Introducing - IndiaUnited curation-trail

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Hello Steemian,
I hope you all are doing great, and am too. And the reason is IndiaUnited.


Not so long ago, I bumped into a discord channel, IndiaUnited. Where I came across a group of dynamic and really hardworking, active minnows looking out for other minnows in the vast sea called STEEMIT. I became an active member of it. Our main objective is to identify the talent and to promote them and we are doing so with our curation team. A team of dedicated individual who goes through as many posts as they can and picks the best post for the Weekly post. The first issue is just published check it out IndiaUnited Weekly Curation Issue 1

We strive to make the community stronger and we are adding new features to our beloved IndiaUnited community.
We all love Steeming, but how often do you Login to Steemit? Unless the answer is 4hrs a day the Steemit goal which you set out to achieve is difficult and you know it too. You don’t get the time to promote your contents, and if you having a luck like me your content goes unnoticed.You wish to be on trending page or the Hot section of the Steemit but unfortunately within couple of hrs your post receives 1 or 2 votes (Given if you are lucky or some spammer is doing rounds) and it goes to page 2 and then 3 and then eventually, even you will be having hard time finding your post in the new section. But don’t get dishearten little Steemian. We have something which can help and others.

Introducing IndiaUnited curation-trail.

Imagine your post being discovered by a curator team or Imagine being online all the time and upvoting posts that you love and appreciate. but such things were difficult. But, It is now very much possible, thanks to the IndiaUnited Curation-Trail. This system allows you to follow a voting of the trusted curator. The system will vote on behalf of you to the post which is voted by the curator. Now imagine you post being curated by Indiaunited followed by the trail. This increase the chances of your post gets featured in the hot section and chances of you getting more attention.

What is that? You are asking what if your Vote gets misused. We at Indiaunited believe in the manual curation. Only the post that is curated by Indiaunited will get your vote. And the guidelines for that are already in effect. Here are the rule of engagement

Being part of the curation trails allows you to be entitled to the small shares of the curation rewards. So even if you are not able to go online and post or upvote from your account. Your account will still be using your voting power and generate Steem for you. How does that sounds to you? Ready to STEEM, follow us @IndiaUnited.

Are you ready? Lets hop on the trail.

If you are reading this post then, You have two basic things ready a system and Internet connection. Now all you need to do is the go to the and register yourself. Which is very easy, trust me If I can do it, You can do it.


When you click on the register button it will generate a random memo with instructions


Make the transfer through your steemit wallet.


Once registered, Login in the steemauto. It will take you to the homepage where you have many options.


Select curation trail. And it will take you to the list of available curation trail. Search for "Indiaunited". Click on the follow button. and voila, you are now apart of the curation trail.


Still not confident enough? Join us Indiaunited discord channel for clarification; we will definitely help you out.

You see I am in an ordinary minnow, in order to survive in the big ocean called STEEMIT. To survive and thrive in I must become someone else, Something else and with the help of my friends and the Indiaunited I became just that.

I am inuke.png

And see you at Indiaunited.


Is this legit?

Yes it is

steemconnect is from and is approved by steemit inc .. so its safe and legit

Joined the Trail and the Due Upvoted :)

Upvoted and Resteemd
Also joined the trail

Something else someone else,line was killer

Thank you good heart pirate.

Haha, Finally someone noticed and commented on the arrowverse line :D


I really appreciate your resteem and thanks for the suggestion

thanks for the tutorial, joined the trail

Thank you for your efforts towards the Indiaunited community. Really appreciate you being there. 😁

Thank you for this great tool. Will try this for sure.

Please do.

This is great let me register hear

You are most welcome dear. Thank you for the support.

Done Bro, Thanks 😀

Thank you for joining the trail.

Great post...👍 and be a part of the curation.... You can set the voting power as well in the curation as to avoid the draining of the voting power... @inuke this is a nuke attack😜

Thank you for the word of confidence. I am sure we as a community are capable of doing so much more. All thanks to all of its members and mod team.

At @lalitswami, You too can join and be a part of Indiaunited. :D

Good job mate,keep it I am a part of this curation trail too.resteemed and upvoted.

Thank you for your support towards this initiative.

So, here we come :)

Yes, now we have to keep moving forward 😁

Thank you for joining the trail. 😁 Really appreciate the gesture.

Thank you for supporting this initiative

Good initiative... Keep rocking...

@Geetasnani, Thanks for the support. This is just a start we can be much more...

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Wow, brother, this is great.
I have completed this process.

Thank you for supporting this initiative.

Thanks for your support my friend. This initiative will definitely help many minnows. Do let me know the feedbacks

Ok brother sure.

Thanks for the valuable info, followed the curation trail,

Resteemed the post.

I appreciate that. Thanks for joining the Indiaunited.

Thanks @joyti-thelight, for being the part of Indiaunited.

What should i keep the voting weight ? default is 50 %. is it fine or should i increase/reduce it?

Yes the default is 50%, so each time you are voting the VP reduces by around 1%. And don't worry. The system waits a while to regain so voting power. So don't worry. 😁

Oh.. thats cool. Thanks a lot. Another thing is self upvoting. I dont like it somehow.. :P
How can i stop that? :P

@naveenboktapa, I understand your feelings regarding the self-vote and many people feel that way. We will definitely work around this and update you.

Also I would like to thank you personally for the support in the curation trail.

Wonderful! Will join today itself 🌟
Great initiative this is. Resteeming and sharing with Indian friends.

Thank you Hardik. Really appreciate you being a part of indiaunited. :D steem on.

nice topic dear.