Receive Digital Land and Earn Advertising Revenue by Delegating / Swaping Steem for GoFindXR Tokens

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Extended Reality on Steem Blockchain

@GoFindXR announced their project and partnership with @Oracle-D a few days ago. If you have missed the announcement, please go through this blog - World's first Decentralised Social Media platform on Extended Reality powered by XR and Steem. We are really excited to be a part of this revolution where you can earn tokens by generating 2D/XR media through their application.

How GoFindXR is Unique

This platform has distinct features which cannot be found anywhere else as of now:

  • The Gofind XR app will display social media in a new AR format by geolocation of posts. In addition, users can easily post and view 360 degree photos and videos and AR/VR content. All standard Steem functions are supported including upvotes.
  • This new platform will be monetized using advertisements to create a sustainable business model that scales as the community grows. In addition to standard Steem, the revenues from the advertisements will also be shared with the content creators (holding minimum 500 XR).

Watch this explainer video to know more about the project:

Gofind XR blockchain platform is the first platform to enable monetization and development of location-aware AR/VR/XR mobile apps. Gofind XR has tokenized earthís geolocations. Holders of XR coin stake their coin via an XR Estate web app and they earn a share of advertising and other activities on the network via the unique PoGS (Proof of Geo-Staking) algorithm. XR tokens will be issued in an ICO (April-May) and will be tradable on crypto exchanges. Currently, limited private investors and communities (including Steem ) can get discounted XR before ICO starts. Beyond social media, XR ecosystem will be also used in games, real estate, and other applications and XR token holders earn their share from activities all apps. More info is at and XR Token Purchase portal is at

Source: World's first Decentralised Social Media platform on Extended Reality powered by XR and Steem

Beta Testing - Join Today!

For the evolution of the application, user feedback is of utmost importance. Please join the beta testing today and help us create a better experience for you.

Swap Steem - Limited Time Offer

@GoFindXR has launched a limited time offer for Steemians.

Normal XR pricings:
1 STEEM = $0.46
1 XR = $0.15

At present, the swap rate is 1 Steem for 10XR

  • To swap Steem, send Steem to @gofindxr and write your Ethereum address in the memo (you can start the memo with a #to keep your ETH address private if you would like)
  • Fill this Google form AFTER swapping or delegating (
    XR tokens are deposited in your designated ERC-20 wallet within 10 days of Steem transfer for swaps. If you don't have a Ethereum ERC-20 wallet, then you can create one for free at or any any other service.
  • This offer is only available for limited time. Until the above Google Form link is available, the scheme is available.

Delegate Steem - Limited Time Offer

If you delegate Steem to @gofindxr for at least 6 months you will get 10% of your delegation in GoFindXR Tokens
Make sure you send a memo (0.001 STEEM) to @gofindxr with your ETH address (you can start the memo with a #to keep your ETH address private if you would like).

Please Note: Max supply of XR Token is 1.3 Billion. You can earn 10 XR for 100 STEEM delegated for 6 months. Or 10XR for 1 Steem swapped.

Bonus - Purchase XR Tokens Directly

Buy XR with BTC, ETH or credit card with 60% Bonus (special deal only for Oracle-D Followers) at

Benefits of Holding the XR Tokens

There are several benefits of holding the XR Tokens:

  • In addition to standard Steem, the revenues from the advertisements will also be shared with the content creators (holding minimum 500 XR).
  • XR Tokens will begin trading on public crypto exchanges that act like stock exchanges that will set the price of GoFind Tokens by matching buy and sell orders. As the market grows, so will the demand for the Tokens. No new token will be created after the Token sale.
  • It's a huge and growing market. AR is the future. Worldwide AR industry is expected to grow 700% in next 5 years and hit $209 by 2023 (Statista) 2) Global Mobile Advertising will hit $197 Billion by 2020 (Zenith)
  • Gofind XR brings together hundreds of developers and apps to build the first global Web 3.0 ecosystem on Blockchain.
  • XR Apps Store will be the largest Aggregator of XR apps and games in one place on mobile and smart glasses.

Oracle D Line break.png


is a new STEEM blockchain business venture bringing new investment into the ecosystem. Founded by @starkerz and @anarcotech, we previously were co-founders of the #promo-steem and @steem-ambassador projects, and we developed the CAMPUS curation system, which is a fully decentralised system for distributing rewards.

Core Mission

We remain apolitical, and our number one goal is to raise the price and utility of the STEEM blockchain, improve culture and education about the blockchain, and create opportunities which support exceptional quality content creators through collaboration with investors and clients. In other words, to add as much value to the blockchain every day as we can.

