DTube - BREAKING: The FACEBOOK PURGE Is On - Independent Media Outlet PRESS FOR TRUTH Memory Holed!

in news •  2 months ago

The Press For Truth FaceBook Page with 350k followers has just been memory holed form the internet!

350k followers gone in the blink of an eye as we are right before our eyes witnessing the results of what happens when these big tech companies appoint themselves as the gatekeepers of political thought and opinion.

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth discussing the purging of his page by facebook which is politically motivated and more importantly what everyone needs to do about it!

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Hi Dan,
Yeah, saw PressForTruth on the list the other day just about shit myself.
You got my support, see yah in Aca
Be well.

Anyone who still thinks that Fakebooc and Gurgle are 'honest' hasn't been paying attention.
I have written part 1 of my analysis / response to the leaked Google Document here:

EPIC: Google's Leaked Document On Their Censorship Of The Web: 'The Good Censor' - What I Learned About Their Logic & How Steem Can Leverage Their Failures. (Part 1)

Part 2 will focus on Steem's role in providing the needed balance.


I have posted extensively on this and am putting out a call for everyone to join forces to help onboard many users from these abusive social platforms:



Die in dem Artikel erwähnten Kanäle sind alle auf Steemit vertreten:

Dan Dicks @pressfortruth
Anti Media - @careywedler
Free Thought Project - @tftproject

I quit commenting on press for truths youtube channel along with twitter cbc bbc and everywhere else as all my comments where blocked anyway .... or my accounts flagged. And I have never swore or been rude ... only facts and constructive thoughts and criticisms ...

LOL The Russian playbook. Talk about a politicized agenda. Facebook will get its due. Every time a stunt like this gets pulled, a lot of eyes take a second look.

No matter how hard they tried to take you down Dan, as a long time follower, we will always find ways to follow you back again. I have you on YouTube, Twitter, Bitchute, DTube and your website.

Just to be clear, you don't use botting, fake accounts or bought likes on Facebook or anything else which Facebook suggested, do you?

We all saw it coming.

We really need to build the meshnet ... a free open secure publicly built internet ....secure and free to use ... and not controlled by the Gov and Corporations...

You got the badge of honor! Keep up the good work. Fakebook just turned on to the same self-destruct path like MSM.

Thats why d.tube and buy.org is here! :D

there is also a nice crowdfunding feature for steem

www.steemdunk.xyz - so people can automate their upvotes to your accoutn on a daily basis.

I deleted my Facebook as a result of this latest purge. I have high hopes for Steemit.

Let dictators be themselves. We didn't need them [as in FedBook] anyway.

They’re just showing the entire world what a bunch of fucking communist they are .

Someone needs to call Alex Jones and get him on Steemit.

so glad i got off facebook a couple years ago

No worries- they're doing you a favor- get the fuck off Facebook! Rest assured we'll support you here in Anarchy world.