WATCH: What Tailgaiting in a Police State Looks Like, Police Helicopter Rains Down Hell on Tailgaters

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 State College, PA — In all of our years reporting on police conduct  and activity at the Free Thought Project, we have never seen anything  like we are reporting today. Several utterly insane videos show police  officers from Penn State University using their helicopter to rain down  hell from above on hundreds of students and parents alike who were  tailgaiting for the game. According to police, a group of college students involved with a  fraternity were told to move from one area and relocate to another.  However, according to police, this did not happen, so they escalated  their tactics. As reports: 

Penn State parent and tailgater Scott Olson said that early  Saturday morning, a police officer asked the fraternity tailgating next  to his group to move one space over. After the fraternity’s members  refused to move, the officer told Olson and his group that the  fraternity would be on watch for the day. We’ve been told that the tailgate wasn’t just one  fraternity, like Olson described, but a senior tailgate with members of  the Greek community and that is known to be rowdy. Olson said police didn’t check in all day, until some time  between 3:30 and 4 p.m. when eight officers on horseback and 15-20 other  officers showed up to disperse the frat’s tailgate. Shortly after, the  helicopter flew in and made a sharp cut in Olson’s aisle, picking up  tents and other debris. 

The alleged rowdiness was not observed by Olson, who was right by where the chopper flew over. 

“There was no fighting or big disruption. No one was doing  anything crazy or outlandish. We didn’t have any issue with them all  day,” said Olson, who reported a scratch to his Mercedes-Benz truck  thanks to a flying tent and said a girl at his tailgate was cut on the  face from debris, according to the paper. 

Several videos show the intense moment the chopper began flying over  the crowd, using its downwash to lay waste to tents, chairs, vehicles,  and anything else in its path. 

“The helicopter pilot used the p.a. to order  the crowd to disperse,” the description on one of the videos said. “And  then used the down draft to get the point across, blowing down canopies,  etc..” The sheer lack of concern over what the potential damage could’ve  been is outrageous. People could’ve been severely injured by flying  tents and debris, or worse. If the pilot would’ve lost control over the  students, the results could’ve been catastrophic—especially considering  the concentration of people on the ground. It could’ve been pure  carnage.

 “Can you imagine if a helicopter sent debris that hit a horse  and it got spooked and started trampling the kids? This could’ve been a  tragedy,” Olson said. 

“If that helicopter had any type of  accident, you would’ve had people shredded everywhere and cars on fire.  It’s so fortunate that there wasn’t a major tragedy yesterday.” 

Naturally and insanely enough, the police are standing by their  decision to endanger the lives of hundreds of people to disperse a few  rowdy college kids. On Monday, they were forced to respond to the myriad  of inquiries as to why they would do such a thing. They defended it. 

“We understand concerns have been raised regarding police  activity during tailgate celebrations in one lot, in advance of the  Penn State vs. Ohio State game on Saturday (Sept. 29). University Police  wishes to reassure fans that officers were responding to the  circumstances on the ground, which involved numerous law violations,  including serious threats to officer safety within a disorderly crowd.  Unruly individuals refused to disperse following verbal commands and at  least one officer suffered injuries. It is rare to resort to these  expanded interventions; however, when all other warnings from the  mounted police unit and officers on the ground were ignored, a  Pennsylvania State Police helicopter was deployed as another tool to  compel the group to disperse and curb dangerous and unruly behavior.  Following the use of the helicopter, the dangerous behaviors  dissipated.”

When you watch the videos below, decide for yourself who the ones were who exhibited the most “dangerous behaviors.” 

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Looks like it’s time to break up the biggest gang in the USSA. They like to wear blue costumes and threaten and shoot people with guns. Don’t be mistaken I’m not talking about cryps I’m talking about those policemen!

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"Wrong Use of helicopter" #pinochet

they always defend it 😂

When the helicopter turns, the propellers pass near the ground of the highest place...