Account Creation API

If you are a DApp owner, your might be interested in our new account creation API. It helps small DApps with little SP or RCs to create their own sign up process to onboard new users on the Blockchain. You can read more about it in this blog or directly go to to register. It is available only for the DApp owners and not for the regular endusers.

How to support us.png
You can support us in the following ways:

  • Upvote & Resteem this blog and spread the word about Oracle-D and our campaign.
  • Support our writers and their content which will ultimately empower quality on the STEEM Blockchain.
  • Join our curation trail in SteemAuto to maximize your curation rewards.

Upvote @Oracle-D witness by going to

or directly through SteemConnect

Any kind of contribution is much appreciated and thank you for being a part of this Journey! Also, please do not hesitate to connect with us for any kind of collaborations that can help the STEEM Community grow.

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Connect with us at the following:


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I bought paid 5steem and filled the form but haven't seen the token in my wallet. I also didn't get any feedback about my transaction.

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Hello @belemo thanks for your support. We did transfer you XR tokens within 2 days after your steem swap. Please check your ethereum account and the transaction details below. However we did not email you (which would have helped for sure) . Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will now start emailing everyone after transfer. We will give you an extra 50 XR to help us improve the process.

  1. Transfer#1 on 13 days ago:

  2. Transfer#2 today:

Thanks, hope you will purchase more XR

I appreciate. Sorry for the inconvenience

Yeah, I'm definitely going to purchase more. I also downloaded the android app. Its my first experience with Augmented reality but I'll get a hang of it. I'd love to get updates about development in this project.
Thanks once again.

My question for ICO team is How the price of property will be decided? Do they serve worldwide? Do they have their own blockchain?

Currently, the price of XR Land is fixed. Later in 2019, we will turn on bidding, so the value of land can be market determined

Thank you for this kind information. Now i am interested to this project and i will try to delegate SP.

I'll have to get a new ETH wallet to delegate myself

I guess it's time to get some XR tokens with my steem. I won't have to miss this cool opportunity

That will be great, let me know if you have any questions

I follow you man.....we have to make good use of our steem

I already got my 500XR waiting to be staked, if thres a way to stake already kindly let me know, I was stoked at first sight of this project, im fully behind you guys. I hope the best comes up from this project.

That is awesome news! :) We will certainly do our best to support!

Is that available any where to upload 360 photos in the world

We are releasing that capability in 2 weeks! Stay tuned

All the best to the team! Is oracle-d on twitter?

Hi You can start staking at

There are lot of other project who has similar ideas. As per one report, most of the start up in blockchain world has zero or less real world application. How are your team panning to be different from the rest and prove that it's a trust worthy project? How are you planning to over come the current market situation? Are there any early partnership?

Absolutely we believe partnerships and real-world dApps are the key and we are working on that. Currently, we have close partnerships with Gaming studios, Real-estate companies, Insurance, advertising companies. In our roadmap, for later in the year, we will be launching SDKs for multiple platforms, so that developers and enterprises can plug and play and build apps.

I haven't researched the project properly yet but from this outline I think it's worth swapping a few hundred steem. I would like to have a stake in this going forward as it has huge potential.

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we also think so @niallon11!

So many projects happening at the moment it's going to be tough which to get behind. We are going to be spoiled for choice this year.

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@niallon11 let us know if you have any questions. the mainnet platform is rolled out for staking XRs to lease XR land at low prices so this could be an ideal time. You can also reach us by email at [email protected]

I have delegated and swap the token, because of Gofind XR project, now I have Digital Land! Thanks for this amazing project.
after stake.jpg

Where is it that you have staked your tokens @fararizky?

Around Washington Square Park, and another place around Little Italy. I use website to stake those area after the swap token successful.
Well.. still searching for another place to stake for my third digital land.

Resteemed and witness upvote done, Go ahead @oracle-d

@mawahab bro try it.

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Looking at the AR future prospect and @oracle-d backing up the projects, I feel there is no harm in delegating few SP. I have been looking at few of the investment prospect with my limited SP and now feel got one.....and a better one too.....👍 Steem on!

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I have delegated and swap the token. Nice project sir

The Gofind XR app will display social media in a new AR format by geolocation of posts.

Hmm. How would this work on topics that arent travel/arhitecture/history related?
How will you collect the geolocations of posts?

Great question. We are building dApps that will let users assign related posts to various locations and also get crypto rewards for that. Apart from this crowdsourcing, we will also be going through some popular sources later in the year to add some standard articles and posts against famous locations

Whenever @oracle-d is behind a project...the least I can say is that there is safety.

Expect my delegation soon

Witness vote given.

