Vaccine Injury Fraud Continues Against the Public. Lawsuit Filed Against Government Reveals Non Compliance. Documents Enclosed.

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A lawsuit filed July 9th, 2018, by ICAN (Informed Consent Action Network) with Bobby Kennedy as counsel, against the Department of Health and Human Services reveals that as a condition of being granted immunity from prosecution in the event of vaccine injury, by the law passed 1986, the Department was required to carry out, and report on, vaccine safety studies every 2 years.

It wasn't done.

  • Not once. In 32 years.

  • If the vaccine manufacturers failed to fulfill their obligation is that grounds for them to lose immunity from prosecution?

So let me get this straight. When the 1986 VICA (Vaccine Injury Compensation) act was passed, there were exactly 3 vaccines on the childhood schedule: DTP, MMR, and Polio.

DTP had damaged so many children, that the vaccine industry was on the cusp of collapsing.

So, Congress passed a law to remove liability from vaccine companies.

But, Congress was worried that the removal of liability would remove the incentive to make vaccines safer, particularly in light of the DTP experience. So, they empowered the head of HHS with the task of doing everything they could to improve the safety profile of vaccines.

In fact, Congress was so serious about this that they required to head of HHS to report on the activities they had undertaken to make vaccines safer every other year.

And Del Bigtree and Bobby Kennedy Jr just discovered through a lawsuit that since 1986, the director of HHS has never made a single report to Congress, which means the 1986 law has not been followed. It also means exactly no one is taking any responsibility for making vaccines safer, because there is no incentive to do so.

Did I get that right?

They are just dropping this particular action. With prejudice.

Because the GOVERNMENT can't produce the documents as you will see on Pages 2 and 3.

Now the thing is to file a suit for non-compliance and try to get the 1986 law overturned.

I found this info via friends of mine on Fascistbook, the Witts -- who have been friends for years and we chat about this kind of thing and related issues like the toxic fluoride in drinking water poisoning people, and similar things.

Things that used to be considered a conspiracy theory.....

but which have all been proven to be conspiracy FACT.


Your friend in Liberty,

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Im pissed! Yet Encouraged!
I shake my head in frustration, anger and hope...
TEAM together we all stand.

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They did this. With bias.

They are always biased to companies at the expense of the people


Great reply.....

Governments exist at the expense of the people.


In every way.

What does it mean that this got dismissed??? We got 80 million armed Americans in this country and you mean we can't put a stop to this sick, lawless, unconstitutional, Nazi eugenics taking place today in America!? I've posted a couple of vaccine rants myself about this. 2 years ago I met Del Bigtree in Portland during a Q and A after viewing the movie Vaxxed.


Thanks for the support on this.

I know what you are saying and it is the same in Canadastan.... worse likely because you cannot defend yourself properly here against harm, like you are referencing yourself.

I was also personal friends with Dr. Andrew Moulden who "suddenly" died and disappeared as some know in the truth/vax community.

I think you know what I am saying.

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