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Hi~ I just started yesterday let me introduce my self.

1. About

My name is An Byung Chan!
I'm a proud, confident, open-minded person.
I was used to hear "you are so passionate"
Laughing, smiling are part of me.
I have good patience for eating, sleeping, being angry.
I'm fun XD just give me one word I will make a magic.

I've served in ROK Army as First Lieutenant.
I used to be workaholic 6:30 am~ 10:00 pm my usual sometimes 1 am even at weekends too
Once I was selected as a representative of korea army for attend a joint forces conference between U.S, Japanse, Korea.

with grandmother

After Duty, I've worked at solar cell engineer some months because of my major in.
Currently i'm preparing for own my business.

I have been to China, Thailand, Russia, Turkey, France, Belgium, Netherland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal.


2. Interests, Hobbies



Watching movie


Reading books

제목 없음.png







3. Favourite Music

Chainsmokers - closer

Park hyo shin - wild flower

Coldplay - viva la vida

Alan Walker - faded

4. Favourite Movies

LaLa LAND,2016


Batman dark knight,2008

5. Favourite Tv shows

House of card

Big Bang Theory

6. Favourite Books


The King of Torts, John Grisham

New Ideas From Dead Economists

7. Favourite Quotes

The fatal encounter, Golden mean

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

"Some people were born to sit by a river. Some get struck by lightning. Some have an ear for music. Some are artists. Some swim. Some know buttons. Some know Shakespeare. Some are mothers. And some people — dance"

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2018 / June / 22th
Currently working on EOSYS, Korea EOS BP.

Great first post! One recommendation: change your bio to something more interesting than about following - it doesn't really work like that here, trust me. You might even get flagged!

Instead - post good content that interests you, write unique and sincere comments, make friends, and watch things grow slowly.

I wish you all the best! xx, Kay

Thank you ^^ for your suggestion :)
I just changed bio :)
Yess you are right , i'm gonna make contents actually !

Great! Sincerely wish you well here!

yeah, that is true, and dont go about begging people to follow you.

Welcome to Steemit! I follow you and upvote for you! :D

Hi ! Nice to meet you bro :) hope we can make global friendship!

Welcome to Steemit! Looking forward to your updates around here:)

hi ! thank you ! good to hear that i'm looking forward your amazing writings also

Always welcome :)

it's great. I loved it

oh Thank you bro :)
i would wait your amazing posts ^^

You look nice 😊

thank you ^^ mafald
i would wait your amazing post also ^^

Welcome @hackerzizon! I wish you the best of lucks! You have great taste, keep it up (: If you're not sure on what you want to read here on Steemit, here's a guide I made that might help you!

oh thank you for guide actually i read it ^^ it was helpful :)
@sarahart i would wait your more posts : )

Hello Byung Chan, welcome to steemit!

oh thank you bro ,Venezuela !
cool i think i can make many friends from all over the world :)

Welcome man! Nice intro! I feel that we will see some interesting stuff from you. Upvoted and followed! Enjoy steemit!

Thank you bro ^^ i would wait your posts everyday :)

Very good your hobbies and life style
... Is very nice to good traveling you personality.
You make me laugh.

Ohh :)) thank you bro ^^
haha your compliment make me smile ^^

Hi warmest welcome to you here in Steemit.

thank you :) i feel the warmest ever welcome ^>^

I like your post🎔

Thank you so much :) i would be glad to share things ~

Nice intro :)

Thank you :)
your compliment make me smile


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Hello Byung Chan! Feel welcomed on Steemit, I am also new in here! I really liked your post, I am looking forward to see more of you!

Thank you ^^ i hope we can make good friendship over here.

Nice to meet you.

nice to meet you ^^

Welcome to the great community

Thank you :)
Are you insect researcher? cool

You are most welcome

Welcome to steemit. Upvoted and followed. Am also new here. Looking forward to knowing you more.

Thank you very much ! ^^
i would wait your amazing posts : )

Hello Byung Chan, welcome to steemit!

Hey ! thankyou ^^ i would wait and expect your amazing posts in steemit ^^

I loved this publication of your presentation. It was interesting. You have my vote. you can follow me.

Thank you ^^ yes i follow you my friend :)

nice meeting you.

HI !! nice to meet you ^^

Welcome to Steemitsphere, An Byung Chan! Thanks for making your presence open... ^_^

I nominate you to say, "Steemian, I love you!"

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what is it ? :) interesting post ^^

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Great post @hackerzion, you've travelled many places that are on my bucket list lol.... Australia should be next on your list, we're a nice bunch of people and pay no mind to those drop bears and killer animals lol...

oh thank you ^^ Annie
Australia ! actually i've heard many people go there for some works :)
oh hahaha yeah it was fun to watch youtube videos about tons of animals in Australia haha
i really wonder how it is xd

You sound like a very interesting person hahaha, I had a good laugh reading about you. I also think you have a very good taste -Damian, good stuff.

See you around, An Biung!

Thank you! david :) i would wait your amazing posts :)

You look so nice, I'm from Venezuela, It's amazing to meet people from another places, great post!!

Thank you ^^ i hope i can make good friendship with you :)

Hello Friend!! Good to have a Korean friend, I'm from Venezuela greetings!

thank you for your reply, see you around my friend ;)

Great travel pics! Hope you can make it out a bit further west (or East...I guess the Earth is round after all) in the future.

Hola Byung Chan saludos desde venezuela cuenta con mi apoyo

great intro , nice to meet you @hackerzizon :)

hey ! :)
how was your weekend?

Great you are welcome

Good work Byung Chan!

Welcome! Interesting tastes. Instant follow!

Hey An Byung Chan. Welcome to Steemit. Im new here too. U got an interesting intro there. Look forward for your post.

Ive followed you. Do follow me back ya..

Hi Timothy :)
Thank you for your kindness.
I hope we can make good steemiship(?)