World's first Decentralised Social Media platform on Extended Reality powered by XR and Steem

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World's First Decentralized Social Media Platform on Extended Reality Powered by XR and Steem

Steem has already broken new grounds by making social media decentralized. Gofind XR and Oracle-D are now taking this to the next stage by building the worldís first Decentralized Extended Reality (XR) based social media platform powered by Steem & Gofind XR blockchain. This platform is accessible by any smartphone with the Gofind XR Portal app. Just look around you with the appís camera and you will be able to view content all around you in XR and submit 2D/XR posts to earn tokens. Time to get creative and extend the reality.

AR Camera- AR Posts.png

What is different in this platform

- Supports AR/VR/ 3D Photos & Videos

The Gofind XR app will display social media in a new AR format by geolocation of posts. In addition, users can easily post and view 360 degree photos and videos and AR/VR content. All standard Steem functions are supported including upvotes.

- Advertising and revenue sharing

This new platform will be monetized using advertisements to create a sustainable business model that scales as the community grows. In addition to standard Steem, the revenues from the advertisements will also be shared with the content creators (holding minimum 500 XR).

AR Camera- Game (1).png

Gofind XR Blockchain Platform & Oracle-D

Gofind XR blockchain platform is the first platform to enable monetization and development of location-aware AR/VR/XR apps. Gofind XR has tokenized earthís geolocations. Holders of XR coin stake their coin via an XR Estate web app and they earn a share of advertising and other activities on the network via the unique PoGS (Proof of Geo-Staking) algorithm. XR tokens will be issued in an ICO (April-May) and will be tradable on crypto exchanges. Currently, limited private investors and communities (including Steem ) can get discounted XR before ICO starts. Beyond social media, XR ecosystem will be also used in games, real estate, and other applications and XR token holders earn their share from activities all apps. More info is at and XR Token Purchase portal is at

See video link

Oracle-D builds online and offline communities and is a prominent member the Steem community. Our partnership is working hard to build the new AR based experiences in Steem.

How XR ecosystem work on the Steem Social Media app?

  • Users will post and view media ñ (can be 2D / AR / VR)
  • Advertisers will bid on ads by locations and demographics
  • When users view the AR Ads, that will count an impression and bill the advertiser
  • Steem rewards that will be shared between the stakeholders (as per Steem rules)
  • XR tokens will also be shared with all users (who stake minimum 500 XR)

Current project status

  • We are in the initial stages of building out the Steem based social media app. The demo is available on Android. iOS coming soon. Link below
  • Currently the app is showing the Twitter public feeds & Points of Interest feeds by location which will be replaced with Steem posts shortly. We are creating a new internal backend service for Steem to make advanced location-based Steem API queries. We are in the final stages of integrating to Steem blockchain
  • We are currently fundraising for our seed round. Please contact at visit at if you invest in startups on private seed rounds.

AR Social Media Twitter / Google places

360 Video / Images / VR : Watch Video

How can you help:

Test Beta App

Swap Steem

For a limited time, Steem Community can swap 1 Steem ($0.40 at time of writing) for 10 XRs ($1.5 total for 10 XRs as per ICO price ). XR tokens can be staked for passive tokens or traded at crypto exchanges after ICO.

  • To swap Steem, send Steem to @gofindxr
  • Fill this Google form AFTER swapping or delegating
  • XR tokens are deposited in your designated ERC-20 wallet within 2 days of Steem transfer for swaps. If you dont have a Ethereum ERC-20 wallet, then you can create one for free at or any any other service
  • This offer is only available for limited time. Until the above Google Form link is available, the scheme is available

Purchase XR Direct

Buy XR with BTC, ETH or credit card with 60% Bonus (special deal ) at

In summary

  • Gofind XR with Oracle-D is launching an XR platform for social Media on Steem. The platform will have both 2D as well as AR/VR content

  • The platform will carry regular Steem functions and reward systems. In addition to steem rewards, the platform will be monetized with advertisements and revenue will be shared with content creators (with minimum 500 XR)

Exclusive offers for Steem community

For any questions on the ICO, please visit and feel free to email to [email protected]


This is a welcomed project on the Steem blockchain.

Great work from the developers to the management for bringing such awesome project on the Steem blockchain.

I hope to hear more about this project.

