Interview with Top Witness - @aggroed // Everything Steem Monsters, MSP and more!

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Hi Friends!

I am beyond stoked to be bringing you this interview. I had the opportunity to chat with @aggroed all about Steem Monsters, the Minnow Support Project, becoming a witness and more.

He was such a delight to chat with and I loved learning more about his Steemit journey and what made him decide to get become so involved in building this community. His story is really inspiring and something that I think any Steemian would enjoy hearing.

For those who don’t know, he is also the founder of the Minnow Support Project and the Peace, Abundance, Liberty discord channel that hosts MSP waves radio. These initiatives have positively impacted countless steemians and is hugely successful in helping new users feel at home and supported. In this interview, he offers some really helpful advice for any newer users that are listening as well.

Now on to Steem Monsters…

We of course chatted all about Steem Monsters – including the inspiration for the game, his roadmap for development, working with @yabapmatt on the project, the various ways he has included the Steemit community in building the game and his overall vision for the future of Steem Monsters.

This interview runs an hour long and is full of great moments. I hope you guys enjoy this interview. Maybe it will inspire you to go pick up a couple booster packs! I know I felt even more jazzed about Steem Monsters after chatting with him.

Cheers, Lea

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Great interview fellas, I'm gunna check out steem monsters now too. :)


I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview! Warning - opening those booster packs can be addicting. Hehe have fun!

This is a great interview @coruscate I learned lots about @aggroed.


Oh that’s awesome! I’m really glad you enjoyed the interview @reseller!!

awww he so awesome! :) Steem Monsters is the next big hit! :)


aww thanks for watching my friend! I really enjoyed getting to know him better through this interview. :)

It's pretty amazing to see how Steem Monsters has totally taken over Steemit. hehe


hahah yes! Did you see that someone was able to redeem their card for real gold! :) So amazing!!


Isn't it amazing?? haha I thought that was so cool!

Great interview and you both did a good job. I didn't realize just how many things @aggroed was involved in here on Steemit. Makes me wonder how he gets it all done. I'm also looking forward to see how his Steem Monsters project does moving forward. So far so good.


I honestly think he must have an identical twin or clone. I have no idea how he stays on top of everything either! Haha

Yeah I’m stoked to see Steem Monsters continue to roll out and develop. They definitely have a lot of momentum and buy-in from the community.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our interview @bodyinbeta! ♥️

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Thank you Lea, for bringing this interview to us. I'm sure there are a lot of good things to take advantage of.

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I Am Ready For Steem Monsters — Steemit

Oh ,this is a good interview .so, aswome steem monsters in the next time very hit.

It's an amazing interview, enjoyed it!