Warning - This ain't a movie review - Part 1

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Hello, Steemians,
I hope you guys are doing great and If for some reason not, don't worry, You know that problems are temporary. And Me, I am doing just fine. A little exhausted from work but that is Ok. And that too is affecting my writing.

After the success of my "The Good Cab, Bad Cab" series (Yes, I consider that series a success, because I successfully completed it ;-) ), I am currently working on another story. Hopefully, you all will like it to. I enjoy writing, But I learned it first hand the even when you enjoy doing stuff you still burn a lot of calories and exhaust yourself. No kidding, The creative process is very exhausting and time-consuming. And Since I was pretty exhausted from work, today I didn't wanna push myself further. _(Its funny because I was supposed to write the other day and take an off today, but whatever). So I was thinking about watching something and while browsing I came across the movie which brought back so many memories... :-)

You ready. Here we go.
But before we proceed further

A warning : The incidents mentioned in the story is Inspired by real-life events.

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It was sometime in August or September of 2013, And I was just an assistant assigned to the Technical Support because of Manpower shortage and My new role involved a lot of learning and technicalities. troubleshooting and Most of all understanding the ground rules of testing. This was an entirely new domain for me. For me at the time was just a coordinator and the job was limited to drafting and publishing the report and tracking the inventory. The guy whom I was assisting was to be released from his duties in one month and he was helping me with understanding the process. so the typical Knowledge Transfer Process. That means I had to put in a lot of efforts. Because, of the nature of the work I wasn't supposed to carry any materials outside the office, that means I had to stay late to catch up with the training. Which usually is 2300Hrs. (Damn, I used to stay that long in Office?) and I stayed at Tambaram (East) not a very happening place and very far. (back then)

With all this I was way too busy, My personal life was almost zero. I would come back home so exhausted that I would stuff whatever food was available, And so exhausted that I wouldn't even complain about the taste of the food that I was eating. The only time I get off was Sunday. So to live that to fullest we (Me & Roomies) starts the party usually Saturday evening which continues till Sunday afternoon, And I would be knocked off for the rest of the day. (Wow, I can believe that was my routine for almost a year). What I am trying to say is Sunday is all I had.

So one weekend there was no party as 2 out of five went home and the remaining 3 of us were occupied with stuff. So naturally I turned to games and watching movies on my laptop and the other two were making the plans of their own. The day was almost over, I successfully wasted it on playing the games and liking the useless post and some stupid quotes. So at around 1900hrs, My roomie invited me to a movie. I was surprised that he asked, But later I know that she canceled on him... So. It was a night show and when I reached the Satyam theaters, I knew the reason why she canceled. It was "The Conjuring". Watching a Horror film is bad enough, That too at night and that too at the Satyam theaters... The plan was very poorly executed (Talking about us, The movie was awesome, Almost peed me but controlled) we were at the Bus stop at 0200Hrs waiting for the bus. Because a cab would the same amount of money for which we could buy a new car.

Finally, the Bus came...

[To be continued]


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Well stick around to find out more on what happened. Thank you all for supporting me and encouraging me to write more. Hope, to write more interesting stories.


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@inuke Thank you for not using bidbots on this post and also using the #nobidbot tag!

You are right, that time cab rent was very high, but now a days its very reasonable since several big companies running cab business in India.

But I still complain.. haha.. thanks for stopping by..

Anxious as usual to read what happened next. You should think about writing a horror novel or maybe I will write a part and ask you to complete it

Thank you for your time. I like the idea very much. Let's give it a try.

yes, let us

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