My weekly garden update - continuing series

in innerblocks •  2 months ago 

Hello all, here is the next addition to my weekly garden update!

First is your garden doing?

Blauer Speck Kohlrabi


Close up of the peas - Waited to long to pick this one


Nimba Zucchini


Yellow Scallop Squash

Tomatoes and marigolds

I also forgot again about getting a picture of the German Pink Tomatoes.

Thanks for checking out my garden!

Oh one more thing...for those that have been following me... the chipmunk relocation program has started again!! Look for an update on this in a future post!


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Lookin good! Got any Malabar Spinach?

I put some malabar spinach seeds down here along with some beans. Pretty sure most of these are beans coming up!

hey I've been following you but I must have missed the chipmunk relocation program! what is that? lol.

I think I have caught around 50 or so that last couple of years. I have caught 2 so far and have seen at least 2 more roaming around.

Here are a couple posts about it....

holy moly what is the attraction at your place? Your magnetic personality?

Oh HA HA..funny man!!!
I think there are so many is the lack of predators around!