Inspiration and where it came from

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Recently, I had started to try to write poetry again. This is after many many years of having writer's block from the subject. I had lost my muse, so to speak. I was lying in bed one night, tossing and turning and just could not sleep. I decided I would put a movie in that I had seen a million times to try to nod off.

And then, like walking into a brick wall, it hit me! I wrote a poem. Granted, I am my very own worst critic, and if I tell you what movie inspired what poem, you would not believe me. So, I will leave that as a mystery for you all.

The next night, the same thing happened. Insomnia struck. I put in another movie in which I had not seen in a very long time, and guess what? Another poem came from it.

I think what I am trying to get at is that inspiration is all around us and sometimes we have to open up our eyes to see the things right in front of us, whether it's movies, music, or life in general. Inspiration for writing anything can be a hard feat and it is one that I sometimes suffer from a lot. Granted, there are subjects I can talk about for hours, but when it comes time to actually put those thoughts into words on paper, or type them out, I find it difficult. So, without using a thesaurus to try to sound smarter, I am just writing this on the fly.

I came across some pretty amazing posts last night while meandering my way through steemit last night and was just amazed at some of the words that flowed from someone's daily life experiences. I felt every emotion that person was writing about and it was so very touching to me.

Write from your heart. Follow your heart. It always knows where to lead you!

Much love,

Original photography by jennifer78

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I know you used to write short stories. Do you still have those in a book somewhere? Your mom said you used to write a lot when you were in school.

Is that photo at Ashland? I did some work out there years ago and that looks familiar.

@longming Thank you. It was taken at a garden in a neighboring city.

yes. a very beautiful city

That sure is beautiful and interesting.

There are a lot around us that we neglected but in truth, they actually can motivate us to do something wonderful which we couldn't think of, to start with. inspiration could come from any angle or sector, be it music, movie and even jokes, thanks for sharing.

@adeyemidrey This is true. It just took many years for it to open up a creative spot for me. :) Thank you for that!

That is a beautiful garden. Bet the poem is great too. Insomnia can be a good thing for Steemit users. Lol.

Thank you! I took it a couple of years back when I went on one of my local adventures to a Historical House in Lexington.

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Yes dear, you're right, inspiration is in eeverywhere, but sometimes we are too blind to see! I like to read books, there's when my inspiration comes. But I havent read any romantic book lately haha..
Get better soon dear, I miss you a lot!

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Hi @jennifer78 There are many things in world that we dont care but actually they can change our time and can motivate us. overall nice post