How I made 1270% gains by investing in ICOs

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When I started my investment in cryptocurrency, mainly in ICO’s , I never imagined I could multiply my initial investment by 1,270% in just 6 months.

Decision to get into Crypto was the most remarkable decision in my life.

I have to mention something though, I lost 50% of my initial investment before I started making money. But those losses were the foundation of my gains. I learned a lot from my losses and reverse engineered the metrics.

I studied top 15 ICO’s ever and took down all the metrics and applied them into projects I want to invest. I came up with 25 data points to gauge a project before investing.

Some of my best gains are Wabi, DNT, 0X, EOS, SALT LINK and some more.

Some of my biggest losses are Ambrosses, SIA, DAO Casino, Propy etc.

One of my biggest miss was BQX, I had 120,000 BQX, sold it for 8 cents. Now its $1.50 USD when i checked last time.

This is my portfolio now. I need to add few ICO I invested like wanchain, ICON and storm.

Update on ICX and STORM

This was a huge win for me. Invested $5000 USD and got back $239,000 in profit as of now.
Storm also almost the same gains but its not listed on major exchanges yet.

My Portfolio Today (January 2nd 2018)

How to choose the winners and avoid the losers?

I will share some of my top parameters to pick a project to invest.

Tip 1 : Platform or a working product

All of my gains are from projects which are either a platform or have a working product.

Advantage of a platform is that the probability of all the companies using the platform to lose money is comparatively less. Examples are EOS, DNT, 0X etc.

This aspect makes Ether a very strong investment. Ether will fail only if all the companies using ether platform migrate away from it. This is highly unlikely.

A project without a working product is really precarious for obvious reasons. A tested product is essential to boost confidence in the project, which also shows the team is not greedy. Example is WABI.

Tip 2 : Do we really need blockchain for the project?

There are many projects which dont need blockchain to function. Every single one which I invested which dont need blockchain to function was a dud. A good example is DAO.

This is critical because big corporations who are the competitors, cant compete with the ICO project if blockchain is a necessary factor to implement the system.

Tip 3: Project actually solves a problem

Ask this question. Is it something broken with the legacy systems ICO project solves? Every single project I invested which addresses this factor has been fantastic. Examples are Wabi, 0X, SALT etc.

A dud was SIA, I bought it because I know SIA’s founder. SIA’s main competitor is Google. There is nothing broken with Google storage system. Google actually provide more features with Google Drive. For example Google Form is integrated with Drive. Its highly unlikely someone will migrate to SIA just because its a bit cheaper. I personally wont, but I completely overlooked this aspect when I bought SIA. It was an emotional decision but a very costly mistake and I learned a lot from it.

Tip 4 : Time of investment.

All the coins I invested when crypto market cap was down was a loss. There are few things we can control in terms of market cap, but whenever I invested when market is bullish I have made gains.

Tip 5 : Technology and competitive edge

A project with a competitive edge had been a winner twice in my case. Examples are EOS and 0X are good examples. EOS claims to be technologically advanced than Ethereum and they market it well.
Same with 0X, they are solving the problem of difficulty Ethereum encompasses for building more DAPS easily on Ethereum platform.

Tip 6 : Competitors

Who are the competitors? Lets be real, its not easy to beat Google, Apple or Amazon. These companies are not one product companies. SIA is a perfect example, they are competing with Amazon and Google for storage space. No one is going to migrate to SIA just for space because Google is not just a storage space company, same with Amazon.

Tip 7 : Team and advisers

Actually all the project I invested had a good team, but the projects I didnt invest because the team wasn't upto mark didn't fair well. I followed this aspect from the start because I am a engineer and I know to evaluate good team by looking at the experience and such.

Tip 8 : Hype

All projects which has launched with less hype but had legitimate business models and usage behind the project experienced a phenomenal growth.

I invested in wabi when no one was looking at it. I invested before they hit their minimum cap of 30,000 USD. I owned 1/6th of that company at that point :)

I made 850% gain from this project alone.

