My Second Coming: Powering Back Up


I have a problem. A bad habit. A personality trait that doesn't serve me well. Astrologically it is represented by my Mars in Gemini. In non-occult terms, it means I have poor follow through and commitment. It's the astrological placement for the "jack of all trades, master of none". And that's pretty much all I know about it because, predictably, I never dove that deeply into learning astrology. I used to play guitar and write songs and honestly, I could charm a room but I stopped doing that too. When learning a new song required too much technicality, I gave up: "It's hard, I must not be able to do it". I have a portfolio full of cool art projects I've started and have yet to finish. It's easy to blame motherhood, but plenty of mothers I know have fine commitment skills.


To my credit, I will say I've stuck to and loved dream analysis ever since I found Michael Sheridan's method of spiritual dream interpretation, over two years ago. I've graduated from "jack" in this department. You'd be astonished at what I can tell you about yourself from your dreams. 😉

Where am I going with this? Well, I stopped steeming. For many "reasons". I didn't know how wide or narrow my focus should be when writing and posting. I didn't have the energy after my kids finally went to bed. I didn't know how personal I should or shouldn't get. I didn't have an ultimate goal for my writing. Excuses.

Then, last week, I sold all my steem to pay off a loan before they hit me with the 4K in interest - and I deeply regretted it. All my steem power, gone.

Within a day, I spoke with someone (okay, a channel/medium) who also woke me up to the idea that 'yes, my life purpose is in spiritual teaching/healing - but I'm not meant to be in business alone'. This person said I would actually have 3 people helping me, one person whom I've already met and "am very close to". This makes sense, I thought! Astrologically I have many planets in the 7th house (huge emphasis on learning through relationships). And trying to venture off alone always fizzles out (don't ask me the last time I posted to my dream interpretation Instagram page). I can't do it alone. I was never supposed to.

When I started racking my brain for the people with whom I'm 'very close' and with whom I might be destined to work, I could only think of 3 or 4 people. When I got to my youngest daughters' father the 'a-ha' was overwhelming.

@Codydeeds is my crypto/steemit guru. It takes a special mind to really understand how this crypto stuff works and I'm happy to let him do the heavy lifting in that department. He pushed me to set up my account and start blogging. He used to try to push me to continue music (I didn't). He is a natural marketer. He's the one.


When I told him, "I'm already close to the person I'm to be in business with" he held up one finger and said "it's me". He knew.

The intention is that both of us will mutually grow by working together and our ideas will bring us to the other two who will be joining whatever this endeavor is. I am to continue dream analysis and learn how to confidently navigate my channeling gift. My work will involve helping others identify their spiritual gifts and heal traumas from other lifetimes (that may or may not be blocking said gifts). Sounds easy and fun right? I don't yet know how I'll be accomplishing this, but discovery is part of the adventure.

@Codydeeds is helping me power up my account by loaning me 1000 steem. He did this last year to help me get started and it was SO helpful. I was able to pay him back AND earn the 3400 steem I recently sold with only a few months of consistent posting.

My intention now is to create documentation of my successes and failures and to practice commitment and follow through - build that muscle.

It's an interesting combination of skill sets we are utilizing and it feels better to know I have good support.

I appreciate all of you here and everyone reading this and I'm happy to be a part of something still in its young days, relatively speaking. This (steemit) is something that I believe is setting the stage for even greater things to come.

I'm back! Special thanks to @codydeeds.



Astrology is great: but don't forget - - - only you can define yourself ! not some distant electromagnetic pulse - be who you want to be and the opportunity to recreate yourself will continuously represent itself!!!

I agree. :) But with a twist. I think we're all on a quest to grow our awareness and we plan our lives before birth in great detail. We have full knowledge of how our challenges will give us opportunity to grow and we put in fail-safe alternative plans if we miss an opportunity to learn or grow. Of course we forget ALL of this at birth (or by the time we can talk) because it makes the challenge authentic.

It's pretty hard to not know where you're supposed to be going in life and many people can get pretty lost. I believe dream analysis, astrology and scientific hand analysis are all valuable ways to crack the code and learn more about what we are doing here and where we COULD arrive if all goes according to plan and we manage to stay 'on purpose'.

I also agree with this! But I go back and forth between the ' we are divine and put ourselves here for the challenge and growth" to the much more pessimistic" we are all slaves that have been tricked into handing our life force over to this living breathing prison, and we forgot we are prisoners" -- um yeah like I said more pessimistic...
But that aside - I have kind of let that debate go and have been focused on hypnosis and the power of affirmation - for example - if everyone you had ever met and everything you had ever read suggested that you are THE MOST determined person, and you WILL complete any task before you- and when you met someone you were like - well - I am by nature a really steadfast person and I always finish what I start - then when the urge to abandon a project came along - it would be battling a neurological system and societal belief that has told itself for X amount of time "I finish ish!", so there would be very little chance of deviation from that, seen?

