Hello steemit, discover who the hell I’m ;)

Hi everybody, my name is Francis :D.

I'm very excited to begin this new adventure in steemit and share my hobbies, interests, passions and knowledge with all of you. However, let's begin with something easier, like ¿Who I am?

Well, maybe that is not too easy; I'm still trying to figure that out, what an issue no? ... but I know a few things that I can tell you for sure. I was born in Venezuela, I have a BSc degree in geochemistry and nowadays I'm studying cuisine (I want to be a great chef)

Besides studying cooking, I'm working in a laboratory (cool isn’t it?) doing chemical analyzes on natural samples.

Also, I love photography, play video games, reading, traveling, drink a couple of beers, walking, listening to music, drink more beer XD and enjoy the nature <3. Did I say that I love drink beer?

What do I want to share to steemit?

I hope to enjoy and share a lot of cook recipes (traditional, exotics and from my own creation), also I want to post gastronomic tips, about cooking techniques, cuts, food handling, among others.

However, not everything is going to be cusine XD, because I want to contribute with information about sciences, video games and also write about my daily life. Besides I want to share gastronomic information but with a scientific view ... mmm ... a small preview

Do you know what is a custard? (Who doesn’t know, don’t be afraid XD ... as soon as possible I'm going to share a post with the basics pastry recipes).

Custard is a variety of culinary preparations based on a cooked mixture of milk and egg yolk. This is a basic preparation for pastry, therefore, a lot of people usually prepare it and in the same way many people tend to screw it, getting a horrible and lumpy sauce. Now, have you ever wondered why the hell this happens? And if is it possible to avoid it? ... Well, with chemistry, you can explain everything;)

When you mix milk and egg yolk with a high temperature, the protein molecules present in the egg yolk have a greater probability to interact with each other, favoring their precipitation, which translates into a wrong custard. However, if we add a pinch of wheat flour to the mixture before heat, decrease the probability of interaction between the protein molecules, avoiding the precipitation or them.

Well, that was a little bit nerd XD, but it's a tiny sample of this gastronomic tips that are going to help us with our recipes, an also is going to give us a different cooking view.

And this is a little information about me, about what I am doing and what I want to share. I hope that you could enjoy this small introduction; I'm looking forward to share more information with all of you.

PS: If I have to describe my love for cooking ... well ... it would be something like this:

  • Nowadays, I have a serious relationship with cooking, I have an affair with bakery, and I have a slip with pastry ... pure culinary naughtiness XD*

Also, I want to apologize for my english, I really hope to improve it!

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Welcome :) Science + Food + Beer - How can somebody not like that?! Check out @steemstem if you wanna post about your laboratory job and the work there!
Resteemed you for some more publicity! Greets!


Thanks! @welcoming! I'm very happy to be part of this. Science + Food + Beer is a kind of perfect mixture XD .. thank you so much for you support. It's going to be a real pleasure to Check out @steemstem!


greetings introduction of the legend of steemit
@welcoming :)


Thank you! @braam :D

Welcome to this awesome community @francismmc, I hope you are enjoying your stay here. I wish you all the best and more power to you. =)


Thank you so much for your words @purepinay, I am really happy to belong to this community :)...

Welcome on Steemit @francismmc. Don't forget to check the FAQ, has some great info there.


Thank you! @quochuy :D!

Welcome to Steemit! :)


@heigovannik thank you so much!

Hi Francis how are you? Really nice intro, i love it ! I’m a new steemit user as well and would like to connect with other cool steemians, artists and musicians. I’m posting music tutorials and other things related to music (and bitcoins:p). I’m the founder of the free music school communicasound. I'm really pleased to meet you. So i give you my vote, follow you and i will be happy to read your next posts in the futur. If you want, you can do the same and follow me. It’s important to have a family in Steemit :) Greetings from Paris. Peace.


Hi @communicasound and thank you so much!... is going to be a pleasure to follow you and read your posts! who doesn't love music? ;)


That's true :) Don't trust someone who hates music ^^I'm really glad to connect with you and i look forward to reading more of your posts. Be sure i will be there to support you. Peace. Lio

Welcome Francis :D Enjoy Steemit!! Regards


Thank you so much @warnas! :*


Youre welcome :*

Welcome to Steemit! Nerds unite!

Here are some of my old posts with some tips I picked up along the way.

Hopefully you will find some of them helpful.

Tips 1- 10 / Tips 11-20 / Tips 21-30



Hello @rebele93 ;D thank you, I'm going to check out your old and future posts, actually is going to be a pleasure follow you... I'm happy and proud to be part of nerds unite! ;)

Welcome Francis. Impressive introduction! Check out my newest guide for new users.



Thank you! @futuremind it would be my pleasure check out your post!

Hey, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and welcome.


On behalf of the newly established STEEMIT Community, we welcome you our fellow new comer!



thank you so much @gabiino :D

That's an amazing intro. I'm looking forward to your culinary post. As i love trying new dishes. I will soon post my experimental dishes as well. It would be an honour if you follow me back and give useful remarks regarding your culinary knowledge.


Hi @event-horizon! and thank you. It's going to be a pleasure to follow you as well! I hope have a good feedback with this community!

Hello Francis and welcome to Steemit! Wow what an interesting mixture of chemistry and food you introduce, but really it makes so much sense. Hope you enjoy it here and hope you will check out my content as well. I mostly spend time producing video and photography. Kindest regards.


Hello @captainbob and thank you! I love photography as well, is going to be really exciting to check out your blog.

Welcome! what video game can you not stop playing rn?


Hi @elima :D, thank for you welcome!... well, one of my favorite video games that I can't stop playing for sure is ¨The last of us¨ XD, and also all the olds final fantasy :D (VIII is my favorite XD)


Ill have to check out "the last of us." loved FF growing up. VII was my fave :P did you play the kingdom heart series?

these days I am in the need for mobile games rahter than console games, any suggestions?


I love kingdom heart series!... also I'm pretty sure that FVI is availble for android!

Welcome! You look beautiful!
Your English is very good! It's much better than my English! Ha ha


Thanks @angelina6688! I'm sure that your english is beautiful!