Same with SALT, I found a fantastic business model and necessity for that token and invested in it when it was $1.50 USD a token. It was $12.10 USD when I checked last time.

But projects with lot of hype also did good. But percentage gain was lacking in most cases.

Tip 9 : Hardcap of the project

I made some investments on highcap projects like Ambrosus, EOS. But the best returns are the project with anything under 30 Million and its sweet if its under 20 Million. Examples are BQX, ICX, 0X, Wabi etc.

Nowadays I dont touch anything above 30 Million or maximum 40 Million if the team is super good and have lot of influencers in the team.

In my opinion any project less than 20 Million Hardcap with all the other parameters aligned is definitely a big opportunity.

Being said that accurately forecasting the future of a project with 100% accuracy is nearly impossible because it involves looking not just at the variables itself but the constantly shifting parameters which we cant control.

However, its extremely rare that all these tips and concepts converge on a token. I found a project which has all these elements present, its BOON Token at

Boon has a working product, it is a platform, project actually solves a problem which cant be solved without blockchain, cutting edge patent pending technology, manageable competitors, fantastic team and advisers and zero hype.

Boon is a Artificial Intelligence powered decentralized job platform on blockchain.

Not a lot of people know this, but Freelance economy annually is $1.4 trillion USD . Major companies are Upwork and Fiverr which has a combined market cap of 1.3 Billion USD. There are many other players with 50 to 200 million market cap.

According the the studies, by 2027 majority of workers will be freelancers. Millennials are leading the way.

If you are reading this, actually you probably want to be like a freelancer without a boss and manage your time and life at your own leisure. That was one reason I got into Crypto investment.

Boon actually goes one step further and address the most important barrier for any blockchain project to be adopted by mainstream.


For any blockchain project to be successful, it has to attract the mainstream users from legacy platforms. There is no other short cut to it.

One of the most prominent reason users hesitate to use a blockchain product or service is the volatility of cryptocurrency. No one like to lose money.

Boon address the volatility issue by a patent pending technology that solves the fluctuations of cryptocurrency in Boon platform. Boon solves this problem by introducing Boon dollars which is pegged to the most stable currency in the world, US dollars.

Mainstream Adaptability

Imagine you are a Android user, will you move to a blockchain phone if the new product allows you to keep your number and dont charge for the phone service?

I will move in a heartbeat.

This is exactly Boon has done to attract new mainstream users to Boon platform. Boon allows users from Upwork, Fiverr etc to import their profile to Boon and charge no service fee to use Boon platform. For freelancers its their reviews and ratings.

BOON has a remarkable competitive advantage with zero service fee compared to 20% service fee at Upwork and Fiverr.

This reduces the friction of any Upwork or Fiverr users to try Boon platform.

Artificial Intelligence Integration

Boon has integrated Artificial Intelligence into Boon platform. If this is true and working condition I will be buying more Boon tokens.

I know from my freelance hiring experience, there is no intelligence in matching the perfect talent you are looking for in Upwork or Fiverr. Its a hit and miss to get the right person. There are many fake reviews or rather meaningless reviews in the platforms.

If Boon gets the match making aspect in AI right, that will be ground breaking. In the white paper its mentioned that IBM Watson Personal insights is used to rank and match the freelancers to the clients. I know a little bit of Personal Insights and its actually amazing. IBM PI reads a text and gives you a score based on the personal traits of the user who wrote the message. So Boon will be able to identity good apples from bad apples in the platform and can only promote good apple.

Artificial Intelligence for identity protection

Boon uses AI for identity protection. I looked at the white paper, this means there is no human interference in verifying the Identity of a user on the Boon platform. I think this feature will give lot of confidence for people who are worried about identity theft.

Artificial Intelligence for removing language barrier.

Boon uses artificial intelligence for reducing the language barrier in the platform. This is actually a good feature, I never hire any one who doesn't speak good English because it actually affect the project. So language translation is a great tool for eliminating the communication barrier.

I think these are well thought out features which is actually required on any platform.

