Gypsy Thoughts #1 – how I made 1200 USD+ in my FIRST WEEK on Steemit Part 1

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Hi Friends,



A friend ( @chrisx ) of mine told me about Steemit I think 13 days ago and he was in love with Steemit. I hesitated first, I could not believe that this can be serious, thinking about a pyramid system etc. But from the first moment I also saw the charm of this way of building a better community, even a better world – it just need good intentions from the ones who have at the moment the power ( Steem Power ) and at the end of ALL. Of what I have learned and think so far while being active here on Steemit all the girls and guys, who hold 93% of all Steem Power, like @Dan, @Net ( Initiators ) or @abit, @smooth and @dantheman ( Whales ), are the ones who have the power to crash the community in one minute or building up a new, better world. However - the approach to build a decentralized facebook like community, where you create at every corner a win/win situation is breath taking and build around that all kind of tools, apps, decentralized services as well. Happy new world !

So I decided to give it a go. I waited I think 3 ( or 4 ? ) days to get approved and logged in into Steemit the first time on Monday evening ( June 12 ). So I have been a little bit lucky that I had the time to read first a lot, looking into different aspects of steemit while I was waiting to be approved and I was lucky, that I did this together with a friend friend.

I understood fast that just start by contributing good content will not make me enough money, I don’t need a lot for my life ( I need a self-determined life, a bed, some food and a couple of coffees..) but I just can’t afford it now to write 4h or longer on one article, as I need a lot of time taking care of my old mother ( for that I reduced my Gypsy Life a lot for now ). So for the hours I have time to work I need more then 20 Cent. I think you just can win with that writing article strategy ( writing articles from start only…) if you are lucky enough to get the attention of one or more Steemians, who have the power. Otherwise it may need a long time (which can be okay, depending on your own circumstances ) to get your time paid accordantly.

Within the next day ( Tuesday ) I came across over this article ( EARN $20 ON STEEMIT EVERYDAY ) from Trevon James, who gave me an idea ! THANKS A LOT for this Article TREVON, the Thanks upvotes will come with the power. LOL

I always like to get 2 or more possible outcome with doing one thing, so I really liked the advise of Trevon a lot. I could try making some money by commenting AND try with the same comments get the attention of SP Holder for later article posting. Additional my friend told me about the option to post via the ChainBB Forum, as they reward upvotes to people using the Forum. This upvote rewards did came from and have been sponsored by @cryptoctopus – I think this have been a great gesture of him towards @jesta, who is the Developer of the ChainBB Forum. So I started to look for interesting articles, looked if the comment upvotes within that article are bringing in some money etc. I found a lot of interesting articles, but I noticed, that my English is on this level of Topics is just not good enough to have that kind of conversation I would like to have. It even can happen that I insult people by just talking incorrect English - unfortunately…Second downside was that it took ages to say just 50% of what I wanted to say using Google Translate and other Translator Tools…

All together it was not that far away from writing 4 Hour Articles for 20 Cent :)

I do consider Monday Evening and Tuesday as Day One and I did all together around nine Comment and earned about ( I am not that good on calculation and have problems about exact time, but its public, you can see all data ie in my wallet !! ) 12.2 SDB and 5.7 Steem Power on my first day !

Earningwise not a good day, so I had to look into new and better ideas for the next day ( Wednesday )…

to be continued, when I will write about Day 2 ( Wednesday 14 June ), where the earning aspect raised a bit ! See screenshot from now regarding Day 2 ! :)



 I want to raise with this post as much money as possible for a good cause, please help me doing that !

You can help by:

  • COMMENTING ( your idea where the money should go to and – if you want - why )

P.S sorry for my English, I am thinking about a ghostwriter..LOL 

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Thanks for pointing out Trevon. I think he's a great writer.

Hey @digital-gypsy

That is a nice reading, I will follow up one your post more. Hope you find this steemit plattform well for you... Most people never thanks. It took me probley 1 month and 15 days before i even get @chrisx to even look at the site and register. U catch the thing pretty fast.

Wish you a happy steem adventure.


