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Hello steemians, my name's Michael Eze and my username is @lovic24. How I got the name lovic is a long story. I'm a computer Engineer and a professional graphic designer that Ioves to solve problems and create lasting solutions. I have a graphic design company named MRTF designs which I started in December 2016.
I design across various categories of graphics - corporate identity, advertising materials, ui design, illustration & contextual design, product design etc. Adobe Photoshop and adobe illustrator are the main tools I use for designing. I also use adobe Lightroom for editing pictures . Screenshot_2018-01-28-12-44-59.pngI love good movies(Nolan and Tarantino) are my favourite film makers( I'll own a chain of cinemas in the nearest future), video games(fifa and adventure games),Screenshot_2018-01-28-12-45-21.png good music( hip-hop and rock) so you can call me a raprockstar lol.I also love football. I'm an Arsenal fan. I heard about steemit from my friend @souljay. He told me the benefits I could get from steemit by putting myself out there letting more and more people know what I do and what I'm interested in. I'm so stoked to be part of the wonderful people here on this platform.![images.png] () I hope we will be of benefit to each other. Many thanks to the creators of this platform @Ned and @Dan

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Welcome to Steemit!


Thank you

Hi, welcome to steemit glad to have you here how are you?
I hope all is good between you and your family, more power and keep it up. =)


Thank you very much 😊

Hello Micheal
Welcome to steemit, we are glad you decided to join the steemit community , we are rest assured that your contribution as a computer engineer and a professional graphic designer will be of optimum added resources to the steemit community. i can see you have the characteristics of an entrepreneur , " problem solver and creation of a lasting solution" with this attributes i believe the sky wont only be the limit, it will be the starting point .
Feel free to link up with communities at your disposal
Minnow Support Project
Minnow University
Minnows Accelerator Project
Here are a few tips, i hope it helps

  1. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the faqs
  2. Always keep your password safe and secure
  3. Never steal a content from somewhere else
  4. Always be yourself, work diligently, with dedication, and passion
  5. Always use the necessary tags when posting
  6. Comment adequately and find a mentor for adequate mentoring
  7. Here is an epic list of resources at your disposal
    Absolute Beginner's Guide to Steem
    A Minnows Guide to Steemit
    Steem Web Resources: Tools, Apps, Communities, etc

Welcome to Steemit! I hope you enjoy here:-)


Thank you ☺

Me too love rock!! Welcome to Steemit my friend, I hope you do very well, I support you with my vote, and I hope your support in my first publication and in those that come!

Follow me! I will follow you!!


Yes I will. Thank you

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