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It is already way too long since our last article in our "Curator's Choice" series. We've seen quite a few enjoyable and good posts in last weeks.

From all the post IINC voted for, I made a selection of six posts I like to bring to your attention. All posts are quite different, but all are special, with high quality and great content! Topics ranges from a music induced travelling adventure, an immensely in-depth album review, a tribute to Jim Henson, to John Williams, an Austrian Composer and a instrument builder.

If you will, engage with the author of the posts to your liking. I'm sure the authors don't mind a shout out :)

I wish you lots of reading pleasure!

"Cataracts" by Levi the Poet: An Album Review

by @caleblailmusik

An impressive detailed review of the album "Cataracts" by Levi the Poet. The user writes passionately, and takes us on a journey through his/her thoughts, per track! I didn't count the amount of words, but I'll not be surprised if this surpasses a thousand. Although it's length, the post is far from boring. The post is actually very engaging!

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"The Rainbow Connection" (Cover) It is probably magic. Thank you letter/tribute to JIM HENSON

by @yidneth

As the title suggests, this is a - massive - post about one of the idols "Jim Henson" of the writer. She not only tells us what and why she has this amazing appreciation for Jim Henson, tells us about his creations, gives us more about Jim himself, but also includes one of her cover songs created as a tribute to Jim Henson. A bit sweet song, but for sure a very professional creation, with a role for Kermit the Frog in the video!

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I biked across the USA with my guitar - Here's how it happened

by @badcamper

This guy has gone through a great cycling adventure in the USA. Through photographs and supporting text, the writer takes us on a journey, his journey. While cycling across the country, he did several music gigs and concluded he will pursue a career as a musician! I great and enjoying post.

image source: cover image of featured article

1000 Gesichter der Inspiration: #001 Günther Fiala | Musicalkomponist

by @theodora.austria

Another amazing post! This one is about Günther Fiala, a composer, pianist and singer from Austria. The writer is inspired by Günther and promises us to bring more similar post to us and our community. She interviewed Günther; The result we can read in this post. Some good questions, with great responses, and overall super writing! In case you are into Musicals, this post is a MUST READ.

Note: the post is written in the German language.

image source: cover image of featured article

Episode 9 Will Be Williams' Last. Did Disney Put Him Off?

by @greatestjourney

This user must be a Star Wars fan and even more a John Williams fan, the guy known for his soundtrack of many famous movies. Apparently John Williams is contracted for the next Star Wars movie, episode 9. We can read the personal opinions of the user about Williams, Star Wars and as a bonus we can listen to some of the music mister Williams composed for earlier Star Wars movies.

I advise to scroll down to the bottom of the post immediately after opening it. Then hit the play button of one of the tracks, and start reading from the top. Enjoy the music and the read!

image source: cover image of featured article

Making of - Upcycled Oilcan Mandola

by @dose-instruments

We have a few music instrument builders in our community. This user is one of them. I always have pleasure reading posts giving us an insight in how an instrument is created, from scratch to finished version.

This post is more a photographic story. I would have loved to see a bit more supporting stories included in the post, but even without an extensive writeup, I like the post as it is. Maybe because the post is quite different to so many other posts about music? For sure, this topic is not covered a lot in our community which makes this post special.

image source: cover image of featured article


Let us know in the comment section, whether you have comments to this post, the article series in general, or have suggestions for this series. We are always open for positive criticism and improvements.


this post is curated and written by @edje aka @qsounds

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Thank you for the mention. My rainbow post is now past eligible curation time but everyone is welcome to feedback. I have a post though called "Northern Lights" I would be grateful to know your opinion. Still, thank you because any mention is encouraging anyway.

Sorry about the older than 7 day mark. I was planning to post sooner, but didn't make it. Keep up the good work! :)

It is ok, feedback is always welcome anytime. I am honoured.

pleaseeeeeeeeeee write again :)

In the planning :)

Thank you very much for picking my article. Since there was a massive - and overall positive - response to my interview with Günther Fiala, an English version will be published tomorrow. And: There's an interview with another brilliant Austrian musician to come...

Well deserved!!!! Super Theodora!!!! More music articles via Austria much needed!!!

Thank you, @mammasitta! There's a lot more to come. Btw: the interview with Günther is now also available in English!

Really great selection of articles. I am very impressed.

We do our best! :)

i wish you would play us some tunes of what you recommend

What format you have in mind?

thanks for including my Mandola! I'll try to write a little bit more about the next instrument that I'll be posting about soon, so keep tuned :)

I received a huge upvote on post today via a curation trail that may have started with your profile.

Thank you! It was such a lovely surprise.

Thanks for the promotion. How did you find me?

Looking forward to the next post!

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