This industry is nascent and our terminology vague. Just recently the web standards abandoned vr and ar terminology for an all encompassing xr. We're happy to see more use cases for spacial web and xr... all on Steem. There are no losers here, just clear winners like the Steemians who can use these new technologies.

We look forward to collaborating with @dlux-io and all developers on the XR ecosystem & Steem

muy buena este bloque de steem me gusta tiene mejores visuilizaciones espero sigan mejorando este trabajo

@gofidxr you are so welcome to the steem network and it is nice to know that you are partnering with a golden project (@oracle-d). I literally, love the fact that the project is revolutionizing the way we use the internet and I wish you all the best on the platform.

Thanks, we will continue building. Hope you like what's coming up next...

Freaking awesome!!! Augmented/Extended Reality. I am getting 500 XR Tokens with my STEEEEEEEM. Looks like I need a 360 Degree Camera. :P

Thanks, let me know if you have any trouble getting your XR

Hahaha.. I have a good quality android camera with Xperia. Is it enough?

Yes, any smartphone camera works!

This is realy one of the best projects Augmented EXtended reality i am look forward to trading with this token i think there is something good here

Yes i was thinking with a good quality camara and a fast phone anything is possible

thanks very much

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This seems wild the possibilities and creativity of people is outstanding. This seems to really shine in crypotocurrency so I hope to see it's continued growth and support

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thanks, stay tunes for next updates

@disregardfiat @dlux-io @markegiles
make sure you utilize the creations of a steem VR system

great idea, will do

This is amazing and ground breaking. I feel really proud to be associated with GofindXR. Let's kick asses with this innovation.

Cheers :)

Eagerly waiting for the Info and the move or the project is welcome on the screen blockchain. Waiting for the iOS version

A welcome project on the Steem Blockchain! Great job guys!

Nice! You are actually the second XR project on Steem. @dlux-io has been working over a year to monetize XR posts thru Steem, and hosted a location based AR scavenger hunt secured on Steem just last Saturday (write up coming soon). We’re glad to see another take on how to merge XR and Steem. Your project differs for now in that it uses native apps (ours is fully web based). Excited to see where you take it, and welcome!

This is awesome! Thanks @gofindxr for this amazing opportunity to be a part of this crazy-cool project. I just swapped some STEEM for 500 XR! Can't wait to see what happens next! :)

@shari-loveurlife we have delivered the XRs to your account . Stay tuned and thanks for your support

Thanks very much, stay tuned for more updates

Just amazing. This is going to be a boom in this platform.

thanks, we hope to contribute more to Steem platform

Great work from the developers This is another life through steem I am getting Tokens XR I feel like these two worlds will come together to create something special Thanks @gofindxr

thanks, let me know @juan1899 if you have any troubles getting the XRs

This project is highly welcomed on Steem blockchain

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thanks very much

Really when the application is usable for Android and IOS, it will be great, the market that could be hoarded is immense, imagine using your VR to see the things that people have been sharing in the place where you are currently, it is incredible, I am Excited for what's coming, great job!

thanks,iOS version coming soon

I'm going right away to download the app. I've been fantasizing about Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (the likes of Oculus rift), now it's awesome we can have it in the steem blockchain.

remarkable. I am interested in these two platforms. I want to know more about this.

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Stay tuned, more news coming up next week, thanks

You sir, just won the internet.

You sir are the greatest! :)

Oh boy!
This is huge!
Looking forward on your next steps.

thanks captain!

you're welcome!

Seems like a great project to me!
Hope to hear more from you

Number two, not the first ;)

DLUX is the first XR on STEEM :)

Next to this, welcome aboard, we definitely need the xr dapps and communities for the success of steem! This is one way into the future, and together with steem, the hit will be huge :)

Welcome to Steem! It is awesome to see this project with their own official Steem account!

This is a crazy project in a good way actually.
Good luck for y'all and welcome to the steem blockchain!

thanks very much

I'm new here, but i know I'll get to know more and more about steemit..i really appreciate you doing a great work.

This looks ground breaking! Welcome to STEEM. I feel like these two worlds will come together to create something special.
Excited to see what happens next.

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thanks, we are excited too

STEEM should be in coinmarketcap Top 20 for innovation like this.

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Make STEEM Great Again!

