This is a satirical post highlighting the large number of these fake posts that are currently being put up.

Oops. Sorry.

Yep you got me, my boobs are fake...

Will you still sleep with me?


I was attempting to make it visible, it appears this person used a lot of juice to downvote it, jeeze!!!

Thanks for having my back!

This is all a bit new to me, in a year on Steemit I've never had a post flagged before.

The guy that did it hasn't earned much, but has put $37 000 of his own $ into his wallet. And he likes to go round saying things like "I'm half whale and I'll take care of this"

I was just thinking, "OH shit, I'd better get some help, when one of my most on to it and full walleted followers came and sorted things out.

I hate this flagging thing and if you ever have any of your friends getting this done to them, let me know and I'll do what I can. I've actually taken to unflagging anything that's been flagged lately if I have enough hitting power to uncensor it. Whatever it is - I don't really care, I just hate flagging!

I do get a few comments flagged, but never by anyone with enough power to not be overcome. When I vote my comments back to visible the flagger often removes their flag - so these days if I look like I'm up-voting my own comments, that's often why... (I know that's ironic coming from someone who upvoted 1200 of their own comments before the hard fork)

In this case the half whale did a 100% flag on every comment I did on my post. Most of them I have reposted and deleted the original, but I've left a few for LOL's :)

Up until this week I've generally aimed to be all positive on Steemit, but I must admit I feel like I've run into a years worth of total clowns in one week and I just found myself trolling some poor sap who thinks I am a tool of satan (666) - and then I thought "time to take a deep breath and remember Steemit is different", or I'll start attracting them flies.

Not the biggest fan of flags myself, though I have seen cases where it was needed, a couple of real dickhead trolls that just needed to get gone. But people who use it like this jackass did, drive me nuts. Especially the way they were with Deb, that really rubbed me wrong.

I saw that ausbitbank came and took care of it. I have some people I could go to in these situations too. I appreciate your offer and that goes the other way too, I will always help my friends :)

Yeah, that's probably wise, there are some flies around. But I still do believe steemit is different, there are enough great people here to create the environment I prefer to hang out in :)

He overestimated the ability of people to recognise satire without having it spelt out. He has now corrected it. In all of his other posts he is quite open and transparent about who he is. Yes, it was an error in judgement to not spell out the satire from the start. But have you also flagged all the other fake intro posts? This one is over the top to make the point.

Oops. Sorry.

Well I do know this guy from Adam, Ian is a great steemian and friend and this was satire. I wish I had seen this post when it was first put up. I'm sorry that you took it so badly.

There is literally NOTHING to indicate that your defense is rooted in truth.

These Boobs are made for Swinging...

LOL. You beat me to posting the google image search proof by about 2 minutes. Well done, @libertyteeth!

I really wish I had seen this post the day it happened. Ian is a corker, but this really was satirical. He's been a good friend to me for a long time here.

Oops. Sorry.

Oops. Sorry.

Hell you are good at searching for porn images - maybe you could give me some tips - I'll even let you see my boobs - not knowing the difference between satire and a real fake intro post could be a potential problem on Steemit though...

After eight days I finally got a notification from Steemcleaners about this post with it's blatant misuse of the introduceyourself tag, so I'll add a copy of my response to that here for the record.

Hi Steemcleaners

In order to prevent identity theft, identity deception of all types, and content theft, it would be great if Steemcleaners did something about the dozens of fake introduce yourself posts that are being posted including the three that inspired this one.

If you are going to do something about fake posts it might be also be good to notice them before they expire and get their payout.

This is one of the posts that inspired mine:

LOL they tried to ding you after the payout? Seems they're a little overworked. The other evidence indicates that as well...

yep. all of that is funny because I had seen that same post yesterday, I had seen THIS post in my Steem feed today, I scrolled through his posts to find ORIGINAL "IntroduceYourself" AND I unfollowed. At first I was skeptical, and then I had seen the 4th pic with the MS Paint and I knew what I was dealing with...

If you are familiar with this posters work, you would know that most of what he writes is satirical. Maybe he thought it was so obviously satirical he didnt need to spell it out. That has now been corrected.

Oops. Sorry.

This is a blatant lie - I never said any of those things!

Hahahahaaaaa, this is my favorite comment, hands down!

I did not have sexual relations with that woman

Still funny, lol. I don't get why they copy and pasted your article in a comment...?? Haha!!

You mean her assistant? Nah, nothing shady going on with that at all ;)

@libertyteeth, good job in spoting wrong doings. We need more people like you here and steemit.

Oops. Sorry.

Yes this an attempt to scam you I must admit, please forgive me and trust in God - would you like to see my boobs? - please refolow me or I will never get to Brazil...

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