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I am..
I acknowledge God within me,
I acknowledge God's qualities in me,
I am love, I am peace, I am health and I am generosity...
I am what you are and when I see you, you are me...
For when I see you and I can't recognize your divine qualities, please forgive me, it is my own vision of myself which is blurry and clouded.
For when I see you, and I perceive greatness please believe it if I say so.
We are in this existence to feed each other of greatness. For when I am unable to give, please understand I am just going through the process of seeing dark in order to recognize the pure True Light.

I am beauty, and what this picture shows is only temporary, but the True Beauty will remain, as it does not belong to me, it is of the Only True God. May my beauty be a projection of what God wants you to see in me.12928218_10153904768120673_4678256690043487373_n.jpg

Yo soy...
Yo reconozco a Dios dentro de mi,
Yo soy amor, soy paz, soy salud y soy generosidad...
Yo soy lo que tú eres, y cuando te veo tú eres Yo...
Y cuando te vea, y perciba grandeza por favor créeme si te lo digo.
Estamos en esta existencia para alimentarnos el uno al otro de grandeza. Pero cuando soy incapaz de dar, por favor comprende que solo estoy pasando por un proceso de ver oscuridad para reconocer la pura Luz Verdadera.

Yo soy belleza, y lo que esta foto muestra es solo temporal, pero la Verdadera Belleza prevalecerá, pues no me pertenece, solo le pertenece a al Único Dios Real. Que mi belleza sea una proyección de lo que Dios desea que veas en mi.
Jimena V Mendieta

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welcome to Steemit @Jimenavm !! Glad to see more people like you - here joining Steemit! Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me .

Welcome! I hope you have fun on Steemit! We are growing faster and is good to know that you are interested in sharing some content with us! I am a Brazilian writer and videomaker, living in London. Here I post about photography, travel and stories. Have a look at my profile and if you like it, follow me. Cheers!


Super. I will check out your material


I agree, we are part of the source. God is not outside of us :)

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Welcome and Thank You for being with us!! Following your Blog now

Wellcome, have fun!!

Hello @jimenavm Great introduceyourself post!!

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Nice, a new Steemian, more or less ^^ Welcome @Jimenavm I hope you have fun at this place. feel free to contact or follow me at any time :-) Greetings @chrisx


Hello Chris, What are your fave topics?


Hello @jimenavm. Welcome to Steemit. I am David. I wish you have a happy journey here.

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Thank You for the introduction and Thank You for the Spanish translation ... As a fellow poet, I enjoy word roots and such.

great post @jimenavm


thank you! looking forward to read you when you start blogging

Welcome to the amazing world of steemit. Followed. Follow me back 😘