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This is another life through steem. Steem will surely rise again!

I'm yet to understand everything in here; still need to take my time.

stay tuned for news next week. We will have weekly updates and releases coming up

Glad to have you over with us

same here, thanks

Thanks for using @edensgarden!

Cant't wait to see what impact will have these 3D dApps on the BlockChain community.

i felt excited and inspired
before you get to a yet another bloody ico

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This looks very interesting and I am very excited to be a part of this. I will get my 500 tokens ASAP so that I can go on this journey.

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Welcome to Steemit community! I am Japanese @Oracle-D content creator.

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Just tried the app and it consumes so much battery. It makes my phone hot. Maybe my phone is just too old for it. Its S5. Also, I could not find the capture button.

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Another very exciting development on the Steem Blockchain. Welcome @gofindxr and thanks for choosing Steem as your home and @oracle-d as you onboarding partner! I look forward to exploring the new reality (!) whilst watching your development with interest of the next few months...

I love the project already hope to see more of this

This is a very unique project. Maybe something will happen that will be better in the future. Before that, I had to study this further. It might be possible to choose quick action immediately in the community.

thanks, we look forward to your feedback

Just awesome!😎 Welcome!!!

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thanks, great to be on Steem. We hope to contribute

Welcome to steemit @gofindxr.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Welcome @gofindxr to the Steem Blockchain!
You have a really exciting project going on.
From your Webpage I found out that you are considering to comply with SEC regulations and KYC rules.
Your ICO includes most main cryptocurrency and Fiat contributions as well.
The ICO Hardcap is set to be 25mio for 1.3billion XR Tokens at a price of 0.15cents per peace.
Compared to the current Steem Marketcap of around 100mio you are aiming for a 25% share of the total Steem Marketcapitalization, that is huge and very ambitious!
I like your serious approach in how you are conducting this ICO and I wish you much success in developing your business.
I also hope that this will bring great value to the overall Steem Ecosystem.
Looking forward to your further development!

Thanks, hope you join us in the ICO . We think Steem will be very huge going forward and currently, Steem is undervalued. That's also why we are giving 10 XR per 1 Steem for now. We hope our dapps will help to appreciate Steem value more. thanks for your support @masterthematrix

Innovative use of AR and VR technology. It's definitely where things are headed.

excellent I love this photos

When is the next time we will receive an update?

Everyone check out @dlux-io The Worlds First Decentralied Social Media Platform On Extended Realtiy Powered By XR and Steem.

Is there anything different between this and dlux?

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they are completely different projects . We are mainly focussed on location-based AR dapps and SDK on various verticals including social media, ads, ride,sharing, real estate, etc. d-lux is building dev tools and other infrastructure for VR

Very interesting!

About 166.01$ has been spent to promote this content.

Uhh! I really liked your post. It is interesting.

Decentralized social media are the future because they allow us to earn money by being active on them... What a great thing

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A hill destination worth setting of eyes upon

Looks like an interesting project, but I've been disappointed before. Why would anyone use this app? What are the incentives for regular users?

Look out for our next post as we delve deep into how this affects regular users and benefits the Steemcommunity. We hope you like it.

I'm eager to see your next post!

I understand 90 percent of you in this post. If you post more beautifully, we will understand better and we can improve. Thank you for posting this type, we want you to be able to improve one day.thisreceived_408843769924378.gif is a welcomed project on the Steem blockchain.

Great work from the developers to the management for bringing such awesome project on the Steem blockchain.

I hope to hear more about this project.and . I am getting 500 XR Tokens with my STEEEEEEEM. Looks like I need a 360 Degree Camera. :PThis is a welcomed project on the Steem blockchain.

Great work from the developers to the management for bringing such awesome project on the Steem blockchain.

I hope to hear more about this project.

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With all this great thing happening in steem, i can't wait to see it hitting apex height. Welcome on board

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What is the max XR supply? And can you earn XRs through delegation?
Great project! Looking forward to trying the IOS version when it comes out.

Thanks, Max supply 1.3 Billion. you can earn 10 XR for 100 STEEM delegated for 6 months. Or 10 XR for 1 Steem swapped.

It's very nice post.

What are the rates of delegation, say I delegate 100sp, what do I get and to whom am I delegating?

