Thank you doughtaker! Glad to hear from you again. How are the contests and gambling going?

Gambling's going up and down as usual, with a trend to the up side -- nothing too far out of the ordinary there. Contests are a different story -- those of the style that I have the talent, time, and interest to partake in have been drying up somewhat -- plus I've been busier with casinos and other real-life stuff.

To partially fill the contest gap, I've been studying a few other cryptocurrencies and looking into those trivia apps -- hoping to find the next Steem-like ecosystem and trying to convert my smarts into money in other ways without having to leave home.

Yeah... Well that is probably the best way to do it. Just work at home in a comfy setting kicking ass on the computer. Haha. Whether it be trading cryptos or finding more cool stuff like steemit. I love the trading aspect because you can always make a long-term trade worthwhile.

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