What's On My Travel List For 2018?

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I'm newbie! Check my introduction post and leave a nice welcome message in comments :)

Did you know that @gina2017 won my Best New Friend Award 2017? Yeah! I met her on Virily (blogging platform) 6 months ago. She is very nice friend and we are chatting every day. We plan to meet each other during summer 2018 when she come to Europe and to travel to most popular countries together.

But let's start from the start haha :)

The first trip on my travel list was Bečej. It's a small but very beautiful town in my country - Serbia. I visited Bečej on 3rd January and stayed there for 3 days. The picture you can see below was taken on a small ship at the river. I travelled there to meet an online friend and I have to say I'm happy 'cuz I really met him, not a 50-year-old perv which will kill me, bake and finally eat lol. Just kidding haha. As you can see, I'm addicted to horror movies. No really, he is very cool in personal :) And he is already planning to visit me in few months.


It's coming! And I am so excited about it! My best online friend @gina2017 will hopefully come in June. We are planning to visit the most popular countries across whole Europe! We already reservated a hotel in Szeged - city in Hungary. Right after that we want to go in Wien, capital of Austria followed by Paris. I have already been in Paris 2015 with my neighbours and it's definitely my favorite place on the world! We will have to see Disneyland of corse! After that we wanna go ti Italy and then to Croatia. Finally, we will be back in Serbia. And yeah, maybe we will visit UK ;) I really can't wit anymore for it! AAAAA!!!

What about winter 2018?

Who knows? Maybe... To be honest, I've never before been on a trip during a winter. I just like travelling during summer 'cuz it's too cold during winter. Really. So during that trip I'll be mostly in a hotel room and drink some tea. What's the point? Maybe the farest destionation will be the capital city in Serbia :) Btw I took the picture you can see below in 2012 and that's the only winter-themed picture haha.


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I love to travel too. Awesome

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

Happy to hear that! Where do you wanna travel?

I hope you have a good meet up in the summer.

I hope too! Haha! :) Thanks!

Ok kiddo, I'm interested in what you have to say. I'll follow you a bit.

Thanks! See ya around :)

hey @lukaluci i am also a newbie here but i dont earn much as you but you know i just wanna leave this comment here just to welcome you buddy to steemit! Great post by the way just voted you.

Thank you very much and welcome to the platform ;)

Good plans!! :)) Go for it 💪 If you want to travel during the winter and not feel cold go to Seville or Lisbon, you will feel spring :))

Hahaha I actually wanted to visit Lisbon in May, to watch Eurovision live, but my friend did'nt collect enough money on time, so I gave up.

haha nice reason to go! I am sure you will have tons of other opportunities :)))

I hope so! Haha

Well put together.

Thank you!

You are welcome friend.

Hello Luka ! I missed your introduction post but I have to tell you that you live in a beautiful country . I'm not too far from you either. I love the way you are blogging at the age of 17. Well done = )

Thank you for contributing to the Steemit Community.Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to your next posts.

Thanks @castbound! My introduction post is at the bottom of my profile. Best wishes ;)

why not Cambodia?

I can think about that :)

Hi @likaluci 😀 Welcome to Steemit! May you have a wonderful travel 2018. 😀 Happy Steeming! 😀

Thanks! I also wish you very special year! :)

Thank you, too. 😀

Thanks :)

I met you too in virily. I was telling Ro to join us here. I did not vote because it is late @lukalici

Haha yeah! I know you from Virily :) You can check my profile, I still have some active posts on my profile. f you like them, you can leave an upvote :)

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Thanks for letting me know! :)

Hey there, thank you for joining our Traveller community. It looks like you have some great travel plans coming up and I feel honored that you your trip was to Serbia, my mother's homeland.

Here's hoping to see awesome travel blogs from you in the future :)