HEADLINES: Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 - Christine Ford Publishes on "Self-Hypnosis" Used to "Create Artificial Situations", The Kavanaugh Battle, Feinstein To Be Investigated, Iranian Terrorism In Europe, Snoop Dog, Ethereum, EOS, STEM, and More

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Alternative Media - "Right" Leaning

Shocker from The Guardian: Save us the smugness over 2018’s heatwaves, environmentalists
Watts Up With That
Oh noes! More CO2 will cause plants to thicken their leaves
Watts Up With That
Citizenship and the Census
City Journal
Senior Software Engineer At Google Advocated For Censorship Of "Terrorist" Marsha Blackburn
Freedom Outpost
Sexual Predators & Their Accomplices Go After Kavanaugh
Freedom Outpost
"Father of World Wide Web" Launches Radical Startup to Take Back the Internet from Google & Facebook
Freedom Outpost
Senator: Feinstein Will Be Investigated
Freedom Outpost
‘Google Manipulates 25% Of World’s Elections’
The Hagmann Report
Processed foods making people MENTAL? Foods rich in nitrates, such as beef jerky, salami, and hot dogs, increase your risk of mania
Natural News
Bombshell report: Brett Kavanaugh completely exonerated by sex crimes investigator Rachel Mitchell
Natural News
New research finds that the air in national parks is just as toxic as the air in cities
Natural News
Former Google engineers warn the EVIL corporation must be stopped
Natural News
HUGE! Christine Ford Published 2008 Article on Self-Hypnosis Used to Retrieve and “Create Artificial Situations”
The Gateway Pundit
Mid-Term Prediction: HUGE RED WAVE to Hit America After Disgusting Kavanaugh Attacks …(And We Were Right in 2016 Too!)
The Gateway Pundit
“That Really Scared Me” – Kavanaugh Accuser’s Ex-Boyfriend Speaks – Says She Threatened to Kill His Baby (VIDEO)
The Gateway Pundit
Michelle Malkin: There Is Not One Shred of Evidence to Back Up Christine Ford’s Uncorroborated, Ever-Evolving, Opportunistic Story (VIDEO)
The Gateway Pundit
Christine Ford’s Criminal Record Scrubbed Clean on Database Three Weeks Before Her Letter to Feinstein
the Gateway Pundit
LONGEST LINES WE’VE EVER SEEN!… President Trump to Hold Rally at Freedom Hall in Johnson City, TN Tonight (VIDEO)
The Gateway Pundit
Watch Live: Kavanaugh Accuser’s Story Crumbles
Uranium One: FBI Refuses To Release Three-Dozen Secret Memos Involving Clintons, Russia And Obama
"Hero" Survivors Who Confronted Jeff Flake Work For Soros-Funded Nonprofit
FBI Interviews Three Kavanaugh Witnesses Who Don't Remember Ford's Mystery Groping Party
New FCC Ruling Gives The Government Control Over 5G Internet Rollout
Merkel's End Could Spark EU Breakdown
"Aggressive" Kavanaugh Threw Beer In Man's Face, Sparking Barroom Brawl, Classmate Says
Europe's Recent Brush With Iranian Terrorism - A Wake-Up Call For Governments And Media?
Poll: 60% Want Kavanaugh Confirmed if FBI Dismisses Allegations
SUSPENDED: Leftist Professor Who Said Kavanaugh Supporters Should Be Killed And Castrated
Man Confronts Illegals Over Loss Of His Daughter
Trump Focuses on China After Trade Victory
Snoop Dogg Calls Kanye West an ‘Uncle Tom’ for Supporting America First Agenda
WATCH: Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Accost Mitch McConnell At an Airport
In FY 2018: Debt Up $1,271,158,167,127; Feds Borrowed $8,172 Per Every American With a Job
CNS News
ABC Aids Dems Moving Goalposts on Kavanaugh: Lying About Drinking?
Graham Labels NBC ‘Co-Conspirator in Destruction of Kavanaugh’

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Alternative Media Section II - "Left" Leaning

GOP Cuts Into Democratic Lead for Congress
Political Wire
Flake Raises Alarm About Kavanaugh’s ‘Sharp And Partisan’ Testimony
Talking Points Memo
Third Kavanaugh Accuser Julie Swetnick Elaborates On Allegations
Talking Points Memo (... and has since withdrawn some of these allegations.)
Trump Directed Son Eric To Oversee Restraining Order Against Stormy
Talking Points Memo
You Don’t Have to Be a Person With Alcoholism to Be a Problem Drinker
The New Movie From the Writer-Director of The Savages Is No Less, Well, Savage
Russia’s Military Operation in Syria: Three Years On
The Greanville Post
Limiting Israel: Russia Deploys the S-300 Anti-Aircraft Missile System to Syria
GlobalResearch.ca (Canada)
How America Can Free Itself From Wall Street

Legacy Media

Flake says his Kavanaugh vote depends on FBI probe results
Educated white women were already recoiling from Trump. Then came Kavanaugh.
Flake slams GOP, says he feels like he doesn't belong to any political party
Fox News
In Indonesia, Aftershocks And Uncertainty Remain After Deadly Earthquake
McConnell: Senate will vote on Kavanaugh this week
Tuesday Morning Briefing
American and Chinese Warships Narrowly Avoid High-Seas Collision
The New York Times
How a Democratic Congress could derail Trump’s NAFTA dreams

Steem #News

Steemit:Christine Blasey Ford- The CIA & MK-Ultra
Steemit:4,000+ Parents Taking on Government Child Kidnapping System
Steemit:Somebody poisoned the water hole.
Steemit:WATCH: What Tailgaiting in a Police State Looks Like, Police Helicopter Rains Down Hell on Tailgaters
Steemit:It's Time for STEM to Have its Own Home on Steem: Announcing steemstem.io
Steemit:EOS Developer Acknowledges Claims of ‘Collusion’ and ‘Mutual Voting’ Between Nodes
Steemit:Ethereum on the Rise? - Good News for GODcoin Investers
Steemit:The decentralization of the internet by Tim Berners-Lee - the inventor of the internet

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