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I'm always happy contributing my own quota in the development of steemit and Steem related activities which @oracle-d has been doing all this while, your support no know limit. I will transfer 1 steem to XR since I'm having limited steempower. I will fit the form and follow the campaign to the end. Steem to the moon, boom.

thanks, we have received your Steem. To send ETH we need a normal Ethereum address. The one that you have sent is a smart contract address. Can you please create a new normal Ethereum address and resend?

Such a great project planning to delegate some steempower to the project so I can earn some token . you guys are really doing great job

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Great news! I just sent you a couple of Steam to swap also just completed the google form. Best of lucks with this project, Reposted.

We have delivered the XR tokens into your account. Thanks

I will try to delegate SP, and will risk the tokens, hopefully I'll get something good here

I can definitely say you guys are way dedicated and I'll look Into this one and delegate my quota, I hope to see how it definitely turns out in earnest

cool! we look forward to having your watchful eyes on the project!

@oracle-d you always shared such an amazing and revolutionary ideas and projects. I definitely support by joining it later and at the spot my tiny vote is for this blog also resteeming for more viewers. I also done my vote of witness for you. My best wishes for this project.

If this blog for spread the knowledge about Gofind XR/AR
Spend a bit get a lot more Go with Gofindxr/ar

I have 14.956 sp so I just upvoted your observer


Upvote & Resteem done
Calling @foodndrin @sujun @villani @destinysaid @valchiz

Upvote & Resteem done
Another good contest. tag @nonsowrites @samul18 @borishaifa @murathe @dannyeg

My witness vote

Upvote and resteem done.

I want to participate this contest. And I am calling @michaeljack @jaxsonevan @isabellalucas @lifeyourlife @hugonelson @frankhood @patrikcooper @dhaka123 @enjoy22a @secretecandy @lanzjoseg

Calling my Steemit friend @purepinag @jenny2 @jerry1994 @miller1 @mushfica

May I confirm that the swap rate is 1 STEEM to 10 XR?

It’s 10 XR for every 1 Steem Swapped

thanks! according to my rough calculation, swap rate is much better than delegation rate. :)

It certainly is

Yes , 1 STEEM swap = 10 XRs. Just send to @gofindxr as per instructions above. Please note this is a limited time offer only for Steem community

This looks like a great project and the future of computing.
I just went to download the platform on to my android (found 3 options and downloaded all 3) Looking forward to beta testing this
I am now following you and have up-voted. I want to eep up with the advances as they happen.

Hope you will find it interesting!

soon I will try to put my token and delegate SP, this is a good time for me to do

@oracle-d Team, @gofindxr reflecting as coming up with an opportunity for sure. And for sure most of the fields are coming under VR and AI Technology and and keeping these points in mind this project sounds really potential and productive too. Keep up team and good wishes from my side.

wow. there's a lot to take in here. I really like the concept, it reminds me a little of offline geocaching which is a lot of fun. I'll stake a little and swap a little so I can follow along. Sounds like a worthy project.

Excellent project, I hope to be able to support you with a minimum delegation as I have little SP in my account and hoping to be supported in the future.


I have no sp so i just upvoted your witness Screenshot_2019-03-24-00-57-18.png

Involvement of oracle-d is itself is an assurance of bright future of this project I don't have much but I eagerly want to involve in this wonderful project just one question by whom will prices of coin by decided?

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There are other comments above that discuss this issue

Loving this idea. Will have to research some more and get involved ASAP. I'll stay up to date and follow up with any questions. Take care ya'll and here's the best of AR/BlockChain/ and my personal favorite, ART.

I've always wondered who will "own" an augmented reality location. And the evolution of niche realities popping up, perhaps even having access to certain realities. Example, if someone viewed my logo threw their ar software, would they see what I want them to see or will the program decide?

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Guess it depends on the perception of the viewer

Upvote and resteem

@dmilliz, @pittsburghhodlr, @emsonic, @honourmaus and @lordjeijo All of you should come and play your role.

It will be something of joy to join this campaign but I don't really know how to go about this. Little help will be appreciated here.

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Just stay tuned to our channel or @gofindxr for more details about how u can get involved

So if we delegate 100sp, we will get 10 tokens per day! Am I missing something?

If u delegate 100sp for 6 months, u will get 10 xr

This is a cool opportunity. I think I will exchange my steem to hold the xr token.

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Thanks, let us know if you have any questions

I totally like the idea of digital lands. This will help us earn from multiple ways like selling advert space, building XR for monetization, etc.

This seems a pretty interesting idea.
For a moment I don't have much idea about the services @gofindxr are giving but the way it feels seems pretty much interesting to me.
Will definitely look into it by installing the app :)
Thumbs up to the team of @oracle-d for trying to bring some cool guys in here :)

Great! I like this project.
@sherlock007, @afrinsultana hope you guys would join.

