and presented. I am sure you will make a great career here on Steemit. Just be consistant. Steem on!

Thank you very much @flauwy! :D

Hi @lukaluci
Срећан сам што сте сада у Стеемиту, желим вам најбољу срећу и успех.

Ја користим Гоогле Транслате, тако да немам начина да сазнам да ли ово излази десно ха ха ...

Hahahaha thank you. Google Translate still sucks lol

And here I was trying to be nice, and use your native tongue ha ha... I guess then that GT made a mess of things.
Sorry about that.

That's very kind from you! Yeah, GT still needs a lot of improvments but I can understand what you wanted to say :)

Welcome from steemit

Thank you very much!

Great to see that you put so much effort into this Luka!

Thanks :)

Hi lukaluci, I'm glad you are posting on steemit, I've read your posts , nice presentation! I will follow you, it's interesting to see the way other's view the world we may come from all different places but we have a lot in common. Good luck and welcome!

Thanks! See ya around ;)

have a nice start)


Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you! :)

I especialky love the idea of you vollunteering. Its always great to give back. I wil follow you. And dont worey about putting ao much pressure on yourself. Do write about anything you want here. Sometimes adults occupy themselves with so.much aboit science and arithmetic that we forget how to have a little fun in art.
I followed you not becaise you told be but because I believe you have great potential!

Thank you very much for these kind words. See ya around! PEACE! :)

Well rounded and full of information on this introduction. Welcome to steemit and you have a follower here!

Thank you very much @pam.afg :)

Welcome @lukaluci! I dig your vibe man...it's honest and straightforward. I think you'll do really well on here. Thanks for spontaneously reaching out on discord - looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!

Cool, thanks! See ya around :)

I think you have an interesting way of expressing yourself that seems to come to you naturally. I wish you to continue your blog and get thousands of followers! :)

Thanks! I hope I'll have that many followers, just like Miley :P

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