Hi We have sent you XR for the Swaps. Thanks for yorr support. Swap is 10 XR for 1 STEEM. And for delegation, it's 10 Free XR for every 100 STEEM delegated for 6 months (no prorate if delegation is withdrawn before 6 months). The delegation steems will be used for curating AR/VR content on our platform as we launch our app. 70% of curation steem rewards are given back to the delegator. .Our next blog post will have more info on delegation steems

Awesome. I aim to buy more xr and stake it up.

Hi, i made more swaps of 23 steems about 3 days ago, im yet to be credited with the xr token, nor have i recieved a notification that its been processed, kindly look into this

Hope all is good for you now. Otherwise email at [email protected] . Hope you get more XRs

All is good, we are looking forward to your updates..

Welcome to Steem @gofindxr! On steem we want to have as many credible projects who can add value to the blockchain. We are very happy to have you and look forward to working with you and the other XR platforms going forwards! SteemOn!

it turns out that social media also plays a role in decentralization, well this is very interesting I will promote your blog as information

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really nice to so many new initiatives on steem and developers coming to bring more products and services to communities here and also help reach out to more external users in different niches ! Steem ON !

🚀 🌕

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Hi , welcome and nice to know you in steemit , i have a question : is it possible for a social media like facebook to enter in blockchaine ? Thanks

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This looks freaking amazing! I’m in for beta iOS testing, when is that coming out?

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This is a welcomed project on the Steem blockchain.

Great work from the developers to the management for bringing such awesome project on the Steem blockchain.

I hope to hear more about this project.
. I am getting 500 XR Tokens with my STEEEEEEEM. Looks like I need a 360 Degree Camera. :P

great, were you able to get the XRs @ arafathsunny . See our new post on Hope you join our XR Web project


good the job @dahri

This looks fantastic, can't wait to join the ICO and see this in action!

Hello, the ICO is on for Steem community special pool. You can already join by

  1. Logging into
  2. Sending us STEEM to @gofindxr.

Please read out the latest articles at

Hope you will get some XR

This looks to be a great extension of the Steemit functionality. Thank you @gofindxr.

So is @gofindxr basically a multichain project? ie your built on Eth and now Steem? If so that cool, more project need to be neutral... and could you build on this on Bitcoin as well one day(it be just forking eth part and pasting it basically on it)
This is assuming I read all this right...

Hi, this sounds like a very cool and ambitious project, can't wait to here more from it. However, why are you distributing an ERC-20 token when you could be distributing a token made on Steem-Engine?

We need our XR token to be usable on Metamask , exchanges and other payment infrastructure from Day 1 as our token is aimed at mass consumer use. It is hard for us to build both dapps and infrastructure at the same time. We support Steem as the social media layer on XR apps is powered by Steem it will lead to new uses and demand for steem.

Plus we will be

  • holding $100K worth of Steem for IEO/ICO to help in valuation,
  • keeping a delegation pool of SP for curating AR content on Steem and
  • XR SDK will have integration to Steem
  • open sourcing some of the Steem based APIs our backend is based on as current Steem APIs are not so powerful and does not support well Unity and other frameworks

I just want to reiterate that within the XR apps such as social media, it uses a combination of Steem and XR so it's a win-win situation.

Hope you will decide to purchase XRs

Proyecto muy interesante que permitirà la ampliaciòn de las redes sociales, ahora mediante la utilizaciòn de la plataforma Steem, para que usuarios y desarrolladores y anunciantes aprovechen este espectro en la comunidad.

?What do I write on the form for transaction hash?

@edouard sorry for late response , write your address for Ethereum on the transaction hash. I see you have already purchased XRs. thanks

This is great, welcome to Steemit! I can hardly wait for the IOs version. Experimented the augmented reality is becoming more and more common in our days, and this project confirms this idea.
Keep growing and steem on!

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Thanks :)

I seen many AR/VR project before which lacks maximum potential, I hope this you can provide new things. Gonna check the whitepaper later. Good luck!!!

Hello @gofindx please how long does it take to receive my tokens?

XR tokens are delivered within 10 days. although our average has been 1-2 days so far for delivery

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Welcome to Steemit @gofindxr!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

Here are some links you might find useful.
Your stats on SteemNow
Your stats on SteemWorld
Your stats on SteemD
How does Steemit actually work?

Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings!

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