Part 1 Of The New Q-Anon Debunking Series: No, Q-Anon DID NOT Ask Trump To Say Tippy Top!

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Lies, Lies Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

President Trump has been using the words "Tippy Top" and "Tip Top" in speeches going back a few years, back to at least 2016. Simply google search the key words: Trump, Tippy Top, Speech and Russia. If you do not add Russia in as a key word, it might take you a few pages to find the past speeches, rather than the "Easter Tippy Top" speech from earlier this year. If you look on You Tube, or filter the videos, it should be simple enough for you to discover tons of examples and variations of the phrase used by Trump over time. "Here, Let Me Google That For You" has a good link with a slightly sarcastic tone that you can use for those lazy individuals who demand that you google for them, because they simply can't be bothered with five seconds or less of typing:

I am starting a new Q-anon debunking series to find examples just like this one, so we can easily find them and post them on comments around the interwebz when we find those stubborn Q-tubers and Q-believers who just don't want to listen to reason. They tend to demand you show them proof, and will do almost anything rather than actually google those key words. Hopefully this Steemit post will show near the top of the search results.

You will see this phrase posted by Q-believers everywhere, similar to when Q posted, "Boom, Boom, Boom"! For weeks, all Q-people could do as a response to any and all random news events of the day was to post, "Boom!" It was sad, in a way. I chuckled and rolled my eyes at first, but then after a while, I started getting angry. These are real people being made a fool of, and the Q-fraudster, AKA Pamphlet Anon, AKA Pampers, and his wife, are laughing at all these people who are believing in them and who are obsessively following everything they say and do. Judge not, lest we be judged, right? It is real easy to get frustrated at the obsessed followers and Q-cultists, but really the blame and anger should be on those that are perpetrating the Q-hoax, and complicit in keeping it going. It has made me extra determined to counter the Q-anon lies and propaganda, and the false paradigms and narratives it is trying to push.

Why Do You Care?

Maybe a better question is... why do you NOT care? I am very suspicious of anyone involved at this point, after all that we now know, who want to just move the subject along and pretend it never happened, especially if they were a part of the guilty parties (knowingly, or not) who were pushing the Q lies onto us. They especially have a moral and ethical duty to not just answer questions, but also to help the rest of us to expose and debunk this insidious Q-Anon lie and the agendas being pushed by the true believers, the ignorant dupes and the obsessed Q-cultists. After all, if these people are truly honest with themselves, many of the Q pushers grew on the back of the Q lies, if not all of them.

They can claim they don't just cover Q news all they want, and it may even be true... but they absolutely 100 percent owe their current subscriber counts to the LIE. That seems like a huge hypocracy considering these channels like to be known as truth seekers and truth researchers ... in my opinion, anyways.

Even Leftist propagandist John Oliver wrote a piece, in March 2017, ridiculing Trump for his verbiage:

As anyone can clearly see, President Trump had made these speeches during, and after, the elections... October 11th, 2017:
"Trump: Nuclear arsenal needs to be in ‘tip-top’ shape"

... But, But, But Trump Said Tippy Top!!!!

So why are Q-cultists demanding this is some sort of proof? Quite simply, the answer in reality is not that complicated. It's the power of suggestion, and confirmation bias. The first and original Q-anon, for better or for worse, is the exact opposite of this new Q. The old Q-anon encouraged and provoked critical thought, reflection, and research. The new Q-anon doesn't say or do much to provoke anything except cheer-leading and faith in some unknown "plan".

Busted!! Who's Laughing Now?

Pampers (leader of CBTS and The 24 Hr Patriots Soapbox You Tube Channel) recently got caught RED HANDED with his hand in the cookie jar, live on air posting as Q-anon. He probably had two screens open, one posting as an anonymous poster and another posting as Q. The passwords, like most social media websites, are saved by the browser, so you do not have to type your name and password in every time you post to the board. There is nothing special about 8chan in that regard. The trip code is simply a password.

Here is the exact time of the Q-Anon posts on May 19th, 5:07 PM EST (Pamphlet-anon lives in Virginia, EST)

(Yes, he says "rouge" instead of "ruse") shrug

After Pampers got caught, he had to think of an excuse to explain away not only why he posted under Q-anon's password, but how and why he was able to immediately change the password for Q directly afterwards. Zerohour shows how Pampers busted himself and how he lied about how passwords and tripcodes on 8chan really work. Making the situation even worse, Pamphlet anon has now deleted the incriminating videos, and is now claiming that all videos out there showing him posting as Q, and admitting it, are all somehow "photoshopped". Nice try, Pampers. (Or should I say Q?)

Watch Patriots Soap box lie about how they got Qanon password and how 8chan works with passwords Larps on Fire:


The Big Reveal


If you want to learn more about how Q-anon was formed, and how it was taken over, here is where Defango speaks at length about his role in Qanon and Cicada 3301, and what he knows about it. It is well worth a listen, especially because he has not talked publicly at length about it, this openly, since the start of Q-anon.
1 hour 1 minute 58 seconds into the video:

The Qanon Debunking Series, To Be Continued...

Next time we will debunk the Russian Plane Crash, and the King Tower in Shanghai. If you have some Q-lies or Q-claims you would like to see debunked, please leave them in the comments! We will knock them out one lie at a time!

... 'Cuz I'm A Liar!! A Liar! A Liar!

Henry Rollins, Liar

Until Next Time....


Previous Qanon Reporting:

Previous Swamp Reporting:


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After lagging my way through the video it seems like it's just a guy talking about how the other guy posted as Q, but never shows that happening, and I can't find anyone on YT with video of it either. A link to the actual proof would be more useful than a link to a guy reacting to it but not showing it, in my opinion. Anyway, thanks for putting all this together.

