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hello steemian friends.. !!


My name is Adira. I come from Indonesia. now I am 19 years old. I am a student at one university in Aceh, Indonesia. I want to share everything about my daily activities, like the travel, the pictures I made and everything about my hobby.

I hope the steemians can help me to share experiences and insights in this community.

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Hi Adira,
Welcome to steemit, I hope you find the platform and community friendly and rewarding. I enjoy steemit so much and it gives me joy when i find a new user on this ever expanding community . I hope you find the platform as interesting as i have.
I would like to assist you in being a better steemian and help you in understanding how the platform works and hope you put your hobbies such as traveling and taking pictures into good use. i personally i am anticipating your blog about travel
Feel free to link up with communities at your disposal
Minnow Support Project
Minnow University
Minnows Accelerator Project
Here are a few tips, i hope it helps

  1. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the faqs
  2. Always keep your password safe and secure
  3. Never steal a content from somewhere else
  4. Always be yourself, work diligently, with dedication, and passion
  5. Always use the necessary tags when posting
  6. Comment adequately and find a mentor for adequate mentoring
  7. Here is an epic list of resources at your disposal
    Absolute Beginner's Guide to Steem
    A Minnows Guide to Steemit
    Steem Web Resources: Tools, Apps, Communities, etc
    I will follow you now

thanks.. :) and also thanks for suggestions ^_^


You are welcome...

I'm excited to see your next blog about travel btw welcome to steemit have a great day. =)


thank you ..
I hope you will like my next post :)

Welcome to Steemit my friend, I hope you do very well, I support you with my vote, and I hope your support in my first publication and in those that come!


Follow me! I will follow you!!

Hello Adira, welcome to steemit family..... :D


Thanks @mrlazy :)

Welcome on steemit :-) If you have any questions just click to follow and ask :) lets help each other by following each other...hope u have a great time in steemit.happy posting...