Hardcap - $10 Million

This is a beauty. Cant get better than this. This number actually says they are not greedy and really care about the project even after they launch. Also the potential of the project grow is huge. If the marketcap hits 100 Million, its 10X. Love it!

As an icing on a cake, its a US based company so they cant just disappear taking our money.

I suggest you check out the site and register if you like what you see.

If you use my referral link, we can split the referral bonus. .

PS: This is not a financial advise and I am not a financial adviser.

References :


Cool man, I wish I can have a 1270% gain too. But when to you start your investment?

I started around June of 2017. Around 6 months. By the way there is no good time to start. Right now is the best time.

without know the planing of the ico its not worth to invest in it,it sounds like gambling first we should know about there planing like i have invested in naga (yes it was gambling) and second is salpay



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This post is right up my alley and I glad to have stumbled across it.
Very nice job with your portfolio and strategy. I am a firm believer in
diversified investments thru IPOs. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn't allow me the time to do my due diligence on anything anymore so adding you to my follow list now.
May I ask what is your next favorite flavor I should look at currently or is Boon it?
Thank you, Brett aka Bluehorseshoe

Nice work on the ICO's. I did good with Electroneum. Traded some of the profits but never cashed out.

Yeah sometimes I cash out, sometimes I dont. BUt I always take the initial investment out.

I never cash out, hoping we can leave fiat behind forever soon lol

That is very hard still too many places still only accept fiat.

Man, you shared so much that is yet to be discovered atleast for me. will try my luck with ICO's

This article was referenced by boons own Twitter account from some other steemit user over 3 weeks ago?!

Thats my account, but I was not aware of boon account, they might have used it because its good marketing. i wont blame them

From this post, i have a huge increase in my portfolio and steemit wont allow to edit a post after certain days, so i created a new account.

If you want, i can make a comment or something from the above account. I have that account.

Ah OK. Sweet. Good on you for the info then. Will have a look at Boon for sure. Im a freelancer myself and it looks particularly interesting.

Interesting article and well written I enjoyed reading this, however I also saw the above link with the copy/paste. Also I saw these: <----from 15 days ago <-----from 10 days ago

All are using the same reference, are you simply spamming this ICO?

I am using the same reference. Check out the link, its the same link

Yeah so why do you have 4 posts of the same story? Haha, anyway I liked your criteria for going into an ICO so will upvote anyway :) Well done man.

Tip 2 : Do we really need blockchain for the project?

That's my favourite!

Yeah you have a point, I should have created a new post instead of a new account. Didnt think of it :(

Very smart investing on your part. Good Job.

yeah I certainly think so, especially when its very risky to do ICO's but yeah definitely he made the right choice for that one

I read many helpful information in your post about ICO. I will read many times to really understand it. I hope that you will share your experiences more often. Upvoted and followed you. Waiting for new post!

Very good information. This is worth thousands of dollars. Usually no one shares this kind of information, it's easier to just follow lines on charts :)

There is happiness in giving sir. You also share your thoughts when you find some.

Wow thats crazy. Lucky you

cool stuff. You must have spent a lot of time researching the projects. I don't think many people have such luxury of time to do that. Keep up the good work! Cheers!

It isn't just about your free time, everybody can find some free time - but you must sacrifice your time instead of watching TV or whatever you do some research. I'm full-time employee so I know what I'm talking about

Well I just made over 3000% gains within 2 weeks just by buying coins like ADA, XVG, STR, XRP, etc...

Awesome man. Keep it up. How do you decide which coin to swing trade?

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Good post👍 followed and upvote you hope you will do same for me😊

hank you for your kind words , I appreciate.

So nice of you 😍🤗

Thanks, I learnt a lot in this articl

A 30k hard cap is ridiculously small! You could manipulate the entire order book to inflate the price as you wish, I don't think anyone would be lucky enough to find a similar project these days.

Also with regards to SIA, I am a strong believer in the project as the need for space is great and companies are now realising that being on the Cloud is much cheaper and more effective than having rented or own rack space, which is not fully utilised. SIA is a great idea and one I believe can succeed in the long term, Google and Amazon can only do so much and why not have the whole community work together against them - we don't always have to rely on a company for our service.

