A Fundraising Appeal For Independent Journalist Tom Duggan Who Is Reporting Directly From Syria

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An Appeal To Get The Truth Out

I am writing this post to raise both awareness (and SBD) for a fundraising campaign that's being coordinated by two steemit friends @deliberator & @lyndsaybowes. This campaign is being managed by @deliberator (Daz) and it's sole intent is to raise funds that will enable (his friend) independent journalist Tom Duggan to continue his invaluable work on the frontlines of the Syrian conflict. Equally Tom will also use the equipment to report from Yemen and other warzones, but before we go any further lets hear it from the man himself.

Like a cornered rat, as the eyes of the world begin to focus upon the progenitors of the carnage that is increasingly enveloping the middle east. As the financial system begins to crumble around our ears, the inevitable war drums begin to beat and I've seldom heard them beat louder. In a world that's blighted by lies and illusion I feel this is a valid and indeed important fundraiser. It's a fundraiser that will enable the platform to have direct contact with someone that is living and breathing a war that the vast majority are watching through their contrived and manipulated television screens.

Take A Step Back

So Lets briefly hear directly from Tom as to why he finds himself in Syria.

I came to Syria because of a woman, a woman I married. After two weeks I noticed that things on msm were not correct, only parts of the story were correct, and most were lies, or fabrication, so I decided to stay, why because I am stubborn, and I think the truth should be told, life is hard here over the last 5 years no electric no internet no water, but I think if Syrian people can do it so can an English man, my area I live is the most targeted area in Damascus, because there are 11 different types of religious groups, that live in harmony, many people have died outside my front door, so the war is never far away, its part of our lives on a daily basis, the most killed in my street was 19 people in a single day, due to a car bomb, when not filming I work as a medic and a teacher.

After this war is over my team want to travel to every war zone that is not being covered by msm and document the uncovered wars around the globe starting with Yemen, my team work for free, none paid as am I, we believe in the truth.

Live Reporting As USA Attacks Syria


Sadly in this day and age and especially on the internet, trust can be a rare commodity. Equally, many on steemit will already know @lyndsaybowes as a force of much good and from that perspective and although relatively new to the platform, with an ethos of transparency and conviction Daz @deliberator has really hit the ground running. As Daz is good friends with Tom, every part of this process will be transparent and indeed if we manage to secure the funds Tom will produce an on the ground thank you video that both uses and displays the equipment our steem has purchased.

Here is a video of Tom in the field

All SBD raised from this post will be given to @deliberator and used to help in the purchase of Tom's equipment. Any specific questions should be directed towards @deliberator as he is regular contact with our potential man on the ground, equally he will be adding regular updates to his blog.

Reporting From A Weapons Factory


In a world of smoke and mirrors and mass propaganda our ability to enable fellow truth seekers to report non scripted views from warzones that are a scourge upon humanity, should not be underestimated. Now more than ever we need to hear both sides of a story that with each passing day draws the world further and further towards the point of no return. This is our chance to make a difference and for the price of an upvote and/or a small donation it's a difference that's within each of our grasp.

Thank You For Reading

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Thank you so much @perceptualflaws, this is truly amazing!! <3 <3 <3 Let's show how the STEEM blockchain can change lives, and support the True Media! Trusted Independent Journalists like Tom deserve all the help they can get. This rocks!


No problem @lyndsaybowes more than happy to help :) With all the divisive crap that permeates the vast majority of social media, it's liberating to understand that the blockchain can be utilised as a force of change and indeed empowerment for those that seek to initiate said change. We need to break the chains of deceit and deception and help people see what's actually happening around the world.


In a strange monastery with its Charter does not climb. People's mentality is different, as is the level of current awareness and understanding of the world. Let America look after themselves, and even log in cause notices. I do not think that in America there is prosperity of rights on the high principles of morality and ethics in the spirit of social partnership. Rather there more frightened and zombified, brainwashed food drugs and psychotropic enthusiastic individual blind performers of the will of others. Implications - the mass of personal degradation and decline.


Between us all, we will do this, I now have no doubt my friend.


Also I forgot to say, I sent him the first mp3 today, regarding the music from you for his video.

I believe what you guys are doing is a great initiative. And the thing I appreciate the most about steemit is how it could be THE place for journalist fundraising if it could be healed of all the whale cancer and abuse. In fact I brought some free journalists on the platform only for them to see how impossible it is to start from scratch here. I don't have much to donate, but my upvote is worth something, so you can have it as well as my support.


Thank you for the support @nameless-berk .. and yes if utilised in the right way I genuinely feel that the blockchain could be used as a force of much good, a force of change. Equally, we do need to find a way to balance certain aspects of the platform. Thank you for the upvote my friend, I really do appreciate it and I know Tom will!

Very noble of all three of you.

Who can I donate to?

@lyndsaybowes @deliberator @perceptualflaws


Thank you @venomnymous your support is very much appreciated. I'm just helping to get the word out and raise funds, Daz has put this idea together and Lyndsay has been instrumental in helping and coordinating. It's so important that we bypass msm and enable people to see what's really happening around the world. Thanks again!


Thank you for the donation, you legend, most welcome, now let's get this steemit party started, this has been 1 amazing experience, that to be honest I thought would fail, how wrong was I eh.


No problem man. Happy to pitch in to a noble effort. Glad it's going better than you had hoped.


Myself if it is sbd my friend, and thank you for offering.

Upvoted and resteemed. We need more transparency on the ground.


Thank you @chieppa1 your help and support is very much appreciated, respect to you.

So where was CNN❓LOL . You sir are beyond words . AWESOME just isn’t enough . Take a good look CNN this is what true journalism looks like ❗️You honor us all with your work . Thank you so very much for doing the type of job that our weak bought and payed for MSM can not , and will not so they don’t offend the imperialist pig of the western powers . 👏👍✌️🙏♥️👊🏻


Thank you @surveyor I'm really grateful for the kind words and equally that you can see and appreciate what is trying to be acheived here. Too long have MSM controlled the reality of the majority, and they're leading us into a blind alley!! Thanks again.

This is amazing, real news, real people telling the TRUTH not msm lies and deceit, no misinformation, fantastic stuff, glad I joined steemit now.

Nice Initiative...I have put in my pitiful little vote & resteemed:)


I really do appreciate both the upvote and the resteem, thank you for helping to make a difference @palikari123

Good effort! Will be supporting with large upvotes a few times daily for awhile.


Curated for #informationwar (by @truthforce)


Thank you @informationwar @ @truthforce as always you support is very much appreciated and gratefully received. Thanks again!!

this is so great. you got the great point here


Thank you for the support @steemibu351 and I'm glad you appreciate what we're trying to achieve.

ANOTHER good use case for Block Chain and Crypto! Funding truth seekers to report without a preset corporate agenda.

A couple friends have campaigns on https://fundition.io/ for other very worthwhile projects. Ever think of spearheading a project on there to contribute some more funds?


Hey my friend @zekepickleman thank you for the eternal support, I really appreciate it. And yes I agree entirely, indeed I feel that if used in the right way and for the right initiatives then the blockchain has the potential to change the world. Thank you for the link, I wasn't aware of this before so it's much appreciated and yes that's a great idea!

You have my support!!!


Thank you @sequentialvibe I knew I could rely on you and as always I very much appreciate that support :)

Great some reliable stuff from inside Syria by and indipendant reporter. thanks for shareing with us @lyndsaybowes. Going to resteem and try and post it on FB.


Awesome stuff, thanks Andy!

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