I think even if Q isn't real he has done some good in getting people to dig deeper into things and set a more widespread precedent of doing that, but personally I just want the truth. Of course, Q has to be someone, and I would rather the truth about all these super shady government people to be front and center, but if Q detracts from Alex Jones on false pretense then people should know. That being said, that 0hour1 video was not entirely convincing to me, but it did spark some intrigue. I really just want to see it for myself but can't find the video.


Ill find it for you, its in one of the three periscopes. thanks for letting me know, ill edit it and add it into the post. I accidentally posted the wrong one lol


Thank you ^_^ I have slow internet, but I will look through all of this as it is loading.
I didn't know of Defango's other channel, but that is interesting so far.
Using the video link provided for 0hour1 below I have that channel also now, thanks!


That's cool. I am going to continue the series, and hopefully put together simpler and shorter clips as they become available, along with the Q proofs we debunk...

I also plan on adding at the end or maybe separately doing some posts on the original Qanon from October to November, Cicada 3301, and what inside information or intelligence it had gotten correct, and some awesome true predictions from FBI anon as well. (FBI Anon came before Qanon)

I also should mention (fake drops) from B, mega-anon, and dilley, (and the Z from cicada 3301 or tengri 107, 7s exposed, wikileaks connection)

We have all the time in the world, I suppose. I sure hope someone drops some more incriminating IMs, emails, and IP addresses from Baruch, Pampers and his wife. Where is "Anonymous" when you need them?


Okay here is the exact time of the tweets may 19th 5:07 pm est (pamphlet lives in Virginia est, btw)

I will try to either find the video stream while it was happening, or the periscope showing it. I hate periscope, it sucks. seriously.


This starts from the moment pamphlete posts accidentally as Q, and then is silent for a few minutes as he panics, and changes the password quickly, and then comes up with an excuse. nervous as f. lol He lies absolutely, a bad liar at that. There is no secret to trip codes or entering passwords. it is auto filled and all you have to do is press enter. Let me know what you think of his excuse?


how did he happen to have Q's password, how did he know that Q supposedly accidentally posted his password on a random post, how did he change qs password immediately after? how does he explain this mystical Q happened to be watching at this exact second inn a 24 hour 7 days a week video streem?

He posted reeeeeee, at the same time as he said reeeeeeee out loud, and he said reeeeeeee before.

the whole story is ridiculous, the lie is not believable, and he lies to the audience about how tripcodes work. tripcode is just a fancy word for password.

No real insider would be posting as obsessively as this new Q is, constantly trying to justify himself and his fake proof, and attacking other truthers like crazy. This is not how any insider or Trump connected whitehat would act.

Q was began as a puzzle, by Cicada 3301, who do have insiders in the circle of friends. They either got the good intel from them, or they stole it from people like FBI anon from 8 chan and 4 chan. In October and November, Q was legit.

Defango around that time had said the password "Matlock" around that time. He didnt say why, but we found out later that matlock was the first password for Qanon. It was meant to be taken over so they could follow the people who would take it over for their own ends...

No insider or leaker would be allowed to post like this for 8 months. FBI anon and others who were legit posted once every 4 to 6 months at extremely random places, many times through alternative news you tube channels... but never would anyone be a sitting duck for the corrupt deep state to go take down and KILL at any moment.


... Another Question I have is, Tracy Beanz said that Corsi directed her to Delete the new Q posts, and then Baruch pretended to confirm that the Q posts were from a different PC/IP address.

Tracy now says she regrets going along with it, and she did not agree the posts did not sound like Q. When looking at the deleted posts, there was NOTHING about it that looked or sounded different. Why did Corsi say the Q posts would somehow make Q look stupid or discredit Q? Nothing about the post was off. It absolutely sounded and looked like original Q.

QAnon: Tracy Beanz Responds & Pamphlete slips up by Lift The Veil

Titus Frost


The problem with 0 Hour, is his politics are a bit off, as he doesn't believe in alot of conspiracies and such, like pedogate/pizzagate, and he also doesn't seem to understand at all how Cicada 3301 fits into this. It is actually a BIG part of this, and explains why Qanon was "allowed" to be hacked and taken over in the first place. Unirock has done some good stuff, recently with interviews from people who were moderating the discord and the 24/7 soapbox channel, but agin, he doesn't understand or believe the involvement of Defango and Cicada 3301.

Here was a deep dive defango did months ago, trying to show how Qanon was just a puzzle...

Defango: The Cicada 3301 Expose | Sophia Music and Thomas Schoenberger


UNIRock w/ AntiSchool, LifttheVeil, & the banned band GROUP CHAT - 5-20-2018




The last thing I am meaning to find, is a video where Defango said the password "Matlock" around November or so. It was the actual Password for Qanon, which was then subsequently hacked and taken over. Baruch the Scribe, the 8 chan codemonkey guy, confirmed that matlock was indeed the password.

Uni just wont believe that Cicada 3301 did this. it was M@tlock or something similar.

Uni wraps all this up, including pampers posting as Q, and he plays the video and extra audio within the first ten minutes or so.




So now, pamphlette erases those videos of him admitting he posted as Q, making a bs excuse. He tries claiming the videos are "photoshopped" lol


If you want to learn more about how Q-anon was formed, and how it was taken over, here is where Defango speaks at length about his role in Qanon and Cicada 3301, and what he knows about it. It is well worth a listen, especially because he has not talked publicly at length about it, this openly, since the start of Q-anon.
1 hour 1 minute 58 seconds into the video:

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