My take on SIA, if they dont expand to other services like google and amazon did, they will not grow. Big corporations wont move to another service just because its blockchain or a bit cheaper.

really good information, i'll use this model next time I'm researching new cryptos to invest.

Thank you sir. I appreciate it

"I never imagined I could multiply my initial investment by 1,270% in just 6 months."

Ummm the rest of us knew that... come for the Lambos, stay for the revolution...

Generally don't like reading long articles but this one was worth it.
Thank you for writing this.

I have been looking at ICOs but a lot of them were blocked from US based customers due to KYC. Do you know why they do that? Any work arounds?


From my experience if a company dont follow the laws properly then they will ban US customers because in US we have proper laws to sue a company if something goes wrong.
Thats one criteria I look but forgot to mention in the article.

I dont usually invest in ICO from eastern europe and very very specific from chinese companies.

KYC is norm nowadays. All exchanges are asking for KYC details before they list the token.

Aw I see, thanks for the info. What is the reason for avoiding eastern Europe ICOs? Are there many scam ones?

Yeah there are no accountability what so ever :)

Very interesting. I actually really like this idea if it can actually get adopted. I did some quick research to see if others have already made something like this and I haven't found anything as promising. I've used your referral code but have yet to decide to actually purchase. I'm going to do a bit more research....

That being said here's a couple of my initial thoughts-
I really like that they already seem to have all their chickens in a row (so to speak) and they've only decided to open it as an ICO after creating the App and it's available if you look in the Playstore. One thing that could be concerning is the way they respond to negative reviews on the Appstore which could be an issue down the line. Even if the reviews are fabricated, it gives of a semi-hostile vibe. They'll certainly need to work on marketing a bit. Still new to the ICO game, so I'm not sure if the Proof of Confidence via a post or other public area (positive Boon review/posts/tweets etc) is normal -- but it's one that always makes me uncomfortable. (Was this post your proof of confidence?)

If anyone's feeling lazy to do some quick look ups -- there's a handful of competitors. There's one called blocklancer ( but the team seems very young and certainly does not have the AI feature available. They did however raise the funds they needed in less than 3 days -- so there's interest in the world. There's another called Ethlance (, but they don't seem to address the fluctuation issue nor do they have a lot of transparent information. (The founder admitted this was a part time project, and it got publicity from winning a idea competition.

All in all -- I'll likely buy in. Everyone hates margin fees! P.S. 12 days left to buy and they're 1/2 to the soft cap ($1 million) f you wanna :)

I totally missed to check the review on App store, good catch. I checked it and I think it looks like the competitors. Thats my guess, I am not sure why people have to give negative reviews for an app, dont make any sense.

Well promoting ICO with strategies like proof of confidence is new trend actually. There was another project quantstamp, they had something called proof of care and it was a major success. Some projects do bounty programs etc.

I know about ethlance, its ether based marketplace for job seekers and I had checked it out before this project. Its very simple and they didnt do any ico.

How do you feel about them upping their soft and hard caps? they are now at 25 million and 250 million....

yo invirtiera asi como tu pero con el maldito gobierno de venezuela no tengo plata para invertir en icos y crptomonedas

Lol Looks Like you Just Made 25$ XD

Interesting, will give a try

very nice, who can tell me which is the next ico ?

Hi!here you have got a good tool for this:

Very cool and helpful, I've always found ICOs challenging and scary territory. I'm bookmarking this guide for future reference.

I have invested in one ICO if Polybius (PLBT) at $10 now it's trading at $8.54 USD. But I am very much confident that it will cross $15 in the coming months.

Great. Honestly didnt hear about it. Hopefully it will be a winner. All the best

Yes, its my other account. If y ou want tell me a phrase or something I can post it there as a comment.

I created this post and account because I cant edit steem post after few days and my portfoio changed for a good 200K :)

Nope. abdofakir is fake.

