Fyrstikken for Witness - To Make Steemit Grow And Prosper! Vote: fyrst-witness

11 months ago

More Investors & More Users to Steemit


vote fyrst-witness here

Good afternoon from Lima, Perú.

I have been asked by several people to run for steemit-witness, and after due consideration I have decided to do so. I will list the reasons why voting for me as witness will be in all our interest. I believe in Steemit Inc. and the Steemit-platform for the long term.

Voting for fyrst-witness will enable me to advertise and host investor-seminars regularly and attract investors to steem long term in Peru, Chile and Ecuador

As a salesman and a public and private speaker I am top notch when it comes to convincing people to buy any product that I myself believe in. Coming from a background in sales and marketing from the old world, I am not afraid to pick up the phone and start dialing numbers, walk door to door and do the hard sell. As a witness I would be enabled to host investor-seminars in one of the largest cities in Latin-America and build the Latin-American steemit community.

Voting for fyrst-witness will enable me to do marketing and host steemit-parties to attract more top users to steemit

Peru is full of beautiful people, and for a platform like Steemit to succeed we need users from all over the world, which also includes people who speak other languages than English, and Peru is one of those countries. Getting user-traction from this region will by word of mouth spread to Peruvians all over the world. Remember the Peruvian Brothers Fastfood truck in Washington DC that started accepting Bitcoin? and of course who can forget the Peruvian Alpaca socks that every Bitcoin OG wears There are also a few other Peruvian Products that are super-popular among Bitcoin-users, but let´s focus on Users & Investors, which will be the area I will focus on in Peru.

Voting for fyrst-witness will contribute to @steemspeak Radio and enable better programming for our 24/7 Talk-Radio about steemit!

SteemSpeak Radio Stakepool has about 500+ users circulating in different time-zones and has become the go-to-place for all things steem. It is a true digital speakers corner and many disputes has been resolved after meeting and talking about issues and understand one another on a human level, so if you are not a part of SteemSpeak Radio Stakepool yet, please join us live at steemspeak.com and click the blue studio-button and follow instructions.

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type my witness-name: fyrst-witness in the text field at the bottom of this pageand vote with your active key.

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You got my vote


And where is my upvote ? )))

This guy! ^.^


thank you @charlieshrem - Voting me in as Witness enables me to keep doing great things for steem outside of the steemit-circle. When we are serious about winning the big market-shares in social media, we have to do marketing and get more users and investors onboard. The Price is getting right for big investments to come in now.


EDIT: OK used fyrst-witness and it worked!

@fyrstikken ??
I upvotes Roger n Snore
And Nug for president

@fyrstikken, i wish you woukd run for president. You're so qualified!

Still waiting for your name to be there.


You can vote fyrst-witness now :)


My one issue, for now, is the minnow math not getting done.
If I knew that my .0005400009 would slowly add up it would make this long slog through the rejections that much more palatable.
And, who knows, in ten years those decimals may move up two places making them significant.

@fyrstikken, I voted for @fyrst-witness. Steem On friend!

Can't find your name when I enter it dude? Checked the spelling three times too. When it's fixed will gladly vote!


syncing the blockchain again, it is at 57% :) It will be up soon.

The excavator campaign was an upvote extravaganza. Im sure this well be too.

May the Norse be with you.

Fyrstikken will babysit our steem well!

It is there now!!

As a witness take care of keeping quality up on steemit - as well as growth and prosper. Good luck :)


thank you :) Don´t forget to vote!


thank you very much @elyaque :)

Saw this coming. You've been so active and a big part of the growing community. Best of luck with your witness campaign!


thank you very much @donchate

You have my support, mainly because of your entrepreneurial and creative mind.

Am I been blind? I can't find it!


did you vote for fyrst-witness?


Yep, finally I found you 😂👍🏿


I meant "being" 🙊🙉

Also having trouble voting. Tried your name with & without @, and it says it can't find a record...


synced up now, it works - you can vote fyrst-witness now :)

Voted and excited about it!

Legit you have my vote brother.

excellent congratulations

I cant believe you didn't think of this sooner? You will be the No. 1 witness in no time flat!........

Woot! Fyrstikken 2016! lol
Got my vote!

Steemspeak is a really cool radio. You have my vote, good sir. :-D


Thank you @xanoxt :) I hope to see you on steemspeak soon too

u have my vote

Unable to find witness account 'fyrstikken'. Did you forget to add a record for it?



please give it a few more minutes, needed to post the witness-thread first so no we are syncing up. Egg before Chicken ;) soon soon :)



No problem, thanks for helping out...


all synced up and working - you can vote fyrst-witness now :)





Thank you @majes :)

You have my vote for sure, keep it up the good work! Nice to see so happy people here! You go, man!!! :)

Voted for you. But don't stop. Next step - fyrstikken for President of the Galaxy!


You have my vote to bro!

Just voted for you! :)

You've got my vote too! :)

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Very nice goodluck!

Voted for you.

Voted for fyrst-witness and Resteemed this post. Good Luck!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)╯╲___(。˘з˘)ᗡლ==8 Don't mind me just taking my LegendaryNele for a walk

Just voted for you. Hope I am not too late. Is this vote merritocratic too, or democratic? And what is this witness thing?

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proofreading my friend @cheetah, proofreading. You should have seen the other pastebin, oh man - so many mistakes :) But yes - it is my pastebin and it is for this article... guess you can call it a draft :) lol

Just voted for you. Good luck!

Just voted for you Big Brother

just voted

just voted for the witness

I just upvoted! :)


You are a bad speller too!

You have ADSactly 100% Vote We are sure you realize how Powerful that Vote is!

I took the time to read your entire post, you really seem like you want to dedicate yourself with many different innovative ideas. You got my vote

one extra vote from me for you @fyrstikken