Introducing myself: 27 year old Aerospace Engineer and an Enthusiastic Cyclist..

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Hello everyone, Though bit late to introduce myself here after writing my 7 blogs .

I am Ali 27 years old and currently residing in England. I am an aerospace engineer by profession and an enthusiastic cyclist. I am also very keen into travelling and Sky watching while camping in an open fields. I am new to steemit and I did like it a lot. I want to use steemit as my diary where I can write about my things and store them for my future when I will be old enough to look back into my past.

With regards to my degree in Aerospace, I am slightly diverted from this field now and went into the Engineering Authority for Aircrafts. I love my job as it brings everyday challenge in front of me. Mostly I am busy with my job but whenever I get time I try my best to do any positive activity which keeps me motivated and energetic. There are many stories to share but I will keep updating them time by time.




My bikes whom I love a lot :)



Thank you for your time!

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Hi Ali - a warm welcome to Steemit for you !

I am @digital-gypsy - nice to meet you :)

In Facebook Speach I would say "Thumbs up" for your intro...Haha
I would just start following and talk to the people here first, with the time
i am sure the trend is going up with you !

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bienvenida, willkommen and velkommen

Good Luck & take care

thankyou :)

Hi @aliahsan. Welcome To Steemit. This New House for blogger and good social network platform. Actually I ll wait for your great post. Two thumbs for your intro. I believe that u can be best blogger and contributor on this site. Keep Steem On and earn big money as a reward. Good luck guy !!. Im waitin for you to come. Visit my blog I ve latest post about photography and funniest meme. Let's check it out. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too. :)

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