Well, in fairness he did make 33% more gains than in your original post 😂👍

hey I am proud :) Its all about helping people to make money you know. Glad I could help :)

Thanks @frankben for bringing up BOONTECH. I just registered.

your story is amazing bro good for you now i need to hit big give us your advice

Thank you. Follow us here, we are doing something great for all and it will be free.

Sharing the knowledge is caring the future for our kind.

Thank you for your kind words , I appreciate.

You should check Fast Invest ICO! it is already operating FinTech business with more than 8500 daily users.

Awesome post. Great info. I'm also a crypto invester recently got into ico's basically same as investing in the cryptos after the ico just gotta do the homework a working product is a must for me as well icos make your money blow up major. Great post love it keep up the good work brother.

thank you very much, I appreciate it.

This is a brilliant result! You are a big fellow!

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Thanks for your post!
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a years from now hundreds of thousand are going to be millionaire thru cryptocurrency,,,,

Nice article @ frankben! I like the logic you laid-out for seperating the studs from the duds. Do you have a background in finance, or is it something you’ve recently dived head-in since you began investing in ICO’s? I’m going to definitely check out this project— thanks for the info! I’ll be sure to use your link if I decide to invest.

Thanks for your kind words, No I am not a finance professional or a financial advisor. I am an engineer and like numbers and stats. Actually when you lose money that too a lot of money investing in something, it changes the attitude. Like i said, my best investment was sia. I lost some money in sia and it made me resolute to figure this out :)

I m happy for you,I also made profit 20 xwith my first ico investment

Fantastic Ducy. Awesome to hear.

Did you by any chance invest into DeepBrain Chain recently? It just hit the market a few days ago and not many people now about it (yet). It was created by the company DeepBrain, who work with artificial intelligence. The project is backed by the ceo of NEO and it companies like Lenovo, Samsung and microsoft are showing interest I believe. Here is more info about it: (not my post).

Nice article, congrats on your gains!

I analyzed the market 2017, and it is incredible how small currencies outperformed the larger ones. Following a simple strategy of investing in the smallest ones each month on 2017, it would have yielded 2,000% returns over the year.

here there is more info if interested

Thats an amazing metrics. Let me take a look into it.

So, what is exactly this Boontech? Something like Upwork or Fiverr?

Yeah its upwrok or fiverr on blockchain without any fees. I think this is one of the best part of blockchain, you can completely eliminate the fees if you want to.

It sounds very good! I'll check them out more deeply & widely! ;)

What kind of crypto money do you need to have to buy their tokens? BTC, ETH,...?

BTC/ETH/Bank Transfer

Hey @frankben. Looking forward to learning more about ICO. Thanks for sharing some interesting stuff.

You have amazing figures. Please keep guiding the legit ICOs so that people like me could also be benefited. I actually tried to invest in ICO but got my money blocked as they were not legit.

A half million dollars is not a small amount of money.

Totally agree sir. Crypto changes life for real :)

This post was super informative and you are great at what you do. I hope I can get to that level some day.

Definitely, its all about applying yourself and take time to do research

Good post, great value. I noticed you have multiple accounts, which one should I follow to stay tuned for more posts?

I will be using this account in the future, I shouldnt have created multiple account ,instead multiple posts. Completely missed it

Great post, valuable info. I have a set of filters for my crypto decisions. You use all mine and then some! Resteemed...

Thank you. I appreciate your kind words :)

Nice blog! There is one explaining how predict this ICOs using Big Data analytics. Great work!

I checked it out, pretty cool.

I liked your tips, surely i shall look upon them more closely, i guess i can be benefited from ur post and tips

100% If you have any more criteria, let me know. I will add it to the list.

Great write up. Keep it up!

Thank you :)

Thank you for your advice

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Wow that’s incredible, thank you for sharing your knowledge!
I’m going to follow up as soon as I get some money honey.
Thank you again

This was pretty informative. It is an answer to all those who without researching or knowing facts, calls everything in cryptocurrency fraud or scam.
By the way, please checkout my posts -

IMO choosing the right ICOs can be lucrative but mastering reading the white paper is an art in itself. Any ICO's you have your eyes set on for 2018?

