BREAKING NEWS: May Survives No-Confidence Vote

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The great wheel of events is turning ever faster. After yesterday’s devastating blow on a Brexit deal matter, Theresa May, as expected, kept her PM position until further notice…

The result of no-confidence vote — 325:306 in favor of Theresa May’s Government. 19 votes. Very close.

And already we have corporate media steaming with ‘division scare’, saying that “nearly as many people want no-deal as a referendum if May's plan is defeated, while others says she should try getting more out of the EU”. Rubbish! It’s political elite that does not want any Brexit. It’s political elite that is making apocalyptical scenarios of a “high-risk” no-deal Brexit…

Duration: 4:49

Even Jeremy Corbyn. Immediately after no-confidence vote he asked PM “to remove any chance of no-deal Brexit!” Well, people didn’t vote for a deal with EU, they voted to leave EU!

Theresa May invited Jeremy Corbyn to Downing Street 10 for crisis talks on Brexit this evening, but a spokesperson for the Labour Party, however, said that May would have to take a no deal Brexit off the table before any cross-party talks could be meaningful.

This is a clear sign that Corbyn also does not care about the will of the people, and only wants to use this opportunity for political gains even if it means no Brexit at all. Narrow party interests in the greatest national issue…

What next?

You can expect political class will try everything it can to provide AN ILLUSION of Brexit… until the unrest among people does not arise to the Yellow Vest stage…

Then we will see what is going to happen.


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