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RE: Hi Steemit! Here's to New Beginnings!

in #introduceyourself5 years ago

How is it possible that so many high SP holders discovered this post, first ever on Steemit, and already rewards bringing the post to HOT and TRENDING channel. Can you give me the Circle Jerking lesson!?


because jerry mentioned it in his blog...and people came....that's a proof that his blog is highly read and followed

None of the top voters (except teamsteem) wrote a comment to this post, that in itself tells a lot, meaning, this account is already on auto vote with some or (probably) more of the top voters.

To me it looks like proof that steem works. You get paid for your time and valuable contributions either way. AND paid to stake STEEM as steem power on the network :)

Is it? Steemit and Steem is in the hands of a few, and power is by far from equally distributed, driven by those who created it with super hyper inflation until dec 2016 getting the founders and some others rich and powerful. Most valuable votes are casted on auto vote to the same authors over and over again. That is the truth! Your comment is not describing the reality and you get rewarded. My comment is more closer to the truth and it didn't get rewarded. So, what is Value? Truth seems not to be the value here at Steemit, but Dreams are so it seems.

You are absolutely right. Sorry, too late for upvoting.

At least I can reward you :)


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