How To Encrypt Your Android Devices for Paranoid Level of security

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We all knows the importance of encryption and how it is playing Avery important role to secure our communication and this post, I will talk about how to customize encryption settings among different android devices so that you stay safe and secure anytime anywhere.

 What is Encryption of Whole Android Device-:

Encryption is defined as The process of converting information or data into a code, especially to prevent unauthorized access. After encryption of Whole Android device, when you power on, you have to enter numeric pin or password to decrypt the device. An Encrypted device is far secure than a non-encrypted device and the only way to unlock the device with encryption key only.

How to encrypt your Android device-:

Android is the most popular mobile operating system. We can encrypt our Android device to secure all data stored in our phone but it is highly recommended to get aware about complete encryption process because it not not reversible process and slow down the performance of a low-end device. follow the following steps to encrypt Android device.

  • Plug in the device to charge the battery  As Encryption is time-consuming. Process should break in between due to low charging.
  • Make sure a password or PIN is set in Security > Screen lock , if not enable it.
  • Go to Settings > Security and Press the “Encrypt phone” option.
  • Read the notice and press “Encrypt phone” to start the encryption process.

Consider the following point before encrypting your Android Device-:

  1. Encryption of phone data is a time consuming and slow down the performance of Phone so the only higher-end device is recommended for encryption.
  2. Encryption is a one-way process you can not reverse it back.
  3.  Encryption is a time-consuming process and may take one hour, it is highly recommended to start encryption once your device fully charged.

Conclusion-: Encryption is a good option to safe and secures your Android device data but one the other hand it is not a reversible process, do encryption once you fully understand the process, pro and cons of encryption. 

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