Hi dear friends!
Today I have suprise for you
The first one is I'm proud to announce our numbers reached 1900 followers,
And the second one is that, Today is my best friend's birthday. if i'll be honest with you,I love her as my sister.
As I've never introduce myself to you before, I'm going to do that.
So, my name is Elham.
I'm 26 years old and I born in capital of iran, Tehran. But now, i'm living with my aunt in England.
I've shared you some photos of my house which I live currently in, and some of my journeys up until now and
My friend Maryam shared calture and beauty of our colorful country IRAN in her page ( live_with_love ).
we decided to subsume two page in one ( beautypics).
For our page to be more attractive and that you get familiar with the culture of both countries we've decided to merge our two pages in mine. Also we're going to broadcast a lot of compounded posts. I hope you'll be fond of them.
At the end, i would like to share with you, our pictures.
Happy birthday my lovely friend. Miss you really a lot and see you soooon.




Welcome to steemit!!

Happy Birth Day to Maryam. Sorry for late.... Elham and Maryam.

Hi Elham ! Beautiful Pics ! Hope to see more of you on Steemit ! Upvoted and Followed :)

hi dear sure

welcome here, hope you will protect your password, to avoid interference

nice to meet you Elham
thanks for the great performance!

nice too meet you too dear friend

Congratulations for reaching milestone of followers

I wish you that you both keep sharing your wonderful cultural & life posts.

thank u dear friend

Hello :) I'm byungchan from south korea
I hope i can make global friendship with you as Mutual followers
if you paticipate in this
you might get more followers

I just follow you :)
if you want know about me check this out
my introduceyourself
Thank you ^^

hello sure dear

Welcome Elham here, late wishing bcz you introduced your self late... Many many happy returns of the day to your friend as well..

thank u dear

Congratulations 😊

thanks my best friend

Happy birthday to you~! and welcome here!

thank u dear friend

Hello dear Elham, nice to meet you! :)))
Happy birthday to your friend!

hello my best friend nice too meet you too

Happy birthday to your friends. Greetings from me. You look very beautiful. 🙏😀

thank dear friend

hello welcome to steemit. I invite you to visit my blog

Welcome Girls

Hello to you, and welcome to steemit.

very nice to meet you and thank you for sharing your story! Hope to see more of you here!

Welcome aboard. Hope to see some posts about your country.

Cool how it can be possible to get near 2000 followers :)

Very Nice
I'm Glad to see you 👍


I wish you all the best.

Feel free to check out my blog @maxdigi. This way we can support each other in the future.


بسیار عالی با آرزوی بهترین ها برای شما دوتا
موفق باشید وهمیشه دوست بمانید...

سلام. بسیار هم زیبا. تولدتان مبارک .... البته با تاخیر.... :*

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