How to promote your post with the dropahead Curation Team (dCT)

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This is a must read for new "members"(1), pay careful attention!

dropahead Project's mission is to support hardworking authors from their early stages through their way to dolphins. The dropahead Curation Team (dCT) aims to accomplish such mission by the following means:

  1. Focus on undervalued quality content
  2. Upvote from dropahead's Rewards Pool (dRP)
  3. Resteem by @dropahead (3,000+ followers)
  4. Feature selected posts into drophead's daily curation reports
  5. Other rewards (coming soon!)

Each of the incentives above are provided individually for each curated post, the more quality and authenticity, the more chances to earn full support from dCT!

Requirements for sharing your post with dCT

If you have a post that reached a certain amount of upvotes but has a low amount of earnings, then you can share it into any of the suitable channels.

For example, if your post has 31 upvotes but it will earn just $3.33:


You can share into #20_votes_plus channel since it got more than 20 upvotes but payout will be less than $20:


NOTICE: decibel only accepts posts not older than 48 hours. Make sure to share fresh content only.

Another example, let's say your post has 365 upvotes but for some sad reason it will earn only $1.1! That is disappointing but you can share it into multiple channels, because it has more than 20 upvotes, more than 40 upvotes, more than 60 upvotes, more than 100 upvotes and more than 100 upvotes, but less than $200, less than $100, less than $60, less than $40 and less than $20. In short, you can share your link in more channel as you get more upvotes and payout stays low.

Finally, if your post will earn $75 and it has 40 upvotes... good for you but, you can't share your link with dCT :(

How to promote your post with dCT

Please do the following:

  1. Join dCT's discord chat server: (one-time only),
  2. Enter the #help channel and follow the instructions for registration (one-time only),
  3. Share the link to your post into a suitable channel,
  4. Wait for decibel(2) to process your link

Once you register, you'll have to repeat steps 3 to 5 for each link that you wish to share.

NOTICE: dCT has the last word on which posts to choose from all of the posts shared every day. Curators love good reads, the advice is to feed them with your best creations only.

If your post is selected by a curator you'll get a happy note from decibel


Thanks in advance for your trust on us.

Keep steeming hard!

  1. "members": @dropahead hasn't defined a membership model yet, rather there are conditions for the provided services that could change at any time without prior notice. You are warned!
  2. decibel: A curation bot, feed her with quality content and she will be friendly ;)

Thank you guys for what you've been doing for Steemit!

I'm happy to be in one of the examples in this post :D hehe

Glad to make you happy! Your link was there at the right time and provided an excellent example. By the way, I hope to see you improving your writings and sharing them with us more frequently. Keep steeming hard!

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