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In the past one month, @Oracle-D has traveled to various locations and spoken about Blockchain Technology at multiple events. We even gave seminars to many universities in Indonesia. We have also shared stage with Blockchain Enthusiasts in South East Asia Blockchain Summit 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia, Steemfest-3 in Krakow, Poland and Decentralized 2018 in Athens, Greece. All this was done with one mission at large - bring outside investment to Steem Blockchain. But here is the twist, we do not want random people to invest and do nothing. We want them to contribute, create tasks and communities. This will in turn give our content creators (bloggers, vloggers, graphic designers, social media influencers etc.), amazing opportunities to showcase their talent. We also want to bring in more people to use the blockchain and create case-studies for the future Steem generations to come. We alone cannot do that.

With great SP delegation comes the great responsibility. Past HF20, our development team started working on claiming accounts using Resource Credits enabled in the fork. RC system allows any individual or Dapp to create STEEM accounts quickly. This was a breakthrough update on the chain which will help in scaling the whole system. There is a small twist added in this. To claim one account you need about 5,000SP at the time of writing this post. There are many apps and developers which are doing great work but they do not have enough SP. One of our missions is to help other apps in onboarding new users on the blockchain. We feel that we alone cannot reach everyone. This way we can help Steem reach more people and get Dapps more users. Win-Win for everybody! Introducing OD's API which can help DApp owner to create their own sign up mechanism. Using the API, they can easily claim free STEEM accounts for their end-users.

Share2Steem is the First DApp to Use Our API

@Share2Steem is a mind-blowing project founded by @algo.coder and @sebbbl will be using our API to create their sign up system. It is a simple cross-posting service where you can share your posts from Instagram, Facebook (to be added soon), Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and Medium to Steem Blockchain directly. They are also rewarding people who are using their service to cross post. Please go have a look at their tool. You can get started by logging in using SteemConnect and then link your social media accounts.

We are excited to have Share2Steem onboard with us!

The API is available only to a selected number of Dapps. We are providing the access only to DApp Owners/Developers who are using STEEM Blockchain and adding value to system. Access is only granted to platforms which do not have enough SP to claim the accounts themselves. If you think you want our help, please follow the steps mentioned below:

Registration Process To Get API's Access

  • Please register your DApp for the v1 of OD's account creation API by filling out this simple form:
  • Once you submit your details, our internal team will vet the application and get in touch with you to provide access and further setup.

Yes, there are only two steps to it but please be careful with your form. Fill every section with enough detail to help us evaluate your application. Check the FAQs section to know about further details of the API.

Q. What is Oracle-D's account creation API?
A. It's a web service that allows Dapp owners/Devs to use our account creation service and claim accounts for their end-users. The API will provide a swift medium between app owners and oracle-d to request accounts.

Q. Do I have to pay something for using this API
A. Once you are approved and granted access to the API you can use it free of charge.

Q. Can I use this to create accounts for my friends and family?
A. No. It's not for personal use.

Q. Is there any limit to the number of accounts that can be claimed?
A. Signups per DApp per month are limited. The limit depends on size of the DApp and available claimed account of oracle-d.

Q. Role of Oracle-D in Account creation service offered by DApp using their API?
A. Oracle-D will only provide the API which can be used to claim accounts by DApp owners. Developers of the DApp will have to create their sign up page on the project's official website and ensure full security to avoid abuse or fraud.

Q. Approval or Rejection Guidelines?
A. We will accept applications from scam free and non-fraudulent DApps with no huge SP delegation. If our team thinks that a DApp can be a great gateway to STEEM and should be able to onboard new users we are going to consider them.

Q. What happens after approval?
A. DApp Owner/Dev will be contacted via email to discuss the configuration details.

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If you have any questions, please drop a message in the comment section below. Also, if you think that any project can use our API to onboard more users on STEEM, we would be happy to help you. Please feel free to come by our discord server and find our team to discuss this. Also, requesting you to resteem/share this announcement with your developer friends.

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is a new STEEM blockchain business venture bringing new investment into the ecosystem. Founded by @starkerz and @anarcotech, we previously were co-founders of the #promo-steem and @steem-ambassador projects, and we developed the CAMPUS curation system, which is a fully decentralised system for distributing rewards.

Core Mission

We remain apolitical, and our number one goal is to raise the price and utility of the STEEM blockchain, improve culture and education about the blockchain, and create opportunities which support exceptional quality content creators through collaboration with investors and clients. In other words, to add as much value to the blockchain every day as we can.

How You Can Support Us.png
You can support us in the following ways:

  • Go to our campaign's link given above and donate to us. The funding we get will be used only to cover the expenses of the events we will attend to attract more investors.
  • Upvote & Resteem this blog and spread the word about Oracle-D and our campaign.
  • Support our writers and their content which will ultimately empower quality on the STEEM Blockchain.
  • Join our curation trail in SteemAuto to maximize your curation rewards.

