My introduction and what I would like to contribute to this exciting new platform of Steemit. Key areas: decentralization; blockchain processing power auditing; money(gold/silver); crypto; corporate capture and government.

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Most of my life I have been an entrepreneur running my own businesses but my last gig was in finance and IT for the worlds largest company. I bring 35 years as a finance expert and with evidence research believe the globe is under corporate capture and my efforts are all motivated in the direction of exposing the facts to share the awareness. I also have taken steps to remove my money from the banking system. I consider myself extremely well versed in Global Monetary Policy as I study it as a hobby.

Forgive me on this post for not having any graphics. I have not figured that out yet but should you follow me on here I will eventually point you to excellent resources that I will screen for you with reviews.

I am fascinated by algorithmic protocol that uses cryptographic hashes & public key cryptography to reward participants with another protocol that retains value called bitcoin for validating a ledger called the blockchain on a peer to peer decentralized transparent public network you don't have to trust.

What I believe is not talked about enough is this fact: 147 companies own 40% of the shares of 43,060 transnational companies. If you let that sink in it answers many questions like; who's moving the markets, are they front running the markets, do they like near monopolies, do they regulate the little guy out etc etc, do they buy elections, do they own media, banks, military industrial complex. 62 people own more than half of what the global population does. Corporate Capture - brexit was a shot in front of that bow.

I follow independent reporters that have gained my trust through many hours of reviewing their incredible work. You will find that my posts are direct vetted and to the point saving you lots of time swimming through the tons of information out there. I avoid or at least take with a grain of salt most news organization owned by main stream as they have a conflict of interest and bias to their shareholders. Here are a few I follow that you can expect links to if you follow me on Steemit: Greg Hunter; Greg Mannarino; John Williams; Paul Craig Roberts; Catherine Austin Fitts; Peter Shift; Rob Kirby; Harry Dent; David Morgan; Chris Martenson; Andy Hoffman; Bill Still etc.

I hope you like what I post as I am passionate about the subjects as I cannot believe that the capitalism and free enterprise I thought we had is not so. I am now doing all I can to expose this fascism and if that means promoting socialism to collapse what we have so be it. I unfortunately am believing what Chris Hedges is saying that this current system will have to be brought down with force. If you do not know Chris Hedges you should it is important to you and your families future:

Please do engage with me and if you can send some Steemit tips like how to post pics etc.? I like this platform very much and already like the improvements so I have invested a lot in steem power and look forward to many great improvements.

I truly hope you enjoy these topics as much as I do and if you do I think you will be on the right side of the trade when this current monetary policy does a reset as it did in the past when it was as unsustainable as it is today. Thanks in advance for following and peace be with you.

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Amazing introduce post . Man you are real role model ,I come here to get inspiring from you. Respect.

glad to introduced .i love to read your articles mr president .


@greenman Amazing post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hey i like the info in this post but make sure to make it look nice and add pictures. taker carer and keep writing.

Will do thanks. I am spending time on here daily to learn it so probably won't be too long to fancy it up!

gold silver crypto love it

hey i like the info in this post but make sure to make it look nice and add pictures. @greenman

Thats Great..

wow. Relay you are so great @greenman !!! I honour your introduce post.


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