EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Bashar Al-Assad… and More on the State of Media Freedom

in #informationwar4 years ago (edited)

The predominant propaganda line in the Western World is dictated by the corporate media, where you don’t get news anymore, but you are fed with a stories which are made to justify murdering people all over the planet…

In the corporate (or “mainstream” media) you can hear only one side − the one that is in accordance with the official propaganda od the Empire. The Centralized scoial media platforms over the Internet are also censoring anything that opposes to the Empire narrative. So, you really can’t have the complete picture if you are hooked up on one-sided sources which are producing fake news all day. If you want to hear to the other side (“audiatur eta altera pars” in Latin) you have to turn to alternate, or true media, like “Russia Today”, which have just put up the interview with the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad…

Duration: 53:21

Or media like “Project Veritas”, which revealed how ABC “news” has killed the story on Epstein’s “Lolita Express”, with Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz and many more on board…

Duration: 7:36

Amy Robach, was explaining her frustration with the pressure that Royal family has put over the television network to drop a story regarding Jeffrey Epstein, to a person who was CBS employee… until three days ago! CBS has reportedly fired a former ABC staffer who accessed ABC Host Amy Robach's hot mic comments about Jeffrey Epstein!

Or you can turn to The Grayzone if you want facts about the truth on Bolivian coup, attack on Venezuela, U.S. robbery of Syrian oil fields, and support to ISIS, U.S. corruption in Ukraine, false charges against true journalists…

Or you can follow our own @leecamp, @fortrussnews, @benswann, @unity4j, @v4vapid, @deepdives, @caitlinjohnstone, @southfront, @titusfrost, @pressfortruth, @corbettreport

Or you can turn to The Empire Files, TeleSur in Spanish and English, or to CGTN & CCTV, with a YouTube channel… anything but letting Zuckerberg, Dorsey or Bezos decide for you what is “Freedom of Speech”, online and offline.

And the last, but never the least, Wikileaks, with a 100% true news that got its editor, Julian Assange, in the crosshairs of the Empire…

Never forget Julian Assange!

* * *

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