Trust who do you trust? Do you trust your local city, provincial or national gov't, do you trust the global World Bank or IMF, do you trust your family, are happy people happy because they trust themselves and know they are good?steemCreated with Sketch.

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Can we trust you? Computational trust what is it, do you trust your calculator? Can technology bring us computational trust whereas you don't need to trust it, as it is a type of solid state, tested by science and statistically has less failure rates by leaps compared to human errors or deceptions. I may lose many readers with my next statement but beg you to follow this through as I will get to what you can do and heart felt emotions about what is right and I promise the dry stuff won't be too boring and is important to your wellbeing: HOW TO TAKE DOWN CORPORATE CAPTURE ONE BIT AT A TIME. If you are following me this is blog 4 here are links to the prior 3 short posts but finish this read first to get jest of importance:

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As I mentioned in earlier posts 147 companies own 40% of the shares of 43,060 transnational companies.

That above fact is getting better if looked at over a hundred years, but has slipped lately in the world of near zero interest rates and record mergers & acquisitions. The good news is this unsustainable system will bring it down and people will be forced into 'computational trust'. This will bring the community back to us on a global scale and is real good news and will be followed by a super boom that if dealt with correctly can happen with clean energies and more cooperatives. The existing parasite of corporate capture (finance) will be dealt a sudden death via 'computational trust' with at least in my opinion 10-15% of the global GDP (gross domestic product) being removed from our finance world. Imagine where we could reallocate that wealth to. The end game is near as more and more companies and countries don't trust each other. Someone will hit a trigger switch and there are many; like the shortage of physical gold & silver (will make for the largest short squeeze in history), the sell off of massive US treasuries (China or Saudis), war, or the bankruptcy of any of the top 300 companies in the world any of these will systemically bring it all down.

There is something you can do about it and yes one bit at a time: You see there is this new technology that uses 'computational trust' to validate a ledger. It is like putting your favorite audit firms like KPMG, Arthur Andersen (out of business because of fraud) or Deloitte into a calculator but this calculator is a peer to peer decentralized computer program or algorithm that is currently validated every 10 minutes with more computational processing power that has ever been put together for one purpose in the history of mankind! Yes, that is 360,000 times more processing power then all the Google server farms put together. It is known as the blockchain and has digital tokens given as rewards to users for validating its ledger and fractions of them are known as satoshi's or milibits and full tokens are called bitcoins. Just a simple ledger bringing transparent auditing to the world of finance like bookkeeping was intended to do. A true new GAAP (generally accepted accounting principle) has arrived through 'computational trust'. Welcome to this new technology you should learn about it it is here to stay and is the greatest advancement in business since the computer.

You might not know this but a few powerful people control the money on this planet and have been ripping you off in plain site so slowly you have not really noticed, or at least until lately as the system falls apart all around you. You wonder why mainstream media talks about a recovery when you are seeing record layoffs and higher prices and your money not going as far. The big deceit has been 'inflation' you see in the last 100 years most currencies have been inflated away by 98% to keep the powers in charge of the money supply in power. In other words, to pay for the aircraft carriers or war machine. Those few people own the media and as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says in this recent excellent must watch video at 3:00:

Quote “But what happened Greg really wrecked the journalism we did have was the concentration of the industry during the Clinton regime when it was permitted for 6 mega companies to acquire 90% of the American media so that what had been independent media, or at least could act independently if they were applied, the dispersed media became concentrated in 6 mega corporations and of course the value of these media companies are the federal broadcast licences, so they simply can't go against the government.” “they are 150% behind all the wars they write all the propaganda Washington needs the same with the Washington Post the same with CNN there are no longer any independent networks ABC, CBS, NBC they are all now gogs in huge conglomerate media companies, are not run by journalists they are run by former government officials and corporate advertising executives and no interest whatsoever in telling the truth”.

You can even do something about it firstly you are by reading this you are educating yourself – congrats! Next you can do other things to speed this next transition up. Please note I am not a financial advisor and suggest you seek one for all your needs but in my opinion they are paid for by corporations and live off of your fees so totally have conflict of interest issues. If you read my past posts you will soon get to know me as I build your trust. Integrity is extremely important to me. The first thing you could do is shop local and or avoid all national companies, next you could take your money out of the bank and put it in a lock box, as the banks are stealing your money with fees and fraud to be discussed later on how much and how deep. Like this article outlining $204 billion dollars in recent fines for crimes.

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Banks are allowed to leverage your money and put everyone at systemic risk by at least 10x so for every $1,000 dollars you take out you hit that bank by $10,000! Hit em hard folks and take these felons down. The top 49 companies on the planet are all financial holding companies.

The war on drugs and the war on terrorism has nothing to do with drugs or terrorism even though there is some effect on that. It is all to follow the money and not lose control of it. The border guards or bank staff don't have a clue that there just following the money for the powerful while thinking it is controlling money laundering, terrorism or drug trafficking. All plain bull shit and we are going to move to negative interest rates, stealing from savers and pensioners to pay for how the powerful few rich want things. The gig is up and we are now aware please share this information that is the best thing you can do. Share on Facebook lets get some followers on this.

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Nice article.... Interesting topic.... I agree with you @greenman

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@greenman Interesting topic @ Good article! !!!!!

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Thanks. I agree 100%. Most stuff already known. Except 'computational trust'.
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Thanks cool will review. Here is more and computational trust is mentioned again. I will be writing a debate blog on it next week ...

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I sat down and listened to both interviews. Dr. Roberts was very informative, however I have a few objections with Danielle Parks interview. She explains well the trap people people get into with credit and the banking fraud. Her evaluations of Trump and Hillary is what I question. Perhaps Trump has lied as much or more than Hillary, but Hillary's lies are more egregious. Hillary's lies and actions have resulted in the death of many innocent people as well as great financial gain. Trump I suspect has lied for financial gain. I personally do not want either to be president. However, I suspect the alternative is martial law with Obama remaining our "leader". I guess I'll sit on my hands and not vote in this coming election.

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Good summary I agree with you fully! Did you check out my latest post?

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