I have done it!

done, heading to fill the form now. Is there anyway I can be useful to @oracle-d project?Screenshot_20190323-183940.png

sounds really interesting, i was a huge sim city nerd as a kid and to think of a game thats like that but in vr/ar is just like wow!!! Hope it all transpires to an actual working model

We are excited about this! Looking forward to seeing if it can cater to sim city fans such as u!!

You are a talent.Excellent post.I already got my 500XR waiting to be staked, if thres a way to stake already kindly let me know, I was stoked at first sight of this project, im fully behind you guys. I hope the best comes up from this project. I understand 95.59% in this post, and if you post more beautifully, we will understand better and we can improve. Thank you for this kind of posting. We want to be able to improve in one day.There are lot of other project who has similar ideas. As per one report, most of the start up in blockchain world has zero or less real world application.

Thanks for getting XRs. Please let us know if you have any questions. You can stake XRs using

How a newbie like me can get those tokens? And how you guys earn $328.61 in a single post!!!!! Amazing

  1. do ur research and make sure u are happy that this is a great project.
  2. either delegate to or send Steem tokens to @gofindxr
  3. fill in the form above

I will definitely be looking into this. Sounds awesome!

I have delegated and swap the token


Hi @nawmi we are trying to locate your transaction. Did you transfer Steem to @gofindxr ? you ca also email us at [email protected]

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Good day sir. thanks for sharing this post. I like it this post.i appreciate your valuable post

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hi i'm new here n i come to say hey n i liked u post make new everyday please

It's best opportunityfor us .all the best going well.

This looks really interesting ! You all are doing great things . When is the iOS TestFlight out ?

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Follow me i follow back

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Resteemed and witness upvote done, Go ahead @oracle-d


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Its a very nice article:)
If you have some time please check out my last post:
or my new website:

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I am looking forward to the ios version. Resteemed this article. Thank you for supporting Steem community.

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Looks interesting... so I basically need to swap 50 steem ATM to get 500 XR tokens which gets me a share of the ad revenue?!

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Sounds like a good excuse to buy more steem!

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That's correct! This is amazing isn't it?

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Good opportunity for everybody. Thanks for this post.

Resteemed :-)

Dont quite understand it but will give it a go.

nice innovation ! especially on the possible ads part to monetize. if you guys can strike a deal with pokemon go that would be marvelous !

🚀 🌕

Moon your steem everyday ! Instant Dividend payout after every game. Try and WIN 104,424 steemies with 1 steemie. Participate in Players Upvote round (every 144 mins) worth $0.46

it turns out that gofind xr is good to try, I will try to register on this platform

Witness vote done

I like your excellent project I call my some friends..

@rehan12 @alexran @arifull


I'm having trouble transferring as when I put the #to function in the memo, it says it's missing the private key?

I'm not putting a private key in a memo.

I’ll dm u in doscord

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It really interesting project.
I want to join this and i want delegated and swap the token, because of Gofind XR project.
sir it done

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This is great to see! We can't wait to see you start earning rewards once you stake!

Thank you sir i need your support always.

That is really great as in real life I hardly have any land of my own but after this it will really a good thing for me and I am so happy to see this and very soon i am gonna invest in steem so that I can have my share in the delegation keep up the good work team.

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No questions to ask as @oracle-d has given this information this project has a bright future .I am looking forward to delegate and invest in to this project I would like everybody to support this project. Thanks for sharing this .I would like to tag @kawaicrush @fitinfun @sumit @yourindianconsumer

@rony69 you should put some spaces between he names of ur colleagues so that they show as individual names and then they will be notified

Sir as i have very few SP but still ill try to take part in it just i will be happy to see this project getting mass adoption and success.

Best wishes.

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Thanks for the information @oracle-d your projects are really awesome our platform needs person like you people blessed to have you here. One question how is the price of coin decided

Maybe @gofindxr can answer better than us, but as far as we understand, the tokens are fixed by the project at $0.15 per XR token for a limited time after which the token price is raised considerably. Later in 2019 the land tokens will be floated on the market where the price shall be determined by free market factors and demand for the token!

Yup it seems to have a bright future ahead.

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I was always asking for this from the steem community so that all the users around can get a minimum amount so that they can sustain on this platform for long and after reading this i am way more happier that @oracle-d for bringing this in light so happy and wish success for this project.

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Good to know you are interested!

I will try to delegate Steem Power i hope it's very interesting project sir.

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As being backed by such a reputed person of our blockchain i hardly have any question but soon will be delegating SP to them as that will be a real help for me as well as people around us and as the time passes everything regarding the project will automatically get cleared..... so happy to hear

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This is awesome news!! Looking forward to your involvement in the project!