India: Internet Freedom Foundation Launches "Save Our Privacy" Community Initiative

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The Internet Freedom Foundation in India has launched a community project called, “Save Our Privacy” to put forth a citizens bill on data protection that safeguards our right to privacy. Titled "Indian Privacy Code 2018" it has been drafted by a group of lawyers.

It has 7 key principles

  1. Individual rights are at the centre of privacy and data protection .
  2. A data protection law must be based on privacy principles.
  3. A strong privacy commission must be created to enforce the privacy principles.
  4. The government should respect user privacy.
  5. A complete privacy code comes with surveillance reform.
  6. Right to information needs to be strengthened and protected.
  7. International protections and harmonisation to protect the open internet must be incorporated.

SaveOurPrivacy is a public initiative to put forth a model draft law called the Indian Privacy Code, 2018. This draft hopes to build awareness, knowledge and discussion on specific and nuanced issues of privacy, data protection, interception and surveillance. You can comment on it online or download the PDF copy and send your comments by email to

Internet Freedom Foundation believes that the Indian Privacy Code, 2018 even though a model draft that will change and become better in time, puts through a comprehensive statute, a user right focussed data protection law. This is a policy fix for the recurring concerns and controversies including issues such as Aadhaar, Cambridge Analytica, the Social Media Communication Hub and the Snowden revelations on mass surveillance.

Please visit Save Our Privacy website and pledge your support! Everything is clearly explained on the website and you can read the draft as well as look into the details of each of the aforementioned principles.

Link to the draft

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What a wonderful initiative. I am going to convert those principles in an Infographic and write a blog as well. Thanks for informing all of us about this @firepower. Pledged my support:

Privacy is one of the most important thing for human. That is why people's personal data is very expensive than any other kind of thing. This way third party get full information if we unable to protect our privacy data.

This way they can communicate and manipulate us. That is why new technology Machine Leaning is very favourite in the market.

Powerful people want to control humans. Privacy is very important @firepower.

Thanks for the information @firepower. If the law applied properly then the right of citizens to remain protected will ensure.

Its true government must respect user privacy, and ensure strong information security.

Am using Google phone which is MI branded that doesn't a matter. Most of my chrome history is about I don't know whether my browsing history are stolen from my device. And making advertise on another app regarding steemit with Jerry banfield photo. 😂 OMG then, here what privacy I have. And they also they stealing my location history. And shopping site history and make my eyes to filled with searched products in form of google ads.

Pledge support - DONE!
Upvote - DONE!

Freedom and Privacy are keys to free society and a free market.

This is called real initiative by shining Digital India....

Are they really doing the thing in India where everyone will need biometric data in order to do financial transactions?

Great stuff. 👍

Another important issue that needs to be addressed in India is the blanket ban on Bitcoin exchanges.

On Tone Vays's "Bitcoin Morning Brief", a couple of days ago, they talked about how the Indian government didn't even do any research before implementing the ban.


Nice to know that our india is making good efforts to survive in this tech world.

This is the much needed initiative. In the era of internet and surveillance technology right to privacy has become a must. Govt. of India, during the hearing of a case on validity of Aadhar, presented an affidavit in the supreme court stating that privacy is not an absolute right.
This matter is still in the court. Supreme Court had declared many years ago that right to privacy is also a part of right to life, under the article 21 of the Indian constitution and hence, is a fundamental right. Violation of it should be a punishable offence but the Govt is bent on forcing people to provide their biometric data for the purpose of Adhar. UID is saying that Aadhar data is impossible to hack. What a joke! Recently (in news) a hacker hacked the data of Telangana Govt and disclosed identity of Mnrega beneficiaries.
Can a system be built which will be hacker proof? No. I am not doubting the intention of the government but it should realized that there is no guaranty of safeguarding of the general public's biometric data.
I hope this initiative of The Internet Freedom Foundation will open the eyes of the government.

A nice initiative to keep our details secured. After the recent breach of details by many platform, such initiatives are required to make maximum use of internet.....resteemed👍