The Token Nomination Contest - Results Week 7 & Start Week 8

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And the winner is...

First of all, a big sorry to @onebiz! My human and I had some technical problems this week and as such not all your posts could be resteemed. Therefor I’ll keep you in the resteem-list this week! I hope it brings you many new followers…

Let’s have a look at the nominated of week 7:

The list before randomizing...


The list after randomizing...


Congratz @juancho10, thanks to @fredkese you won this round and all your posts will be resteemed and upvoted for the coming week.
You will also both receive 15 Staked PHOTO-tokens… enjoy it!

@silent678, @artofwisdom, @rem6923, @jijiecharles, @onebiz, @davidesimoncini & @orjantomarcelo … your 2 PHOTO-tokens are underway 😉

Previous winners…

@bitcoingodmode nominated by @kunschj
@celestialtriad nominated by @fredkese
@passerine nominated by @traciyork
@digitalis nominated by @johannpiber
@lea8ndrea nominated by @muaznotfi
@onebiz nominated by @afza

Want to try your luck too? Just read the rules and… start curating!

The rules

  • Write a comment on this post where you nominate a photographer with a rep below 55 or steem power below 500.
  • Of course the pictures have to be original work and, (I trust you on that) of a decent quality. I have nothing against cats, but my human doesn’t like selfies or cat-phone-pictures of low quality 😉

That’s it for now… Doesn’t sound too difficult, isn’t it… 😉
The game is open to everybody who wants to participate. No resteems or upvotes of this post are required (although they’re are appreciated of course 😉) but… I almost forgot… YOU CAN’T NOMINATE YOURSELF!
And remember, every time you nominate/comment on this post, you will receive 1 CommentCoin in your steem-engine wallet!

The Prizes

In case there is more than 1 nomination, all names will be put in a chronological list and… randomized on
The steemian that comes first on this randomized list will get:

  • 15 Staked PHOTO-tokens (yes staked, otherwise he or she could be tempted to sell them immediately… what most short-term people do ☹)
  • A week of resteems of all his posts…and upvotes with a nice PHOTO-POWER amount…
  • In case he/she is really active and talented… a listing on
  • The one who nominated the winner also get 15 Staked PHOTO-tokens!

The next 4 in this randomized list (and the one who nominated them) will each receive 2 Staked PHOTO-tokens.

As this is still a try-out, rules, prizes, frequency… are subject to change overtime… let’s see if there is some interest first 😊
The end of the nomination-period is at payout-time of this post… results will be posted 1 day later.
In the long run I hope to host this contest for more than only photographers and with different TOKENS… if you’re a whale in Creative Coins, Palnet, NEOXIAN or others… any delegation is welcome 😉
Happy Nominating!



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Hola @pixresteemer, quiero nominar a @goodboy.dimi tiene fotografias muy lindas... Saludos.

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Thanks a lot!

All tokens send! Congratz to all!

Gracias por los premios

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I would like to nominate @kicktheball. You are going to love the photos!

I renomined @capitanonema
I can if he didn't win?

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Yes, no problem!

Perfect 👍🙂

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Nice, thank you for the win

Its ok @pixresteemer

This time i would like to nominate @afza

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@pixresteemer muchas gracias por el impulso que me das, también le doy gracias a @fredkese por nominarme y gracias a el gane esta semana, estoy muy contento... Saludos.

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Glad you won and I could help

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