Upvote @Oracle-D witness by going to

or directly through SteemConnect

Any kind of contribution is much appreciated and thank you for being a part of this Journey! Also, please do not hesitate to connect with us for any kind of collaborations that can help the STEEM Community grow.

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Well i guess we should look into this... we're gonna start working on our onboarding tools coming up pretty soon but we'll see if there's a way to integrate something here.

Hi @oracle-d !

First of all, I'd like to say I discovered your application speaking with P.Pro on Discord, who has been of great help. I'm impressed with all the efforts you are putting into Steem promotion and the innovative idea behind your model.

It's an honor for us at @share2steem to be able to work with P.Pro and oracle-d in general (even if we're not really in the same league, neither in the same kind of activity, but our main goal is the same, promote Steem and attract people to it, and everything that follows a wider adoption) and we hope to be worthy of the trust you are placing in us.

We should begin really soon to create accounts directly on our website - friday tops - (using your API), and I think it's a wonderful idea to allow little apps to be able to "tap" into your account claiming capacity. I talked with P.Pro about this, and I second him : the API idea is really the best way to handle this, as it allows independence for the apps using it (integrating it freely in their website), while letting you in control of the "quality" of the accounts created, by selecting the apps who have access to it.

To conclude, thanks a lot for this great initiative that I think will be useful for numerous "young" apps, and thanks for giving us the first taste of it !

Thanks @algo.coder and @sebbbl for creating @share2steem - A gateway DApp between social media channels and Steem. It's an honor for us as well to have you onboard with us. We are really excited to see how this API can help apps such as yours. We agree with you 100% on the fact that even though our Project models are different, expected end result is the same - Make Steem reach to the masses.

I hope this API will help you in your mission and solve the Steem Adoption problem, please keep us posted with the developments. Cheers!

Sure we will. @algo.coder is hardly working on it, should be ready very soon !

this is surely one of the awesome collaboration i seen on steem. well done folks.

Appreciate your aim to attract investors who will contribute, create tasks and communities, which will then give content creators at Steemit more opportunities to showcase their talent. Upvoted, resteemed and a gestural !tip for all you are doing. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Now we can confidently promote Steemit again without having to worry about waiting two weeks for a new user to get a pass word.


absolutely! ;)

This is superb! This will attract lots of investors to the blockchain. Kudos to the guys behind these projects.

That is good to hear this new introduction Dapp. Thanks very much for this updates!

Brilliant idea of this api, as more and more dapps come up creating value to their niche area, especially when the startup phase, having this resource to reach out to their niche audience outside steemit will be so useful !!!

i remembered wanting to try out steemit and i was 'shocked' when signing up an account (like it should be instant, why it takes weeks ? good way to deter ppl from using)

We just got one percent better!!!

haha you're witty ! keep going

You guys are doing tremendous job as you all are constantly trying to bring some potential people those who can create value to the platform, and i really wish that some day you come to India and i will really be happy to meet you guys.

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Looking good guys! should be helpful for dapps.

oh this is great!!! @fbslo just shared this with me on the post where I announced our Kickstarter campaign for our Spunkee Monkee project!!

(thanks again @fbslo!)

I will be applying for this today, if possible! Thanks for doing this for us "little" fish! :)

Wow! Great job @oracle-d! And.., congrats to @share2steem to be able to work with Oracle-D and P.Pro. They are brilliant! And thanks for inviting me to join the share2steem discord as one of the moderators. :)

Amazing @alaikaabdullah. Congratulations on your new role. Cheers! :'))

@oracle-d Team, Whatever you've done and doing in Indonesia is Revolutionary step and i really want to appreciate your work team. And now you've come up with interesting and effective API Concept and let's hope and wish that individual users and Dapps can effectively onboard potential users.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you!! much appreciate your appreciation!

Welcome and have a great time ahead. 🙂

Great work guys on-boarding is crucial to get it right before many new users will join Steem.

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This post will be featured on our LIVE broadcast Tuesday night at 9:30pm EST on @vimm! If you're available we'd love to have you join us to discuss your post by jumping on the Pile! Again, great work and we hope to see you Tuesday!

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Good day, @starkerz and @anarcotech and thank you, for all you are doing for this platform. I just tried to vote for you as a witness, but it said that it was 'disabled 10 weeks ago'? Kindly, advise.

Briefly, I'm the author of 7 books and tend to post on Steemit, about arts & culture. I've been on, here, for over 2 years and am doing my best to get the word out to my followers on other platforms (around 12,000).

I do hope that I can interest you in my writing on Steemit and wish you continued success with your good work, Yahia


Thanks for voting us!! )) our witness has changed to @yoodoo

Good to know , thanks, for the update :)

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