Draw on Blockchain : Pulled Rickshaw 人力車

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A simple quick sketch of pulled rickshaw. I still haven't ride on it. And this is based on Arashiyama's. Hong Kong also has this kind of car and of course for tourists ^^ Sometime we can also see this in TV drama showing the early 20th Century.

簡單的人力車速寫,這是在嵐山旅遊時看到的。不過沒有坐呢,一個人坐好奇怪,但現在又有點後悔,因為人力車男子好帥xD 香港也有這種車,除了在電視劇看到,應該就只有中環那邊有了,當然也是遊客觀光用的。不知道還有沒有呢,現在熱到哇哇叫,不要說拉,坐也有點勉強...

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Excellent post!



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對~我沒坐因為一個人沒胆一個人面對帥哥^^ 那邊的人力車好像不少是大學生打工,要讀觀光資料又要會跟客人聊天,也得鍛練,這麼敬業說心酸好像有點失禮,不如尊敬他們吧~

Story in an image! It's amazing that there are still those carriages

Thank you! Yup, but they are for tourist only, not for hiring for normal transport like taxi xD



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