Three Questions That You Always Wanted To Ask A Professor

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From parents which yell, to drugs.

It's stressful to be a professor. You have a lot of work, and you have to make students quite, all the time trying to stay normal because you have regular controls and trying to have any free time when you are at home. It's not surprise that nearly every third professor quits within five years of starting teaching.

But not everything is so bad: despite that, this job can bring great satisfaction. Pauel Bland, 25, is teaching English for almost a year and a half. He began as an assistant teacher, and after two years he became a professor, so he could afford to live in London. Now he works with students from 7 to 11 years old, and he really loves his profession.

I asked him if I can ask him 3 questions that we always wanted to ask aprofessor, about everything from parents which yell to drugs.

Pauel Bland

Let's start - do professors use drugs?

From professor is expected to obey the law - forbid us to work if we do not. And although statistically we could assume that some of professors use drugs, I have no evidence to say who they are. But when we are already talking about it, most professors are addicted to caffeine.

What was the most unpleasant thing that happened to you during a lesson?

When you switch two names of your students, reaction is turbulent - they won't stop mocking.

What's the hardest thing about being a professor?

We have too much stuff to do. There's not end. No matter if it is easy or hard - there's too much! Here is my usually daily schedule:

  1. I come to the school
  2. Make a coffe
  3. Check my email
  4. Take my books
  5. Prepare myself about what will I teach that day
  6. Have a 30-minutes lesson with colegues
  7. Have two 50-minutes lessons with students
  8. Depends on the day, prepare myself about lessons I'll have after a break or have one more lesson
  9. Eat a lunch
  10. Few more lessons with students
  11. Wait for parents to talk to them about their kids
  12. Do bureaucracy stuff
  13. Prepare myself for tomorrow
  14. Then I probably have to review tests and give grades
  15. Then I can go back to my house to sleep

Thank you, Pauel.


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brilliant write up and nice speech made.welcome to the community a platform u will never regret

Thanks! :)

Generally, teaching in all its forms is exhausting. Teachers are always expected to be role models and this keeps them anxious all the time so as not to commit mistakes.

Yeah, I absolutely agree!

Wow nice post @lukaluci you really have the talent to write! You have a spot here! Anyway being a professor is really a difficult job but it is also satisfying when you see your students learn from you 😊

Yeah! If I would be a professor I would give my students the best grades and then EVERYONE will be satisfied ;)