As more and more of these purges happen, it just pushes people towards platforms such as Steemit where controlled censorship like that are not as proliferate. It can still happen when whales flag but the post exists for any to see that follow you instead of hidden by algorithms. Dark times in one token but revolutionary times in others; Fakebook and their ilk are now becoming part of the legacy media.

This is the end of free speech but as I have said hopefully will wake a few more people up. It best to leave Facebook spread Steemit now it the time to promote freer sources break away from these state run propaganda machines 💯🐒

I have posted extensively on this and am putting out a call for everyone to join forces to help onboard many users from these abusive social platforms:

I don't use FB or Twitter anymore. I understand that those of you producing content need these centralized platforms to keep generating income, but it's a weakness we'll have to overcome if we're to survive. I suggest you just let it all go and only support decentralized platforms.

During the last economic crisis (2008 - 2009), I sold everything and lived out in the Nevada desert to keep my software business running. I found out that I was able to live on about $700 / month that way.

Those still using centralized IT need to suffer in their ignorance for a while. Once they see that all the free thinkers are gone, only then will they understand that they are slaves. You can't tell a group of people that they're slaves, you have to show them that they are.

They hate you for being popular. Sad.

I saw you on Lee Camp's show on RT this evening, and you certainly have my sympathy for what Facebook and Twitter have done to you! I voluntarily left Facebook in August, and I left Twitter when Trump won the election. I am a firm believer in free speech and the Constitution, and cannot abide the things that Facebook and Twitter are doing to innocent people of all persuasions who are simply saying what is on their minds. Funny thing about free speech, but I'd rather know that my enemy is thinking of doing me harm by saying as much, than to have him sneak up on me, quietly, and attack without warning. Free speech applies (or SHOULD apply) to everyone, whether or not you agree with them! I wish you luck, Carey. Never give up or give in!

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