Haha @mrstaf - he never told me that you came up first with the idea to join !
Thanks for your reply and lets see what will come in future ;)
Ahh...and you what @chrisx did better than you ? I forced me first into registration, even I hesitated...
SO - thanks to @chrisx and for sure for you too...UPVOTED

Thanks for the post, it's very informative! Steemit is a good platform for people who want to share and network with others and in the mean time earn some extra money! For the time I've spent here I feel that the community is a great one for that many also help the minnows in getting started. Continue happy steeming!

thanks for your kind reply ! Very appreciated !

Thanks for the article, I read with great interest and am looking forward to part 2. This level of success with steemit would be a dream come true for me, it would enable me to stay home and care for my children, the eldest of them, an 8 year old who has autism, I am also a leader of a new type of church being brought into the one, one with goals that match those of Steemit very closely

@mstaader Thanks for your nice comment, I enjoyed to read. Hope this your dream come true !

Oh! Congratulations for your extra-productive first week @digital-gypsy! I'm glad that you found the way to make friends and quick money and still get the time to taking care of your mom :D
You could send the SD reward to a proposal of a friend, it is for feeding venezuelans who are eating from the trash. Or you may also help by sharing it, and give the charity money to a nearest foundation. Always there is someone in need nearby

thanks for your comment and prososal ! I had a quick look at your sent link and it looks interesting for me !
Thanks a lot @aleli

WOW That's really really nice :D

Interested article, you can donate the SD reward to my Roma Gypsy friends in Moldova, via me first of course! I now have 100 followers, please follow me who reads this. I do not know much about the gypsy ways but willing to learn.

thinking about donate to a homeless british expat in PP...LOL
I know you are gypsy at heart too, you are just english and cant show :)

haha yes some truth in that

The life of a gypsy has always been intriguing. Interesting read and great concept. Awaiting the rest of the story.

hehe...thanks for your comment

Thanks for the advice, and I await your part 2. I left my career to start homeschooling my daughter and am exploring creative ways to make xtra money. I love the way you can converse and explore to meet people and learn about their lives.

Thanks for your reply. I have a similar situation at the moment to you, many thinks to take care family and looking to find creative way to earn money. As I said, I love the construct here from win/win/win. Its an great way and I hope it will succeed...

Replying pays dividends. Adding value to the community is investing. I like it! That's crazy awesome. My first day on steem and I am really feeling it. People are awesome. Good vibes all around and we are all here to support each other and make money. Speaking of which I could really use the support and love. Please up vote and help welcome me.

Thanks for your comment, I totally agree !

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Super inspiring read. As a newcomer, reading this really puts my content strategy in a new perspective.

Thanks for your comment. Please dont forget to resteem, so more people can see this post ! Thanks @mhayes

Interesting artikel and love that you are raising money for a good cause, i upvoted your post and am now following you ☺️

thank you @cookiemonster ! I like your nick ! Reminds me on sesame street :)

Idk were you should donate but that's awesome that your donating looks like not to much..

Nice post, i find myself in a similar position regarding writing in english
and it looks to me being new on steemit making $ 1200 in the first week
is unreal, no offence intended :) anyway i resteemed and vote the post !
have a blessed time cheers mate

I will post proof soon :) thanks for your reply ! I think we just need to write english and hope to improve !

its not really necessary gypsy tell me more how did you do it to
make that amount $1200 in your first week im here now 20 days
and made hardly 5 box LOL

Cheers Buddy

LOL..Working hard ??!

I wouldn't be able to pick one charity. There are so many out there doing great things for people and animals in need. Just the fact that you are donating is awesome. Keep caring about others!

Thanks for your comment. Each suggesstion regarding possible receiver is very welcome. If you want to help also, please resteem the article, so more people get noticed..

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Great post! Look forward to your part 2

Thanks ! Resteem will help !

Good post I have more information about steemit from you thank you @digital-gypsy now i follow you and waiting for the next post about steemit

thanks. if you liked the article, please resteem...

Hey nice post keep it up....

i will do my best !

