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RE: Hi Steemit! Here's to New Beginnings!

In the last picture you look like some actress I've seen, but unfortunately I can't remember from what show, can just recall her voice... Has anyone told you that you look like some particular actress?


The girl from True Blood.. Anna Camp?

That's who came to mind too, when i saw your photo for the first time haha. :D

yes, that's her! I knew I had some mixed feeling about her even though she is very pretty, I think she played a religious zealot on True Blood, IIRC -)

@minority-report you may not realize how much you have helped me already just with your comment on my wife @laurabanfield's first post because you have helped me see her the way you do. In six years of dating and almost five years of marriage, I never remember hearing or thinking Laura looked like Anna Camp until you mentioned it. With seeing my wife every day, I can easily forget how grateful I am to be with her and your comment gave me a way mentally to remember how beautiful she is in every situation. Thank you for making what I think was your first comment on Laura's post and for helping me to be a good husband to her each day!

Dear @minority-report

I appologize for puting this irrelevant post here but I wanted to thank you on your efforts on stoping this arrogant @grumpycat.

road so far & action plan :

your much appreciated efforts:


yes, that's her!

@minority-report thank you very much for the warm welcome here and your upvote!

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