Yes, Nuclues vision, Boon. Zeepin

none of them would have guessed bitcoin prices right now

You are using the logic to buy Microsoft stocks in 1980's to buy Amazon or snapchat stocks in 2018.

Windows is the foundation or the platform which made computers popular. Amazon, snapchat etc are built of that platform.

Similarly BTC is the foundation, none of the ICO is competing to replace BTC. IN crypto one month is like 2 years in stocks may be more.

So chillax, we are talking two different beasts here.

@frankben Hey Frank , congrats on your gain, but do you really believe in this boon project? Whenever I read in on a cryptocurrency that their aim is tro create a stable coin with lower volatillity ALARM BELLS go off, Thether does this, but is backed by Bitfinex and has the revenue to back it up (so far as we know). I can see why you could get a couple of bucks out this, a 1-3 x short(not judging), maybe. But the fundamentals are to weak. For a long term Hodl.
What is your opinion?

i got some profit with electroneum( if i would have hold it until now would have been 900$) and anyway...i bought eth and put it on bittrex...eth was going down last month so i lost 50$ in 2 days then i sold eth and manages to build the portofolio up a bit through exchanging different signals i got from good telegram pros...then bcs of lack of experience i lost 150$ bcs of panicking when buying and the coins went i sold like a chicken and i did it again...bought stratis three days ago...sold on profit...then when i saw it kept going up i bought again...and today i had to sell in - bcs it kept going i sold and afetr 2 h it went up by 10%...and when i sold i bought Sia ( Sc) which i saw was going up for two days...and ofc it went down when i bought it but it shows it might go up...and i think i will focus on steemit just and leave trading have a really awesome portofolio:)..there.s much work you put in it..wish i would have the same focus:) could try doing some giveaways here when you become a whale here:)..ill follow you, if you feel so, you can follow back:). Goodluck!

ohh yea ,... its one of the best way to increase your btc in the form of ico.
here you have to do nothing .
just invest buy ico than go on holidays and when you came back from holidays ...voilllaa..your invesment gone crazy high like 10x or more .

Nice tips!
@thewhyguy make sure you read this!

I will probably see it first, how the future

Wow, congratulations !!

I just heard about ICO and am interested in investing in some. I will apply your checklist and let you know how it works out. Thank-you

Sure let me know.

@frankben when you say you look for a good team does that mean a well known team? or just a team that is well structured or a team that has everything they need to succeed?

does the team need to be people you have heard of before?

Congratulations on your gains.
However, pretty much anyone who invested in the latter part of 2017 would have made those gains, just by throwing darts. I believe that the crypto market rose by 1200% in 2017, so anyone who invested in any currencies in 2017, pretty much saw those gains.
But congrats nonetheless, as most didnt even join the crypto-train until December...

This is true but percentage really differs. I am more focussed on the percentage of gain compared to just plain gains.

Incredible! What a life-changing decision.

Thank you :)

THK for the information

Thanks for your post!
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I may consider investing in this one, certainly looks promising.

Cool please dont forget to use my referral link. We can split the bonus

several times i got stuck in ICO investment, Maybe I'm too careless in this kind of investing.

use these principles, you will be good.

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follow for follow

Save for later, I would say you come a long way to now with experiences gained

this is an advert for boon. the real truth is 99.9% of ICO's are scams. Only a very luck few people actually picked the good ones from early 2017. Do your own research, and wait until they have a usable product that YOU can try out first.(some ico actually do)

What wallet can you use to store new ico s in?

for ether related or erc20 token i use MEW

link? please. I cannot seem to find. :(

this is interesting indeed but yet risskkkkyyyy

Amazing How did you get promotion plz tell about this I'm new here

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what else can you say? high risk high reward


nice post!

registered by your referral. i will wait my bonus.

Great article now all I need to do is get some coin to invest in the first place. I tried to buy some coin on Coinbase 10 days ago but I still have no coins.