Welcome to Steem @digital-gypsy I have sent you a tip

I've just started a charity based in Philippines (my new country i live in), and every penny i will earn from steemit writing and vlogin' goes to my local community in Port Barton, Palawan. Especially to help kids with learinign, books and paying for teachers on my Island.

helping kids sounds to me very interesting @mglowas
Can you please send me something you may wrote about, maybe you gave insides within your introduction ?
Just send me the url to a post of your article about this charity project and I will have a look !
Thanks for your suggestion and I wish you success !

That's the first one. But the next ones are on the way! And i hope it will grow big, because ppl here in Philippinese deserve everything!

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You are well done! I support you as a resteem because you are doing a very good job.

many thanks @yulchata - your support is very appreciated !
Hope more people resteem that many people can see that post and we can
raise for money for charity than we have now..
Take care !



Upvoted and resteemed.

thanks so much !

You're welcome!!

@digital-gypsy dont forget me if you become one of the rich here in streemit.. me im a stay home mother and need extra income for my familys future.. goodluck on your journey hope you bless a lot.. i enjoy steemit because i gain friends and wealth 😉


Very interesting post!!!

what exctly ?

that was a work around to add the screenshot to the article...screenshot replaced by this text...

Another interesting article! Thanks for all the tips, you have a new follower :)

thanks ! :)

Awesome job and thank you for the warm welcome nice read and thanks again

thank you

Thanks for sharing .

thanks for your comment ! Very appreciated !

digital-gypsy thanks for encouraging words. I love the idea of sharing some of the proceeds from steemit with people who need it more than we do.


meep back


Hey @digital-gypsy

Agreed, that post by Trevon James (EARN $20 ON STEEMIT EVERYDAY) was great. Definitely helped me appreciate the other aspects of Steemit regarding earning revenue, how to and why comment on posts. Some of his other posts are really helpful as well as you learn about other sites you can use to help you with your posting, commenting and upvoting, along with other tips. Definitely liking his style of teaching.


yes, he is a good adviser :)

Upvoted man. Goodluck looking forward to seeing where it goes to.

thanks for your comment and upvote ! Very appreciated !

Welcome. You have joined at a great time. Enjoy.

Cheers! I hope the times here will get even better here, when people creating good content will get more for their efforts. I think the update from yesterday was a step in this direction !

Very inspiring. Im happy to know that you are raising funds for someone in need. You are a good person :)

Thanks for your comment. I hope you are good too and have any suggestions to whom we may send ! Resteem the article will also help !

Well written, I wouldn't have recognised that you are not a native English speaker. I am excited to read about day 2!

You are being followed by a coin puppet!

Please follow it back ;)

thanks for your kind comment!

Indeed steemit is an amazing platform. You are lucky to have that earning in your early days in the community. It shows that you have a bright future in the platform. Congratulations.

thanks for your comment ! Very appreciated !

Youre welcome

Very intersting post, thanks for the sharing. It's really helpful for beginners as I am :)

ilike this men my batmane

upvote for me and comonte please

thank you !

Thank you @digiyal-gypsy for this post! Now I know how to carry on with my posts. Great advice.

thats good news ! Thanks for comment

Hello, thank you for taking the time to create this initiative. Looking forward to see it progress and give back some good into the world.

its worth to try it..

Thanks for this interesting post !

Thanks for your reply ! Very appreciated !

Thank you for your advice! I think you should donate to Its the last place on earth where orangutans, elephants, and tigers all live in the same area.

Thanks for your proposal, question they have a steemit account ? I want give that money to a member of that community, who is in need !

Good piece of advice, thank you. Let me think about new ways of engagement with the community . Just hope to find enough time to spend on it!

thanks for your reply ! Very appreciated !

Thanks for this post. Resteemed and following you.
Peace and happiness from Vietnam! #whalepower!

Thanks a lot ! Very appreciated !

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I am already your follower since your day one :P .. Always luved your style of writing ..Helpful and inspiring post .. .. keep posting

sorry I lost contact to older comments. sorting it out now. Thanks for your comment..

thank you for the great guide to hep us new users . this place is overwhelming to learn at first. I did notice as a comment on posts of like interest it helps connect and my network is slowly growing.

Full supporter of cherities <3 Cherity on :D Nice work <3

Thanks :)