Introducing myself AND SteemCollator project

Introducing myself and SteemCollator project

Hello members of this community. let me introduce myself to you and my project SteemCollator . My Name Is Khuli myeza from South Africa . Am 19 years old. Am an IT student at university of Pretoria. I Love cryptocurrency and everything that has to deal with with internet. I have been working with cryptocurrency for two years now. I also run a small online business. bitcoin faucet I heard about Steemit few days ago. I was just blogging in one of my favorite bitcoin blog sites Offir (the blogger) wrote a good article about Steemit. he explained what exactly Steemit is. I also did a small research to understand steemit better. on Monday I decided to create my first steemit account and called it @Steemcollator.

what is exactly steemcollator?

Am a hungry kid my goal with this account is to collect as many steem as I can. This week I came across with @Safecrake. And @taskmananger. I was really impressed with their posts. I just hope that there are more people who runs the same thing. If you not familiar with them. They run competition where users can play and earn steem. I thought maybe this might be the great way for me to collect some steem and participate in this family. If you run a steemit blog with the similar content please feel free to comment with link of your blog. I will follow,Upvotes and play your games everyday. School are close now I will spend 80% of my time here at Steemit collating some STEEM. You can also refer other people who runs similar content. It may not be only games but maybe some competition to win steem. I will participate in all those competition to collect steem. That why am SteemCollator

What about writing? am I going write posts on Steemit or am only here to collect?

Look am not a good writer. my goal with this account is to play games and earn steem and have fun. and also to help other users to grow their followings, But am also planning to do a spreadsheets and excel statement of this account. Maybe twice a month. In the statement I will show you how many games I have played or how many competition I have entered and how many Steem or steem power I have earned. Help Me to grow this account and collect steem..

Feel free to Upvote and comment I will do the same to you.

Thank you for reading


Welcome and good luck! Hungry people are usually motivated people. It will be interesting to see how you journey at SteemIt goes! Good Luck and happy steem games!

Welcome to Steemit and good luck!

I suggest you check out the user @steemsports. It posts sport contest pretty much all the time, and you don't even need a not of knowledge to enter, just upvote the post and the most popular opinion, and if the game ends the way you upvoted, you get some STEEM.

As others have said, you probably get some more money if you post content as well. Since you are from South Africa, I think you can get some money by posting pictures, or writing posts about your culture. I would certainly read and upvote that type of content :)

Anyway, good luck with your project here on Steemit!

Thank you.. am looking forward to STEEM with you. #Followed I also think that posting about my culture would be a great idea

Yes it would.

Welcome and good luck on your project

Participate and have fun!
Although you can earn some by playing games only, you will likely earn more by contributing contents, join the discussions, share your thoughts, help others and etc.

That what am planning to do. to participate and have fun in this community.. any games do you suggest me to play?!

Welcome to Steemit! :))

Thank you i feel at Home

welcome to the platform!

Thank you. It such a good platform. Thanks to @ned and @don for creating this for us to share knowledge

Welcome to Steemit! There is lots to see, do and learn here!

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