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As a semi-related continuation of an earlier post.

When I was finally red-pilled to the extent that there was no going back, where the signs and symbols became too obvious to ignore... like when someone points at the glare spot on the TV, you can't NOT see it anymore.

I would take time to bring these things to other people; most would quickly get that glazed over look. Others would brush everything off as coincidence, or try to justify it as necessary, sometimes good.

It was quite rare to meet others who were equally red-pilled.

A catastrophic and catalyzing event

While still mostly relegated to books, and some scant conversations with more educated individuals, and the signs became more clear as to which events were contrived. Then started noticing trends, a method to what before just seemed like random madness.

In the wake of 911, even insinuations that what was reported was met with nearly violent reactions. It took several years before there was enough of a return to normalcy where the issues could be discussed.

(I remain vague about 9-11, because this isn't about the debate over which version is closer to what actually happened)

After several years where I thought I was gathering redpilled peers, some were well researched and seemed to grasp the political machinations.

Division as unity

When Obama came on the political scene as a candidate, he came with a promise for hope and change, an end to racial divisions and a vision for the future.

So many of those that I saw as red-pilled, they bought into the rhetoric. Even I as hopeful, but the cliche is to follow the money, and it seems that all the money that backed Bush was pushing for Obama now. There was even the conversation about "See you on the other side".

During the eight years of Obama, it became clear how many of them new how the politics worked but we're really only interested in the power they could glean from it.

Things are different this time

Once Trump was elected, and people became aware of the QAnon phenomenon, now it seems that there are people who, in spite of the intense division between parties, are deciding to just walk away. To look past the parties and to start looking at how to work together instead of reactively opposing everything just because Trump said it.

Could this be the signs that we really are seeing a Great Awakening away from the control structures, the parties that tell us what to think, the media that confirms it for us and biases us with each new event?

Or is this simply people seeking power, realizing that they were on a sinking ship and figured better to be on the good side of those in power when the alternative is now powerless?

Thanks for reading.

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To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

It is decidedly so

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

I'm afraid the Great Awakening is going to require more struggle and sacrifice from Americans, then many may be willing to endure.

If the Great Awakening comes, it will most likely be in fits and starts, as for everyone that attempts a step forward, there will be two pushing back.

It won't be until a tipping point is reached, of people willing to struggle and sacrifice for what's right, that we'll see any sort of Great Awakening.


I think you are correct, but simultaneously, I think we are further along towards that tipping point than the media would ever report.

My only concern is that the momentum will get diverted to something worse.


While we may be closer to the tipping point than before, recently...
but, since man formed tribes, all have faced many tipping points...
That's just being human...

You mention, "the media would ever report."
the MSM will never report... unless the Propagandist designs and approves it...

So, what's going to have to happen in the awakening -- that is going to cause the West to 'see', or hear that one last piece to the jigsaw puzzle? What exposure, of what events, is going to shake the West to its core and waken the sleepers?

What event or series of events would have to be revealed for the people of world to awaken?
And, what are we awakening too?


To put it in a metaphor; culturally we are entering / at / past the crossroads.

Down one path would become something like the Borg. A merger of man and machine, ultimately controlled by a central mind.

Alternatively, unlocking human potential through technology and expanding into space, as in starfleet.

As far as a tipping point; it would take some serious undeniable evidence that could not be ignored that shows just the levels of evil we are up against.


Imagine what would happen, if the evidence that was exposed to the American people, was enough to force a mass awakening.

My guess is that kind of evidence might just likely, force the near total destruction of most of our institutions, banks and corporations, and both political parties... along with the total and complete loss of the MSM.

But, remember it wouldn't take much to cause American's to go hungry... and if they miss too many meals... who knows what can happen...

That's the problem with exposing corruption, where does one stop?
How much truth can we bear? All of it? The true story of all of the corruption in America is a story that would take years to tell.


That's a good question... Not having any control over it, I suspect that first step would be enough to force people to accept that they have been lied to over an over. Something to force people to awaken.

From there, it's probably best to leave the information available so that people can go as deep as they desire. It's not just US, but world wide... It's gotta be for all the marbles though, if the evil is not uprooted it will just come back.


if the evil is not uprooted it will just come back.

Yes, but another thing that would come up is, how much corruption would the people want exposed? All of it in Washington D.C. and the World's capitols? or just some? How about all the way down to city governments and everything in between?

And, what about Corporations? Do we go all the way down to the Mom-and-Pop store on the corner?

That's the problem with rooting out Evil -- where do you stop?

Isn't being just a little bit corrupt, kinda like being a little bit pregnant?