Draw on Blockchain : Chinese Culture Project EP5 Illustration (prelude) 樂筆詩塾第五期插圖(先行預覧)

in illustartion •  last year  (edited)

In fact, when I post this post, the drawing of coming @ccp-hk project is finished, and video is in process <3 This is the 80% finished product. I made some adjustment of the composition and add some new element too. EP 4 here This week is about sweet and sorrow, reminiscing of lover passed away. I didn't understand why girls in movie or even reality feel sweet and impressed by poem, and I think I understand a little bit now ^^

The woman sitting on tree playing the guqin. And a cuckoo sitting by her. The butterfly head accessory is the one Zhuang Zhou saw in dream. The white dots I changed later, only on ground. They are pearl, also the tears. These are from the point of view of the poet.

其實在發帖時已經畫好了,這是下期樂筆思塾的插圖。讀了五期,每篇都很能勾起共鳴和心事,詩,真的好厲害呢。這篇關於逝去的愛人的懷念,昨日的美,今天只有回望惘然。一直以來都不明白電影甚至真實,女生收到詩為何哪麼感動,現在好像有一點點明白了^^ 彈奏著古琴的女人;代表思念至深的杜鵑鳥;莊周夢蝶,都是這首詩的關鍵詞。白色的光點我後來改動了,只在地上,它們是明珠也是淚。而這一切,都是由詩人第一身出發,但所有東西都變得遙遠,只能從背後追著。

The final image, please visit @ccp-hk on this Thursday! <3

星期四來 @ccp-hk 看完成圖吧<3

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Why sesame so smart and clever?

Cos you carry me ar ma <3



你好cn区点赞机器人 @cnbuddy 很开心你能成为cn区的一员。倘若你想让我隐形,请回复“取消”。

I look forward to seeing the full video, so far you have worked hard, thanks for keeping us informed! :)

Thank you so much>< Please come to @ccp-hk on Thu~~ It has English version, please leave us comment too^^