Anyway - neither here nor there welcome back to Steem in full form!

"we are all slaves that have been tricked into handing our life force over to this living breathing prison, and we forgot we are prisoners" haha! Yikes! That WOULD be awful. I believe in free will though and that the power is always somewhere in our own hands.

I would have LOVED to grow up with that conditioning! Can you imagine if everyone built theri kids up like that!? I think hypnosis and affirmation are incredibly powerful. Thank you for sharing that!

Hey, I didn't know there was something the matter with people who have Mars in Gemini. I also have this, as well as Mars in the 8th. I know that this placement I have gets a bad rep, but I try and keep positive, and so should you! All the best to you in your venture! x

My Mars is in the 4th opposite Neptune 10th. I was looking into it yesterday actually. Since my actions planet is opposing something in a career house I have a bit more effort to put into sticking to long term goals. But really, I'm finding the issue to be with goal making period. If I set out to do something, it gets done. So I just have to focus on goal setting, I think, and reminding myself that all the steps along the way are contributing to the goal. Helps motivate. :)

I know exactly what you mean. After a bit more reading about Mars in Gemini, I can relate. The scatter-brain mentality definitely applies to me. I have my to-do list book and the aim of the game is to cross off as many tasks as possible. I always start with a 'fake'/placebo task though, just to get me started.

ie. drink a cup of tea

The action itself, of crossing things off, motivates me enough.

In regards to the actual goal-making, I also suffer. I've tried loads of different things like uni and jobs etc, but feel as if I could excel in anything if I put my mind to it, but don't think that mentality serves we well because I then get lost for choice.

Hands down my favorite thing on the blockchain ever! <3

Thank you for the kind words, I look forward to supporting you in this process and growing together. I also need to start writing again, this has been a very motivational post.

Do it! :)

Hello, AprilAngel, and welcome to Steemit.

I understand the "not follow thru" part so well. Often, if something takes diligence and effort, I might not complete my project.

However, I've found that passion helps. If it's something that I truly want to do, nothing can stop me from doing it. I'll do it at my own pace, which might be fast some days and slow other days. But it's never forced.

I hope you can find something that you are passionate about, and that you find a way to bring that to the Steemit platform. That would benefit you and the Steemit community.

Best of luck, and Full Steem Ahead.

Thanks! I've recently realized that setting goals is what I haven't been doing. I'll KNOW what I WANT to be or do but I don't actually speak it into existence, if you catch my meaning. Just committing to seeing how much progress I can make here in a year and committing to sticking to writing and growing out in the open has helped because I've officially decided it's a goal (rather than just thinking I should do it like it'll magically 'just' happen).

Your "1-year" target sound like a good plan. I myself don't often set goals, but I usually know what I want to do. I don't always attain my goals, and I admit that it's becuz I'm a bit lazy.

But when I joined Steemit, I had plenty of ideas for different series of postings, and set about to work. I produced material, and I uploaded it... And had little response and meager rewards.

Then I set about "networking", interacting with other Steemians and building a following, and uploading more of my material. I expected great(er) rewards, and the rewards started to get better, but overall, any rewards that I got were not much better than in my first month on this platform.

Still, I liked the material I was producing, I enjoyed producing it, and I loved uploading it and getting even a few comments. So, I kept at it.

Lo and behold, the past few weeks have seen my number of followers increase noticeably, and my rewards also increasing ... almost noticeably!

That's after 4 months. So, after a year, I expect I will be a little more successful on this platform. And I assume you will not be far behind.

Stick with it, keep plugging away. Do what you like / love / feel passionate about.

The magic is in you. Express it, in any way you can.

This is fantastic advise and, coincidentally, I set the intention last night to put greater effort into networking on steemit. Great minds 😉

I'm glad all of your good work is starting to see better rewards. 😍 Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Hi aprilia...

Hi @pujaisma! :)

thank you for vote;)

I am new to Steemit and saw your blog in the Promoted section. I have to say, even though we haven't met, it makes me smile seeing other people overcome their struggles and working at a better future. Best of luck to you!

Thank you! It makes me smile too. Welcome to steemit! Following you now. :)

Thanks so much!

Great post, I excited to read your futures posts about the successes you will have!

Thanks! Feels good to be back. :)

Welcome back.

Why, I thank you. :)

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